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  • "Stuck In The Middle Ages With You": Despite losing the costume contest and getting her heart broken by being separated by the handsome king she had a crush on when she returned to the future, Clover does get a happy ending when she gets to dance with a guy who is dressed up like a king (and could very well be a descendant of the King she fell in love with), with Sam and Alex also getting to dance with the two guys dressed up like knights.
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  • At the end of "Silicon Valley Girls" one of the spies teachers (a woman named Ms. Brooks) proves to be a Reasonable Authority Figure—after previously letting Clover go as the Bev High-student court judge (for being too lenient and showing favoritism towards her friends) and replacing her with Mandy, Ms. Brooks ends up firing Mandy after she proves to be even worse, as she was just abusing her power and failing to actually enforce school rules. Mandy's ultimately forced on trash duty as punishment.
  • Despite the fact that it was short-lived, Clover decided to give up her plans for revenge and give her childhood bully Robbie Guthrie the benefit of the doubt was very mature and showed that Clover learned that people could change... only to learn the hard way that Robbie was just trying to prank her and hasn't changed his ways at all, but still, you have to give her credit for trying to be the bigger person.
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  • The ending of "Wild Style" where Clover's basketball star crush chooses her over Mandy was her happy ending, given all the trauma Clover had to go through the episode, including being turned into a cat creature and nearly dying.
  • The ending of "Game Girls", despite Alex getting heartbroken after discovering that her TV crush is a computer generated character, she manages to hit it off with his creator, especially nice since Alex is the girl with the least amount of dating experience.
  • The ending of the episode "Malled" where Jerry helps to prove Clover's innocence by showing the video proof of Mandy framing her for shoplifting.
  • Despite Mandy ruining the girls' photos in "Do You Believe In Magic?", the girls still end up winning the photography contest because the judges found the photos to be new and unique, and called Mandy's "common place", which is a good dose of Laser-Guided Karma which Mandy did not take well.
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  • From A Spy Is Born Part II. Though her priorities were skewed (Alex had just been kidnapped), when Sam questions why she would have a secret admirer, Clover immediately responds with a simple answer.
  • The B-Plot of "Evil Hair Salon" had the girls try and find Jerry something special for his birthday and Jerry seemed pleasantly surprised that the girls even knew his birthday at all, showing that despite being their boss, the girls still like and care about Jerry on a personal level.
  • Despite being one of the grossest episodes in the series, "The Yuck Factor" shows the girls to be very concerned about Jerry's behavior and know something is wrong with him when he ate something with blueberries (the girls know their boss well enough to know that he's allergic to blueberries). Also, the girls still manage to pass biology and avoid dissecting the frogs by turning in a very detailed report on the human anatomy, which impresses their teacher so much that he not only passes them, but gives them the frogs as pets. While the girls are less than thrilled to have new amphibian pets (Alex, most of all), it's still a nice, generous gesture on the teacher's part.
  • "Here Comes The Sun" had Clover trying to find an impressive look in order to be David's model for a painting and even though it seems Mandy had beaten her, David ends up choosing Clover instead after she expresses her frustrations, which turns out to be the look he was looking for.
  • The episode "The Elevator" where the spies reflect on their past adventures and Clover, fearing for their lives, admits that Sam and Alex are her best friends and that she loved working with them.
    • They even go as far as to admitting that as much grief he gives them, they genuinely like Jerry.
  • Jerry bonding with the puppy Sparky/Hero in the episode "Arnold The Great" was very cute and sweet. Despite originally being reluctant to care for the dog, he obviously becomes very attached to him, trying to train him and calling him "a good little doggy", and even going as far to get him to safety when Geraldine came to attack.
  • Pretty much anytime Jerry acts like a father figure to the girls.
    • While he's seen as overbearing, in "The New Jerry", he hires Alex a tutor when Jerry notices that her grades are slipping.
    • When Jerry saves the girls from "The Elevator", they smother him in smooches, then they realize that he's actually the best part about WOOHP.
    • It's hilariously dorky, but in "Scam Camp Much?", he even acts as their dad briefly for a talent camp mission.
    Jerry: Bye... kids! Mum and I will miss you!
  • At the end of "Scam Camp Much?" the girls not only manage to have their house party after all but manage to get an even better event than Mandy who had purposely thrown a party the same night to spite the girls.
  • The ending of "Truth or Scare", Alex admits that her "oldest" friend is a stuffed turtle (named Ollie) that she's had since she was two; she also admits to Clover and Sam that she loves them both equally and could never choose between them, which makes both girls tearfully embrace her.
  • In "Futureshock", Alex explores her future self's room. She remarks how its high-tech decor indicates her older self is different than who she is in the present. But then, she finds Ollie in her future self's bed, and she's comforted to know some things won't change after all.
  • The ending of "Alex Gets Schooled", Alex learns that her grades are not failing (it was a simple mix-up). Not only does this mean she can stay in Beverly Hills with Clover and Sam, Alex's parents are so proud of her! This is a beautiful Book-Ends to the beginning where they called Alex to express disappointment in her seemingly failing grades. Now that they know their daughter is passing with flying colors, they are relieved as any parents to know they can trust their daughter again.
  • Clover overcoming her aversion to filth by getting her hands dirty in order to save Sam and Alex in the episode of "Spies On The Farm".
  • The girls, who had been dreading going to separate colleges in "Evil Graduation", all decide to change plans and go to the same university, Mali-U in order to stay close to each other.
  • Clover and Blaine's entire relationship is undoubtedly sweet since it's probably the longest and most serious relationship Clover ever had during the series (having lasted more than one episode).
  • The ending of "Totally Dunzo!", where Jerry and the girls tearfully embrace as they part ways, with the girls even admitting that they see him as a surrogate grandfather, and it's obvious that Jerry shares the same familial feelings.
  • Alex reuniting with Oinky in season 6 is very heartwarming and touching, showing that Alex really missed and loved her piggy.
  • Clover's mother Stella accepting her daughter's wish of becoming a fashion major instead of a medical student, shows that despite having different personalities, Stella is a good mother and just wants her daughter to be happy.
  • The B-Plot of "Danger TV" is about Clover having to watch her cousin Normie from the episode "Zooney World". Unlike the previous episode and despite still being a handful, Normie's much sweeter and he and Clover genuinely get along now, with Normie calling Clover his "favorite cousin" and Clover calling Normie her "favorite little cousin."
    • Since a few years have passed since his debut, it's very likely that Normy had some off screen Character Development and outgrew his Spoiled Brat attitude and became Spoiled Sweet now.
      • Also the very ending of the episode, despite giving Jerry (who had been tasked with watching him while the girls are on the mission) a hard time, the ending has them playing video games together like friends, with the girls joining in as well.
  • Sam, who had been trying hard to find her parents a special anniversary present, had to sacrifice that due to her mission but Jerry helps her out by giving her parents a special amphibious bicycle tour of Paris, which her parents loved and thank her for her unique gift.
  • Despite being a very tough critic, Clover's fashion professor gives her an A for her midterm project, finding her design both unique and special, especially nice since he states he only gives one student an A per semester.
  • In "Beauty is Skin Deep", although it sends Clover into a depression throughout the episode, Rodney immediately flat out rejects Clover's asking him out on a date. The reason? He already has a girlfriend from his old school. It speaks volumes about his loyalty to her how quickly he point blank rejects a girl who's obviously coming onto him. Not to mention the fact he keeps a picture of her in his wallet.
    • Additionally, he doesn't seem to treat Clover any less cordially even after she attempted to flirt with him when they first met. Only comparing (rather favorably) her unkempt hairstyle to said girlfriend's and being very friendly the whole while.


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