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Engage, the most unsubtle, excessively suggestive piece of programming ever to be shown on Cartoon Network before [adult swim] since Time Squad (and, later, Regular Show, though Regular Show was intentionally made that way)!

  • Much has been made about the sexual content of the show, but what many ignore is that it's easily one of the most violent programs CN has aired outside [adult swim], equaling Samurai Jack and even Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The show does not shy away from death or destruction, and What Measure Is a Non-Human? is readily subverted in that both humans and aliens are killed in equal measure.
  • Pretty much all of the interaction between Octus and Barb.
    • Case in point: that one moment when Barb sticks her butt in Octus' face! Granted, it happens while Ilana and Lance are talking and it only lasts a few seconds, but it's impossible to miss.
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    • Especially when Barb flirtatiously says, "Afraid I'm gonna get crumbs on your manstuff?"
  • There's neck snapping in the second episode, starting with a Neck Lift and ending with a Gory Discretion Shot. Furthermore, the Gory Discretionshot does not omit the wet, crunchy sound of a neck getting wrung like a sponge.
  • When the Monster of the Week crash-lands on Earth in Episode 4, it does so near a car with two teenagers making out. The girl actually says "Oh my! You just rocked my world!" exactly when the explosion happens.
  • Later, two pretty girls at the high school are shown in a typical establishing shot just to drive the point home that they're attractive. There's a deliberate and very obvious sequence where the camera follows them from behind and zooms in on their swinging buttocks. For good measure, when Lance offers them a promotional pin, they immediately stick their chests out expectantly.
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  • Just after that, when Ilana wonders why Lance is so popular, Octus describes in detail why people would consider him such, followed by a beat to accent the implication. Octus did, however, watch an awful lot of earth television to get them the language and cultural norms...and seems to continue doing so out of enjoyment.
    Ilana: I don't get it.
    Octus: Dark hair, bedroom eyes, moody demeanor. I totally get it.
  • And then you've got Xishi, who forces his entire body down people's throats. And it's not even implied or offscreen, we get a front row seat for this. Twice. Take into account the fact that Xishi is slightly taller than a full grown man and you've got a recipe for a moment that can make even a seasoned Adult Swim addict cringe.
  • In episode 5 a monster gets its finger broken onscreen then it gets its arm ripped off with no Gory Discretion Shot, and is finished by getting a hole punched through its body.
  • The entirety of Episode 6. To the point that What Do You Mean, It's for Kids? doesn't even begin to cover the situation what with the sheer amount of Nightmare Fuel.
  • Lance looking under the Tashy 497 to try and determine its gender. We don't see anything but tentacles, but it's heavily implied what Lance is looking for...
  • What about the Mutradi that shoots fire, out of its anus!
  • Speaking of...
    Astronomer: Get away from that telescope! You were trying to see Uranus, right?
  • Episode 10's "booty quake" scene shows as much ass shaking, pole dancing, and bouncing as though giving a crazy-ass lap dance as you possibly can without being burned at the stake by soccer moms. Arguably the closest any character in a western animation not explicitly aimed at adults has ever gotten to saying "If you do what I ask, I will have sex with you". It is also the image provider for this page.
  • Kimmy's flirting was really, really sexual without actually doing anything too physical or explicit. When the strap of her shirt was slipping off, she gives Octus a suggestive look. After she and Octus kissed, the tone of her voice and the way she described it sounded like she had experienced an orgasm. There were sparks and fireworks, after all ...
  • The whole beat down that Lance received in Fortress of Deception. The guy lying with blood next to him, after Lance breaks Ilana out.
  • "Elephant Logic" features a monster being chopped in half, with its innards exposed in-between its halves, and as it explodes, a little blood is seen flying in the air.
  • In the "Ballad of Scary Mary".
    • The part where Kimmy and her friends look at Kimmy's ex in the barn, there is a part in the song that goes "..8 bottles of BEER..", made all the more obvious by the fact nobody says anything during that moment.
    • In the most literal sense, at one point Kimmy says "My DVR totally took a dump."
    • When Kimmy's ex-boyfriend kisses a girl at the party, deliberately to make Kimmy jealous, her friend calls him a "himbo."
    • When Octus lifts Kimmy up in his hands just after they get to the party, said hands are cupping her ass.
  • In "The Demon Within," when Ilana reverts back to normal, she's naked (though the viewer only gets a headshot). Lance quickly covers her up with his sweater.
    • We also get a look at her leg after Lance covers her, all the way up to her panty-line.
    • The shape of the alien vessel looks a lot like a sperm cell.
      • Though, it could also just look like a tadpole, which looks similar to a sperm cell.
    • Ilana pre-transformation snaps a mutated alligator's jaw. No shadowy discretion shot, no offscreen shot.
  • Ever since 9/11, American media watchdogs have been a little sensitive about portraying realistic aircraft crashing into/crashed into buildings. Episode 14 shows a realistically drawn helicopter that's crashed right into someone's front lawn patio.
  • In episode 15 Titan literally slices the dragon monster into chunks. No blood or anything, but it's still a living creature being hacked to death. During he death of the creature's head, we see its skin bubbling and boiling as it is fried from the inside.
  • In episode 16, Lance stabs a traitor in the gut.
  • In regards to 'Under the Three Moons', the first dress Ilana tries on is...revealing. Not to mention all the Family-Unfriendly Death going on.
    • We got a small and quick look at her undies while she was trying on another outfit.
  • In Episode 18, Octus dies a pretty painful death.
  • Episode 19: In the second motel that Lance and Ilana stay in, not only does Ilana sit and watch the news while wearing only a towel for an extended period of time, but the room only appears to have one bed...
  • The death of the Sherman monster in the final episode. He's blasted into a river, stabbed in the face until he's chopped in half, with blood. The San Fransisco monster's blood (albeit pink-ish) is splattered all over General Steel.
  • In the series finale, when both Lance and Ilana can't sleep, they sit down and chat for a while. Ilana is in nothing but a T-shirt and underwear.
  • More or less the entirety of the final episode, including soldiers and G3 infantry shooting at each other, being shot, and falling, several monsters getting chopped to bits and bleeding, and much more.


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