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  • One starts to wonder why an agency with swarms of agents chooses to use high school girls.
    • Because they repeatedly show themselves to be much more competent than any of the other black suited agents?
    • And it was mentioned that they have some sort of a special spy gene that characterizes them as really good agents. Episodes 102-104, "Totally Busted".
      • That was hinted at in "Evil Promotion Much?" too (also a three-parter, 76-78 AFAIR).
    • What I want to know is how it's even legal for them to do so.
      • It's a world wide spy organization. You think they care about such pesky things as laws? It's not like CIA, KGB, MI6 or anyone else cares about them, apart when they suit them.
      • It's also possible that the aforementioned "spy gene" will lead to insanity if those with it aren't trained to use their talents for good as soon as possible after it "activates" (by that, I mean the traits become detectable to special W.O.O.H.P. tech meant for the specific purpose of finding potential agents). The girls' genes activated around the time of the movie, which I believe is a prequel and the Clarks in the sequel activated even younger. (For those interested, this is officially my personal headcanon for this verse).
      • I think you might have a point there, seeing how many of Jerry's relatives have turned insane/evil.
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    • Says a lot about the villains on this show...

  • Where does the whole thing with Mandy originate from? I mean, she's annoying but she's not that annoying.
    • Mandy treats the main trio like scum; therefore she's annoying. Plus she grates…a lot.
      • So much so that it's a wonder that she has any friends at all. Her money evidently speaks louder than her actual voice.
      • In the movie she humiliated them by using a latte machine to spill so much drink at them they fall outside the cafeteria, where the girls clothes are ruined after they decide to be besties. (Don’t question if latte machines, like that, exist in real life, or if the drinks are any good, just be happy you get to see Clover’s feet.)

  • In the final episode, one of the spies complains about having to put their outfits on by hand as opposed to using their communicators to zap them on. So how did they put their outfits on in seasons 1-2 if not by hand?
    • They were used to it the quicker way.

  • I'm having trouble remembering which episode it was where I believe it was Clover about to be vaporized in James Bond fashion, but Alex and Sam stop the laser just in the nick of time, prompting Clover to say, "I enjoy the spotlight as much as anyone, but this was ridiculous."

  • Has anyone else noticed that maps of Earth on the show don't look quite right? Compare "The Getaway" to "Child's Play". Both maps of Earth are different, and show deformed landmasses (e.g. disconnected Americas, broken up Africa). Also, according to "Aliens", Italy is somewhere in North Africa. What's up with that?
    • Not to mention made up countries like Brazuela ("A Thing for Musicians"), Lyrobia, Kenyopia ("Queen for a Day"), et cetera, as well as Iceland being icy instead of green. At least they got Greenland right.
    • Might be another evidence that the show takes place in a really different alternate universe, or that the design team does not care.
      • It takes place in the same world as Martin Mystery, so yes, it's an alternate universe.
    • Or just Artistic License – Geography.
    • It's not done arbitrarily. The reasons shows do this is to avoid insulting actual existing countries and people. So they make up a fictional country or historical character if said country or character are evil and corrupt. Instead of using actual countries like for example: Cuba or Che Guevara as an example of corruption and a corrupted leader which may or may not be true, (considering that both were viewed as tyrants in the west but were viewed as heroes in their respective countries), or when the actual ruler is still around and alive which could become an international problem the least punishment would be the ban of the show or the cartoon. It's only logical to create fictional countries or fictional historical characters to avoid direct insult.

  • Why didn't Dr. Bittersweet just get Clover to betray her comrades by bribing her with Passion Patties?
    • Because while Cover may have been addicted, she was still herself. Unlike Bittersweet, who the girls infected with a super-contracted form of the formula, and literally couldn't think of anything but eating more cookies.
    • They didn't brainwash her, they were simply addictive.
    • What did you expect from a woman who spends 30 years planning revenge for being kicked out of the Girl Scouts, a sane plan?
    • Clover’s been forced to turn against her friends a lot in the show so this episode gave her a break.

  • Anyone else think that Alex would've been a better choice for impersonating Queen Tassara? I mean, they have similar skin tones, eye colors, and voices.
    • I think W.O.O.H.P. learned from this episode and decided to choose who would be impersonating whom from now on (as evidenced in "A Spy is Born: Part 1").
    • Clover took the crown because she really wanted to be the queen and while Alex is a better choice physically, she didn’t want to play the part or take it away from Clover.

  • The episode title "Morphing is Sooo 1987". Is the 1987 part supposed to be referencing something? It can't be referencing Terminator 2: Judgment Day, because that came out in 1991, and it can't be referencing the original film (which didn't have any morphing androids anyway) because that came out in 1984. Did they get Terminator and Robocop mixed up?
    • I kinda saw that as a reference to the quote, "Bullimia is Sooo '87," from The '80s film, Heathers.

  • Alex clearly has wealthy parents (as shown by her constant shopping sprees and she is even later seen with a limousine, when she's about to sent off to a private school in England), but how come in one episode, she had money problems and ended up working at a fried chicken restaurant?
    • Her parents may have cut her pocket money, forcing her to find another way to earn money.
    • She just spent all of her allowance for the month and her parents weren’t going to give her anymore money, likely not approving of what she spent her money on.

  • As the show goes on there is something strange that has to be addressed. Do we ever get an explanation for the redesign for the girls' mothers? They don't look exactly like the girls at first but you could still easily tell who was related to who. But in later episodes? They look like exact copies of the girls with some wrinkles! Did they go through a midlife crisis or something so they wanted to regain some lost youth by looking like their daughters? And was there any point to this redesign?
    • Likely a midlife crisis the girls were previously made aware of by their dads. If their mothers just got make overs, to look more like their their daughters, then the girls would definitely question them. As for the redesign reason well other than to confuse the audience, no I really can’t think of a point for it. (Their mothers at least look a little less like their daughters in season six... Thank god!)
      • Although what was with them giving Alex’s dad a redesign in that same season? I have to assume that dad is a different person... So Alex’s mom got remarried to Alex’s step dad when Alex was a baby explaining why she called him one of her parents, when they call her. But Alex’s birth dad also wanted to be in her life, so much so she also thinks of him as her dad. So Alex has two dads. One who’s a hard ass (along with her mom) and one who is nice, if embarrassing.
      • Sadly when a show becomes popular and drags on for too long, it suffers from a Depending on the Artist,Depending on the Writer syndrome. As in new writers of each episodes writes in new trivias that were not cannon in the original episodes contradicting the characters drastically from their origins. For example: In the episode titled "Aliens!" in season 1, Alex states that she is a Virgo. But in later seasons, she says she's a Pieces. In "Wild Style" season 1, Alex is clearly seen sneezing violently at Clover who was turned into a were-cat stating that she has severe cat allergies. But in season 6 episode 2 "Cat Fight!", Alex turns into a were-cat and should have just imploded by herself, but nope. she is fine and is not showing any signs of severe bloating, asphyxiation or even violent sneezing. It's safe to say that Alex's dad fell for that syndrome.
      • I get this is Totally Spies and using logic here isn't something you are supposed to use, but I'll bite. In order for people transformed into animals to even be alive, their immune system would have to be changed as well so they could recognize your body as "you". So yes, in essence, the villains can cure autoimmune diseases. As for a more mundane explanation for Alex's allergies, she could have gotten allergy shots, took medication, or maybe one of those villains tech was used to cure her allergies. Unless W.O.O.H.P. had the tech so she could tell Jerry "Hey I am allergic to cats. This isn't good for spies as I could give myself away."
      • WOOHP likely has that technology so all Alex would have to do is ask nicely if they could cure her allergy. Considering she likes and sometimes works with animals I don’t see why they wouldn’t do that for her.

  • Also, in W.O.W., when Ariel's stone broke, and the women who under its control were set free, did they die or did they just pass out?
    • They clearly passed out. Nobody dies in this show. Except for Max Exterminus from "Creepy Crawly Much?", Principal John Smith from "Soul Collector" and Helga Von Guggen's lawyer in "Wild Style".
    • They passed out most and likely apologized to their friends. I feel bad for as for Jerry pretty assistant who’s only crime was being under the same W.O.W. hypnotism.

  • What exactly did Simon Tucker specialize in before his business was closed? Was it something to do with malls, as he hates shopping?
    • His family owned a mom and pop store that was bought out, by a luxury department store (likely based on a real life store). He could of refused them and their money but he was overruled by others (who read his diary and saw he was crazy). The department store and malls around the world reminded him of everything he hates (luxury, shopping, free will, people, fun.) So he tried to destroy all of the malls in the world by force. (Before online shopping truly took off among everyone).

  • HOW do you unlock a door with a Can opener?! I might believe that maybe they could use a can opener to break in if they like smashed a window with it (It's plausible - concentrate enough force and you can crack a window then break it, it'd work better on some older windows admittedly) yet we see Sam using a can opener on the door. Just... HOW?!? Even if she tried to break the lock on it, you'd still have to be able to rotate the can opener or the door enough to literally break the lock off or even the knob. But just... HOW?!
    • Mr. Enter, please go lie down, it’s ok. You don’t have to worry anymore. There is a reason for this madness, you see logic isn’t always a thing in this show. You, and many actual fans of the show along with the rest of the world have pointed out the logic fails. However the show still continues to bring people joy.
      • Although I (a fan) among other people (most of them also fans), agree with parts of your review. I for instance also hate the girls moms in this episode and their boss Jerry (in multiple episodes) and I also hate that the main girls blame themselves for their mom’s capture, something that three mean, yet hypnotized, teenage girls did.
    • I also see how, this very episode alone, might turn you off of wanting to watch the whole series again. However, if you want to enjoy the shows universe but wish they would use logic or believe Sam, Alex and Clover deserve better. Then fix it fanfic can help you out, (If the story includes the girls calling Jerry out, the story already has a fan).
    • I actually thought it was something like a blowtorch or pliers that was bowdlerized to a can opener. You know, so kids didn't get any ideas, or so it would adhere to Rule of Funny. The other improvised gadgets are shown doing their functions (Like using a hose as a lasso) but the can opener not made me think they edited the footage.

  • Has the "spy gene" ever been properly explained?
    • No but lots of things go unexplained.

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