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It's a cartoon series Best Known for the Fanservice, what did you expect?

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  • You can make a Drinking Game with the amount of times the girls, Mandy or someone else has been transformed, brainwashed and Bound and Gagged (sometimes all of the above).
  • Whenever the girls (and Mandy) are brainwashed, they usually get an Evil Costume Switch that can be very... skimpy. Examples include Sam's gladiator outfit from "Spy Gladiators" and "W.O.W.", Clover's Mani-Minion outfit from "Mani Maniac Much?", Alex's soccer jersey from "Spy Soccer" and Mandy's Spy-sassin jumpsuit from "Totally Busted".
  • The fact that Clover often says "gropy" when being tied up or grabbed against her will. No other kids show ever uses the word "grope"!

    Season 1 

The New Jerry

  • Apparently, Jerry peeps on the girls while they're in the changing room! Sam is understandably very freaked out and very pissed off when Jerry's face suddenly replaces hers in the mirror while she's trying on a ski jacket.


  • When Clover returns to her normal size while wearing the doll clothes, she embarrassingly realizes that they are a tad, uh, skimpy for her.

The Black Widows

  • Sam uses a gadget via Victoria's Secret Compartment.
  • How this line got past the censors is anyone's guess, especially when taken out of contextnote .
    Alex: This stuff works like a charm! Remind me to use it next time I wanna liplock with a boy.


  • Clover eagerly wanting to "protect the corn"
    Sam: (to Clover) Someone should protect [the boys] from you.
  • After the mission:
    Clover: (handing a farm boy her phone number) If you ever need your corn inspected, um, here's my number.

Passion Patties

  • If you pause at the right moment when Clover is being used as a bowling ball, you can see her underwear.

    Season 2 
Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands
  • Alex wanting a tattoo of her favorite boy band across her...well, we don't exactly know where as Sam cuts her off, but we can make a pretty good guess where she wanted it.

It's How You Play The Game

  • Sam and Alex crawling on the ice screams Male Gaze.


  • The "clothes shrinking ray". Not helping are the guards' rape-y smiles as they zap Alex and Clover with the ray.
  • The rape-y smiles return when the guards take off their belts. Sam and Alex's expressions sell it.

Animal World


    Season 3 

Freaky Circus Much?

  • Hans, a German accented director and cameraman, watched Alex while she was sleeping and put a microphone over the shower when Sam was in it. It turned out Clover hired him to film them in a reality show, not knowing he was also a pervert.

Evil Airlines Much?

  • This:
    Clover: Well, I guess it's just you and me, double threat? What are we waiting for? (scene transitions)

    Season 4 

Attack of the 50 Ft. Mandy

Evil Jerry!

  • The girls are force-fed milk containing Terrance's evil DNA using a rather phallic machine, as pictured above.

Deja Cruise

  • This line is rife with implications.
    Sam: Jerry always tapes everything we do.
    Alex: Tell me about it.

Evil Heiress Much?

  • The whole concept of Milan's "Magic Finger Ladies"; just the way it sounds, at the very least:
    Milan: How dare you lay a hand on my magic finger ladies?!
    • Right after the above line, one of said ladies is laying on the floor smiling even after being attacked by the Spies, and she was blushing after apparently getting her neck broken. Hmm...


  • The way Sam and Alex are being held upside-down just screams suspension bondage.

Spies On The Farm

  • After being freed from turning into an eggplant, the female victim is shown to be topless from the back in a Freeze-Frame Bonus.

    Season 5 
Virtual Stranger
  • Clover's line:
    Clover: It's too bad she doesn't use those hands for good! I bet she could give a really wicked massage...
  • And let's not forget about the villains themselves. Neat Freak sounds Camp Gay while Man-Hands is most likely Butch Lesbian.


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