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  • Acting for Two: Sam's voice actress Jennifer Hale also voices several other characters including Mandy, leading to plenty of instances of Talking to Herself.
  • Adored by the Network: It was one of Teletoon's biggest series during the 2000s, being highly promoted and frequently airing at available hours on both weekdays and weekends. Even after the series ended, reruns still appear on the channel to this day, thanks to its status as one of the network's longest-running original series making it a good way of fulfilling Canadian content quotas. However, only Season 3-5 are aired due to Teletoon no longer having the rights to Seasons 1, 2, and lacking the rights to 6.
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  • Channel Hop: Started off on ABC Family for its first season, then showed up out of the blue on Cartoon Network for the rest of the series; this may have been because Saban Entertainment co-produced season 1 before Disney bought them out. And to the surprise of many, after almost 10 years of not being seen on American television, it then started airing on Universal Kids on June 24, 2019.
  • Completely Different Title: In the Chinese dubs, we have 间谍少女组 (lit. Spy Girl Group) for Seasons 1-2, and 少女特工组 (lit. Girl Agents) for Season 6.
  • Dueling Shows: Started around the same time Kim Possible did.
  • Fake American: Sam and Mandy's voice actress and Alex's second voice actress are both Canadian, though it's downplayed for the former this show came out when she already moved to the US.
  • Fake Brit: Jerry's first voice actor.
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  • Fan Nickname: The hosts of Totally Reprise often call Jerry the girls' "Spy Dad".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only seasons 1-3 have been released on DVD in North America. On the plus side, the official Totally Spies YouTube channel has been uploading full episodes past season 3.
  • Name's the Same: Go ahead, ignore Jerry's middle name.
  • Newbie Boom: The fandom recieved a good kick in the trousers when the entire series started being uploaded for free on Youtube, letting old fans easily rediscover the show, and new fans stumble across it for the first time.
  • No Export for You:
    • The first 3 seasons are on DVD and iTunes. Anything past that is anyone's guess as to if it'll be put on there.
    • Thankfully, the series (and The Movie) are being released for free onYouTube. The first six seasons are also on Prime Video.
    • The trio of DS games, Totally Spies 3: Secret Agents, Totally Spies 4: Around the World, and Totally Spies: My Secret Diary was never able to make it to the states... despite the fact that all three games do have the option to play them in English.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • To put it simply, the English dub switched from American voice actors in the first two seasons to Canadian for the rest of the dub. Clover and Sam's original actresses were retained for the entire series, though, and Word of God has said that they wanted to retain Alex's voice as well.
    • Latin America replaced all the actors. The Latin Spanish dub changed countries from Mexico to Venezuela, while Brazilian Portuguese moved from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.
  • Post-Script Season: Season 6 was clearly this since Season 5 tied up a lot of loose ends and gave the show a superb Grand Finale.
  • Role Reprise: When production moved to Canada starting in Season 3, Jennifer Hale (Sam and Mandy) and Andrea Baker (Clover) were the only actors to reprise their roles due to dual citizenship.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: Moonbaby's "Here We Go"; however, the lyrics are altered drastically due to the original song's racy lyrics.
  • Talking to Herself:
    • Both Sam and Mandy are voiced by Jennifer Hale.
    • Mandy's lackeys are voiced by the same women who voiced Clover and Alex as well.
    • In the French version, it's Alex and Mandy who share the same voice actress.
  • What Could Have Been: Early on, there was an idea for an episode entitled "Baby Geniuses", but it was scrapped.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Totally Spies Wiki.


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