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    Season 1 
  • "Stuck in the Middle Ages with you" has a small moment where the bad guy is out to usurp the king from his throne. The king actively tries to fight back with his sword. When aforementioned villain vaporizes the king's sword, the latter gives this inspiring line:
    A king isn't made by sophisticated weaponry or intimidation. A king is made by the people who follow. And no one will follow you.
  • In "The Fugitives", when Jerry gives a simple half-hearted apology for attempting to punish them for robbing a bank they didn't even rob themselves, the girls defy the Easily Forgiven trope and give Jerry a piece of their minds (in the form of a well-deserved snowball pelting).
  • "Spy vs. Spy" has Clover asked out on a date by a guy who used to prank and bully her in elementary school. She plots different ways to get back at him, but relents by the end of the episode and decides perhaps he's a different person now. Alex is the first to say she's proud of Clover for being the bigger man.
  • When Mandy tried to get Clover in trouble for shoplifting in "Malled", Jerry hacked the security system so the monitors played the security footage and showed what really happened.

    Season 2 
  • In A Spy Is Born Part II Mad director Marco Lumiere fires a missile at WOOHP HQ. Nothing in the Spie's jet is strong enough to intercept it. So Sam intercepts it with the jet itself.
    • Not long after, Jerry goes Papa Wolf as Lumiere films the Spies falling to their deaths. He runs down a skyscraper, jumps into a helicopter, and beats up Lumiere's pilot.
    • Lumiere has an excellent showing as a villain, too. He goes from kidnapping movie stars in Part I to almost destfroying WOOHP.
  • Tim Scam finds himself on the receiving end of a well-deserved No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from the girls' mothers in "Mommies Dearest" after Sam steals and reprograms the machine that kept them brainwashed.
  • In "First Brat" Jerry catches the villain of the week with a fishing rod after having had the worst luck for hours.
  • In "Stark Raving Mad" Jerry fends off all three of the (at the time brainwashed) Spies using a cafeteria tray, standing still and nonchalantly dodging and blocking every hit they throw at him. He then effortlessly frees them from the brainwashing by placing soundproof earplugs on each of them, placing one on Alex by sidestepping her when she tried to charge him, using the momentum of Sam's kick to land another on her and then tossing one over his shoulder at Clover without looking.
  • Clover beating Eugene in "Matchmaker" all on her own was awesome, especially when she continues to try to keep Eugene from playing Sam and Alex even after they snubbed her and made her cry.

    Season 3 
  • Tim Scam's liquid metal clones from Morphing Is So 1987. By all accounts, the spies have to fight the T-1000. Except it can replicate.
    • The ending fight is particularly impressive, with Clover, Alex, and Jerry going all out against a whole group of them in Jerry's office, taking off heads and blasting through them with gadgets.
  • Villain Yin-Yang from "Feng Shui Is Like Sooo Passe" gets one where he, an aging Yoga master takes on all three spies and wins in epic fashion.
  • In "Power Yoga Much?" Jerry fights and BEATS a brainwashed Sam on while on top of power lines.

    Season 4 
    Season 5 
  • In Evil Pizza Guys, the girls get fed up a lame assignment doing office work at Euro WOOHP and decide to complain to Jerry personally - by WOOH Ping him. It's extremely satisfying to watch him suffer the same embarassment he's forced on the girls in almost every episode.
  • The crossover with Martin Mystery, "Totally Mustery Much?", is one in of itself, especially when the big battle features Alex and Martin facing off with snowboarding yetis.
    Season 6 


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