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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Enough for its own article.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Britney has simultaneously been lambasted by fans for being a Mary-Sue and praised for being likable Mary-Sue and getting Hidden Depths later on.
    • Blaine gets bashed for his Sickeningly Sweethearts relationship with Clover, though some fans do see him as pretty much the perfect match for Clover, as long as you don't ship her in one of her many Les Yay pairings.
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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: From the way people discuss the show you would think it's nothing but pandering to every fetish possible.
  • Catharsis Factor: After five seasons of Jerry WOOHP’ing the girls to his office to give them a mission, using humiliating and uncomfortable methods, and usually doing it at inconvenient times for them. Seeing Sam, Alex and Clover finally getting the chance to WOOHP Jerry for a change in "Evil Pizza Guys" is awesome. He does not care for the experience, but he had it coming.
  • Complete Monster: Helga Von Guggen is a greedy fashion designer who makes "seamless" fur coats by kidnapping innocent people, injecting them with a serum that turns them into Beast Folk, then skinning them alive in what appears to be a giant industrial crusher. She makes her debut having already done this to a boat with two hundred people on board, bragging about one of her coats, claiming that it's "genuine lawyer." She later designs a line of apparel that crushes people who wear them, with heavy implications that it manages to kill an innocent shopper off-screen in the opening minutes of the episode it was introduced.
  • Crazy Awesome: The villains themselves may not qualify, but nine times out of ten, their evil schemes do.
    • Eisenstein created replica's of world leaders in order to turn national landmarks into theme park rides.
    • Simon Tucker kidnaps entire sections of shopping malls via underground tunnels, and brainwashes the shoppers into a boomerang swinging army to tear down capitalism one mall at a time.
    • Helga Von Guggen set up an elaborate island base and kidnapped an entire cruiseliner, then mutated the passengers into animals for the purpose of making seamless fur coats for her next fashion line. Later using an alias she makes clothes that are made to eventually squeeze whoever is wearing them to death. (She actually murdered multiple people for fashion).
    • Captain Hayes created the worlds largest luxury airline just so he could hang out with his favourite celebrities. And when it doesn't work? He amps up the speed to spin the Earth backwards and reverse time.
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  • Crossover Ship: The aforementioned crossover episode with Martin Mystery teased Martin/Alex and M.O.M./Jerry.
  • Cult Classic: Although not as huge as it was at its day, the show is still fondly remembered by many people of all genders and nationalities.
  • Designated Hero:
    • Jerry's morals are rather questionable towards the spies, as he sometimes puts them into situations that could have easily killed them had it been real life.
      • There's also the fact that he had been sending minor teenage girls on extremely dangerous missions that could have easily gotten them hurt or worse, and in "The Amazing Spiez", he sends even younger middle school kids (The Clarks) on the very same missions as well.
      • The is also the fact that in the movie, he practically forced the girls into joining WOOHP, despite saying it was their choice but actively ruining their lives until they complied. It makes one wonder just how many WOOHP agents are legitimately working for WOOHP by "choice", anyway.
      • His treatment of the girls in Season 1 episode "The Fugitives" arguably crosses the line from being ethically ambiguous into outright cruelty, attempting to have behavioral modification chips forcibly implanted in their heads after they're framed for a crime spree. Given the fact that Jerry doesn't even bother to hear them out when they protest their innocence, it's a wonder WOOHP can be considered the good guys after all this.
      • He forces the girls (and the Clarks) to keep their spying secret from their parents. When the girls mothers discover that their kids are spies (Thanks to Jerry) in “Totally Busted” their mothers were within their rights to pull their daughters out of WOOHP. Later when the girls need help from WOOHP to save their moms, Jerry (and G.L.A.D.I.S.) lock them out completely, leaving the girls having to rescue their mothers with hardware supplies.
      • Jerry also dismisses what the girls actually want one example is in “Solo Spies” Jerry gives what he thinks is a promotion (making them Solo Spies). The girls tell Jerry they don’t want this (and instead see this as a form of punishment) and tell Jerry they want to stay together but he forces them to become solo spies giving them only one gadget each to complete a mission. He also sells their penthouse to Mandy which forces them to live in the West Coast Hall dorm rooms (something else they don’t want). Sam and Clover’s rooms have rats and a leaky roof and while Alex’s room is fine she only has a small box and her pet pig with her. Later in the episode because they are all alone all three get kidnapped. They are able to work together and finish their case. The girls still rightfully miffed at Jerry until he gives in and let’s them live and spy together... But he doesn’t apologize to them at all.
    • The girls mothers were likely not meant to seem unbearable in “Totally Busted.” They were within their rights pull their daughters out of WOOHP after all. But instead of listening to their daughters, at all, they just punish them through out the three parter. The girls had the spy life chosen for them by their boss, Jerry but they barely call him out preferring to punish the girls. They start off fair by having the girls live with them but thanks to a baddies serum turn Mandy her friends into Spy Assassins. The girls HAVE to continue spying because Mandy and her friends are trying to KILL them. The moms later become unbearable when they tell their daughters they can’t hang out anymore. When the moms are later kidnapped by Mandy and girls go to save them. They get told off by them yet again! It’s only when the moms are back on the ground thanks to the girls using their jumpers as parachutes that their moms FINALLY let up. Did I mention that the girls mothers are never called out.
  • Designated Villain: Sometimes, Mandy gets the unfair treatment when she hasn't actually done anything outwardly antagonistic to the Spies, this includes when she’s trying to be nice.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Tim Scam, Sam gets a brief crush on his persona and she’s shipped with him to this day.
    • Mandy, although she’s not that bad most of the time. Heck when she briefly becomes nicer most fans want it to stick so she can one day become friends with Sam, Alex and Clover. That said her teenage rivalry with the girls can be fun as well. (She’s still usually shipped with Sam either way).
  • Escapist Character: The Spies are all extremely beautiful, wealthy, and of course they get to skip school practically every day to go on globe trotting adventures.
    • To a naughtier extent, they are frequently subjected to fetishtic transformations that viewers could only dream of experiencing in real life. This part they could do without, however.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Geraldine Husk and Tim Scam are the most noticeable and recurring, but the series is definitely packing a few others as well. And of course, there's also Shirley and Carla Wong (Lady Dragon).
    • Although she’s not actually evil (yet) Mandy also counts.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Mainly because Season 5's finale gave the show a lot of closure, and actually ended the show on a high note. So fans pretend that Season 6 didn’t happen.
  • Foe Romance Subtext: Geraldine Husk's obsession with Clover can often reach Stalker with a Crush levels. Most notably the episode Super Agent Much.
  • Foe Yay Shipping: Sam and recurring villain Tim Scam also seems to be a popular ship among the fans, given that it takes up a good chunk of the Totally Spies archive on
  • Girl-Show Ghetto: Very much averted. The show was expected to only be watched by girls, and it was even predicted to fail due to the belief that girls wouldn't be interested in an action series. Yet despite having female main characters and being a heavily girly show, the viewership was nearly 50/50 between girls and boys worldwide. Not just for that reason, though it probably helped. Especially notable is the sister series of Martin Mystery and the spinoff of The Amazing Spiez, which had male leads yet were much less successful than Totally Spies.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • "Space Much?" features an asteroid about to crash down in Moscow. In 2013, the Chelyabinsk meteor exploded in Russia.
    • Both "The Way You Play the Game" and "The Incredible Bulk" involve villains using artificial muscle enhancers. Not something that's all-too-funny these days with the increased awareness of steroid abuse and its side effects (especially when one victim from the former is clearly in pain due to the treatment).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Jerry gets a computer assistant name Gladis in the third season. Wait, why does that sound familiar? And she turns evil in one episode, almost furthering the resemblance.
      • The names are even spelled in similar ways. Are you sure someone on the team wasn't a fan of the show?
    • On January 28, 2019, someone added a Totally Spies! page to the Universal Kids wiki (which is filled with false information to begin with), even though the show wasn't aired on that channel at the time. Come June 2019, it was revealed that the show started airing on Universal Kids on June 24. Talk about unintentional foresight.
    • Clover's nickname for her cousin Normie became this when it's one of the well-known internet slangs.
  • Hollywood Homely:
    • Arnold Jackson is drawn with a similar art style and facial features compare to the other love interests. Apparently his glasses and freckles are so disgusting that the girls are repulsed by the thought of dating him.
    • The Model Citizens episode falls under this too: Tuesday Tate's minions are said to be unnattractive (and needing their features swapped out with the kidnapped models) but most of them, even before the complete makeover already look cute (unless they've had their work done like the girl who got Clover's legs). Clover (muscular pear shaped lower half swapped out with her slender frame), Sam (gets braces and freckles), and Alex (gets her sleek black bob swapped with a frizzy red hairdo) and the kidnapped models don't look any less attractive.
  • Hollywood Pudgy:
    • Comes up less than the former listed but Mandy once trashed a girl on cell phone for having very wide hips while wearing hip huggers. Most of the girls in the series are rather slender, granted Mandy is an Alpha Bitch and could be making mean comments for shits and giggles.
    • Clover in "Model Citizens" with her slender lower half swapped out for one with rounded hips and thick, muscular calves is this, because she's regarded as having been deformed and as "stout".
  • Les Yay: Totally has its own page.
  • LGBT Fanbase:
    • A retroactive one. It's now pretty common for lesbian/bi/pansexual teenage girls and young women who grew up with this show to comment that they really loved watching it "for some reason." As at least one put it, "I finally figured it out!" Aside from the sexual aspects, the heavy Les Yay attracted many queer girls as well.
    • The extreme Camp, occasional male fanservice and some very flamboyant Ambiguously Gay characters has made it popular with gay men as well.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Kyle Katz is a thief the WOOHP could never catch as he committed countless jewelry heists throughout the world. Targeting the Uzbekistan Pearl, Katz seduces the three spies with his gentlemanly charm and putting the pearl in his grasp. As the spies enter the vault to stop Katz, he steals the pearl, slams the vault door in their faces, changes the lock code, and makes his escape. Although defeated and caught in the end, Katz never sheds his affability, even throwing the girls a rose. Despite only having one appearance, Katz remains one of the suavest antagonists faced by the spies.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Memetic Troll: One wonders how Jerry gets anything else done with all the time he must spend finding new and ridiculous ways to 'WOOHP' the Spies to his office. If he doesn't have a new one for the episode, nobody gets WOOHPed at all.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    Helga: Like my coat? It's genuine lawyer!
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • Whenever the girls activate their gadgets.
    • The mini transition sound effect can count too.
  • Narm: Just try to take Muffy Peprich from "Evil Sorority" seriously as a villain when she makes threats in a scratchy, high-pitched voice.
    • The Spies face a stampede of furious zoo animals in "Animal World." The only problem? They've been 'uplifted' and are all walking on two feet, inspiring laughter instead of fear.
    • The Surgeon from Escape From WOOHP Island is a disturbing villain, but listing a mad plastic surgeon (who knows karate) off on the same threat level as planet destroying Kaiju and a man-eating alien is just laughable.
  • Narm Charm: The show presents fashion, girl scout cookies, and dating as Serious Business worthy of world domination, and is all the more fun because of it.
  • Nausea Fuel: Alex throwing up and Jerry burping in "The Yuck Factor".
  • Nightmare Fuel: See here.
  • One True Threesome: Sam/Alex/Clover ship. It doesn't help that most of the boys the three are interested in tend to be one-shots, bar their fellow spy Blaine.
  • Paranoia Fuel: WOOHP can get the girls from anywhere.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Several of them. Two games on Game Boy Advance, three on Nintendo DS, and a party game for the Playstation 2. None of them were all that great.
  • The Scrappy: G.L.A.D.I.S. was added to be Jerry's assitant, but was written out of the show due to fan complaints. Her overall role in the show was relatively pointless and her voice was deemed rather annoying.
  • Signature Scene:
    • Clover's weight gain in "Passion Patties" is one of her more well-known transformations.
    • The infamous mirror-laser scene from "Brain Drain".
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Given that it is a spy show that is Best Known for the Fanservice, it's basically a less sexually explicit version of Stripperella.
  • Squick:
    • Naturally, the Spies love flirting with boys, even ones much older than them. Sometimes they flirt back.
    • The villain of "Green With N.V." uses her own sweat as the main ingredient of her man controlling fragrance, which she produces by sitting fully clothed in a sweat box.
      • The Spies make their own batch to counteract it... and end up using it on Jerry of all people when they can't get a date.
    • The ambassador's son with the enormously swelling head from "Abductions," which becomes so large Alex is able to stand on it.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: A couple of the tracks heard in season 4 are soundalikes to the Austin Powers soundtrack.
  • Testosterone Brigade: When a female-targeted kids' show has Fanservice as much as this one does, it's inevitable.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • The voice actors for the English dub being replaced with sound-alike Canadians has been somewhat controversial.
    • Seth Toyman, a villain from season 2, was a pretty unique one, since he did steal microchips for his toys, all he wanted was for them to be super realistic. He had no idea they would end up as monsters, so he helps the spies not only escape from his killer toys, but gets them out of a horrible trap set up by them too. By the end of the episode, he accepts that what he did was wrong and gets arrested. The girls remind Jerry that Seth did help them on their mission, so Jerry decides that instead of jail time, Seth will do community service, much to everyone's delight. Come season 6, Seth (and to a lesser extent, his choice of wardrobe) makes a complete 180 from his original counterpart, erasing pretty much all of his sympathetic traits in favor of a one-note criminal. He comes across as a immature teenager as opposed to composed adult before the change, much to some fans dismay. Seriously, the contrast between season 2 Seth and season 6 Seth is so grand they might as well be different characters at this point.
    • They use the name Seth so many times they could easily be two different characters (Ok I doubt it but it helps me sleep at night).
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Almost every episode has a different villain, meaning that most of them come off generically evil and bland despite having interesting gimmicks. Villains who do stand out tend to make only one appearance.
    • Britney and Dean are nowhere to be seen in Season Six.
    • Blane does come back (with an unfortunate redesign, it made him look older) in an episode where Clover is looking for a boyfriend. She meets up with Blaine who is an ex of her’s, yet she is clearly still into him. We don’t know why they broke up, and Blaine’s reason for not wanting to get back together seemed bogus and forced (Dating Clover he should know it’s a good idea to stay away from Mandy.)
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Many of the Spies' transformations and afflictions could have made for interesting stories or at least strong character moments. Not only are they ALWAYS undone by the end of the episode, they're often underutilised in the episode's plot. For example, in "The Eraser", Sam loses any memory of who she is. Yet, she's still taken on the mission, her amnesia treated as a mild inconvenience and used mostly for Comic Relief. Similarly, Clover's weight gain in "Passion Patties" could have helped provide a lesson about embracing your looks to avoid Fat Shaming, but she's back to her skinny self by the end.
    • In "Totally Busted!", it turns out that being a spy is genetic. Wouldn't it have been interesting to see some backstory about the girls' parents as spies?
      • Wouldn’t Normie being a spy in his reappearance in season 6 have been fun to see, having become a nicer kid already, he could find out Clover’s a spy, decide to try it out, get some kiddie gadgets and help the girls solve their mission.
  • Took a Level in Dumbass : Oh dear sweet god Jerry. From being tricked by an evil film director, to not noticing when his own ID falls out of his pocket letting anyone in the parking lot pick it up, to not noticing when two wires are crossed turning a Yes-Man into an evil scorpion monster. You're supposed to be the head of WHOOP Jerry, you've shown that you're better than this. Even the lobotomizing in the first season can be partially excused by the spies on tape being perfect clones.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Throughout "Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe", Clover holds a petty grudge against Sam for dating her ex and in the end Sam dumps him so she can stay friends with Clover. Then when it turns out he's dating Alex now, Clover and Sam both throw her in the pool.
    • Despite being treated like a Reasonable Authority Figure, Jerry almost obsessively summons the Spies in the most uncomfortable and embarrassing ways (even balking at the idea of doing it otherwise), has shown little regard for their privacy, and has on separate occasions tried to lobotomise them on very little evidence, and refused them help because he'd gotten his original team back.
  • The Woobie:
    • Alex in "Alex Gets Schooled," where her parents send her to a British boarding school where she is bullied and eventually turned into a dolphin-like abomination. This was all because of her supposed bad grades, only for it to turn out that it was a mix-up the whole time.
      • Also, in "Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands," where her favorite singer ends up betraying her and forcing her to switch faces with his hag of a manager, as well as the b-plot involving Mandy bullying her.
      • A general one for Alex if the Alternate Character Interpretation is correct; she has such low self-confidence that she automatically assumes that it's only a matter of time before Sam and Clover decide they'd rather have the more capable Britney and kick her to the curb. (Or Alex could be worried Jerry would fire her, with Sam, Clover and Brittany unable to change his mind).
      • Also the ending of "The Incredible Bulk". In that episode she had fallen in love with a handsome body builder who liked her back and went to extreme lengths to save him after the Villain of the Week gave him a bar that turned him into a hulking monster and addicted to the very bars that would have eventually killed him. She sacrificed her petite figure by eating these very bars in order to gain extreme muscles to defeat the villain and save him and the others but her boyfriend ends up DUMPING her for the extremely shallow reason that he doesn't like girls who are stronger than him, not caring for the fact that she had saved his life...and the fact that her own friend continue to crack jokes about her new build doesn't really help. You really just want to give Alex a hug after that, especially given that out of the three girls, she has the least active dating life.
    • Clover in "Matchmaker," she actually breaks down crying after Sam and Alex turn on her.
  • Woolseyism: Considering all the different language dubs, it's bound to happen at least once.
    • In the Mandarin Chinese Dub, Clover is much less fashion-conscious in her dialogue.
      English!Clover: Yeah, and risk unsightly facial bruises? I don't think so.
      Mandarin!Clover: Yeah, with the power of your own (Alex's) wristwatch, it's already just enough [to get us out].


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