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  • What if Alex always assuming that Britney joining the team means Britney is going to take her place isn't her forgetting the lesson she learned last time but a genuine fear? Alex is the youngest spy and highly emotionally sensitive so the idea that she's worried she'll be replaced by a much more competent spy isn't completely out there, especially since Sam and Clover never reassure her they'd never replace her (admittedly that's probably because they think it doesn't need to be said and is plain to all that they're never going to abandon each other).
  • The Spies are rich, impulsive, and often petty. Perhaps WOOHP is steering them away from becoming another set of ridiculous villains?
    • This especially works for Clover, given her numerous Mandy revenge fantasies, and once used her position as a WOOHP agent to steal another girl’s shoes. In Escape From WOOHP Island her shoddy beauty products even cause Sam and Alex's Once an Episode mutations (albeit borderline realistic ones).
  • I find it unlikely the girls would become evil but think about this what would happen if the girls never meet each other and WOOHP decided to made them spies?
    • They would either have to work on their own or be forced to team up with people they didn’t like (Mandy) or with spies who didn’t care about them at all (Tad) they would likely eventually die.
    • If all three managed to survive their missions WOOHP would instead have three teenage girls who are either depressed or traumatized, shells of themselves.
    • Luckily for the girls, Jerry and the world they were able to meet each other and became best friends forever, and that it was only after that Jerry decided to make them spies. With their talents and teamwork they eventually becoming three of WOOHP’s best agents. The of the reason they are able to work well as a spy team is that they all have each other.
  • Each WOOHP spy possess a spy gene, that includes former WOOHP employees who were fired for breaking the rules. They turned to evil after being fired, from WOOHP. A man who wanted to be a spy but wasn’t accepted into any agency was able to con the girls into stealing for him, so he could expand the world until it exploded. It’s also possible quite a few of villains have the spy gene but they slipped through WOOHP’s cracks. (WOOHP is only one company and judging by the fact The Amazing Spies takes place in Canada and that Jerry works from that office as well as the one in Beverly Hills he likely couldn’t find every potential WOOHP employee and test them in time).
    • Eventually if someone with a spy gene isn’t chosen to be a spy or work for WOOHP in someway or not living a fulfilling live then they turn to evil to make themselves infamous after that they take over the world. This doesn’t apply to every villain as some are just born evil or crazy or both. But still it’s something to think about.
  • Is Mandy really as cruel and awful as she makes herself out to be, or is she just a Lonely Rich Kid that suffers from a Inferiority Superiority Complex that wants to feel loved and mistakenly believes that the only way to be loved is by being the absolute best at everything such as: beauty, popularity, winning contests, dating the hottest guys, etc. Her hostility to the girls (mostly Clover) is because she sees each of them as a threat to her goal of being the best, and she tries to antagonize them due to fearing that unless she is better than them, she will have no friends, not realizing that her anti-social attitude is the real reason she might have trouble making actual friends instead of fake, shallow friends like the girls she hands out with.
    • In the episode "The Eraser", she immediately latched onto Sam to be her new "BFF" after she saved her hair from being ruined and genuinely made an honest effort to be nice to her, much more than she acts with her "friends" Caitlin and Dominique, who proved in the episode "A spy is born" are only hanging out with her due to her popularity, which may subconsciously reinforce her fears of losing them unless she is better than everyone else.
    • Also at the end of "Feng Shui Is Like Sooo Passe", she seems like she truly wanted to be Tara's friend after she becomes popular and didn't seem to realize until it was too late that she had been driving away her admirers, and even looked surprise and maybe a little guilty when Tara began to cry because of her actions.
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    • Also, whenever she chooses to be nice to the spies, even though these moments are short-lived and easily provoked, she truly goes above and beyond to make them like her, which may be another sign of her loneliness and just wanting real friends, despite having a very misguided way of going about it but due to having a Hair-Trigger Temper, anything she perceives as a form of betrayal will have her be mean with the girls as well, because in her mind, they had been using her.
  • Is Clover really a perky, ditzy fashionista or is she secretly a Stepford Smiler who believes her self worth is based on her beauty, popularity and what the guys think of her?
    • The episode of "Beauty is only skin deep" has Clover become every depressed after getting rejected by her crush and end up letting herself go and she doesn't snap out of it until he tells her that the reason he refused her is because he already has a girlfriend? It makes one wonder how she would react if a guy legitimately rejected her, no girlfriend involved?

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