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The Jock and Kimmy...
  • Will find out about Sym Bionic Titan and somehow become a part of it, creating a Five-Man Band with Lance, Illana, and Octus. Why else would we get a shot of them at the begining when our three heroes are crashing toward Earth? Also, in Episode 10, Kimmy developed a crush on Octus, so it may lead to this.
    • That would be AWESOME! And you know every Humongous Mecha show needs a Five-Man Band.
    • So what would they be? We've already got heart, body, and mind.
      • Will, Spirit, Guts... I'm betting on "spirit" for Kimmy for reasons that should be obvious ("school spirit").
      • Wouldn't both of those technically be covered under "heart?"
      • Heart, Body, Mind, Booty, Something...
    • I would be quite disappointed if that gray skinned jock didn't serve some kind of purpose later on.
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    • Alternatively, maybe Lance and Ilana are captured later, and Octus will have to recruit Meat and Kimmy as the new body and heart for Titan.
    • It is based on Japanese mecha anime shows, so its quite clear a Mecha Expansion Pack will come along at some point, so they're very good choices for it.

Lance and Ilana will have to fight Octus at some point.
  • Octus will probably either malfunction or be controlled by Modula at some point in the series. It would serve for some great drama to have Lance and Ilana fight their own friend.
    • I'm for the theory that Octus will develop a true soul and have an existencial crisis that threatens the group.

Modula was saved...
  • By some sort of Eldritch Abomination which is the Man Behind the Man. How else would you expect someone stranded on a planet filled Zerg Mutraddi to survive? For more evidence, take a look at that Nice Hat. The eye on it moves and blinks and helps him to control the Mutraddi. That sort of thing ain't natural, especially if he's the same species as the rest of the Galalunans.
    • Also the way he wears his cape. I'm betting there's going to be a dramatic reveal which shows he's less then humanoid beneath it.
      • In the second episode we see more of him under the cloak, and he looks pretty humanoid- but at the same time, he pulls off some seriously superhuman combat moves. Modula's appearance isn't visible mutated (from what we can see so far, anyway) but at the same time, he's clearly no longer an ordinary Gallallunan.
      • Maybe he wasn't saved so much as possessed, and the eye in the hat belongs to whatever's taken him over...
      • Or, to Take a Third Option, it's somewhere in between- the hat is an Artifact of Doom that whatever saved Modula gave him; it gives him his powers, but while he thinks he's still the one in control, his will is in fact being subverted, not unlike what happened to, say, the Nazgul after Sauron gave them their rings.
      • Maybe the hat itself is the evil entity, and it's just using his body as a Meat Puppet.
      • Or maybe the Mutraddi aren't as stupid as they look, and they're controlling him as an avatar of a pre-existing hivemind rather than the other way around, with superficial elements of his original personality remaining.
      • And in keeping in mind with the second suggestion, The Reveal will be that underneath he has a sexy chitinous female humanoid body...excuse me, I need to go bleach my brain.
      • Or the way he was saved was through a Deal with the Devil with said Eldritch Abomination, the Eldritch Abomination gives him the power to get revenge on the people who Left. Him. Behind. in exchange for his soul. Sort of like Gankutsuou.
      • The second episode seems to support this theory, with Modula able to dodge lasersand Neck Lift a large Gallalunan man (complete with Neck Snap). Also, check out his complexion compared to other Gallalunans, its pink rather than human skin tone. It seems kind of odd, unless that sort of thing is natural for Gallalunans, and makes him look sort of like a tall, white-haired Mojo Jojo.

The Titan is actually the Galalunan equivalent of Gurren Lagann.
  • Giant robot, check. Rule of Cool, check. General kickassery, check. Powered by thoughts/emotions, check. Bonus points for having two pilots.
    • Now all we need are some Kamina Shades and a drill-based weapon!

Modula and Solomon are connected in some fashion.
  • Oh, come on. I can't be the only one seeing this happening.

The king didn't send his daughter through a portal in space, but in time.
  • Galalunans look identical to humans, and Octus mentions that Earth has the same atmosphere as their home planet. That's because Galaluna is Earth, in the distant future.
  • That could explain the Aliens Speaking English...
  • Also, “…barbaric tribes of our ancestors.”
    • Sorry, guys. Galaluna has three moons in Ilana's flashback.
      • Your point? Either two of them are no moons, or we made more for aesthetic reasons, probably to fit the "body, mind, heart" tripart philosophy that seems to have supplanted religion.
      • It's also possible that Earth captures another set of moons at some point in the future. Maybe fragments of another world.
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    • Alternately, Galaluna is where humanity settled after the Earth somehow became uninhabitable.

Alternatively, Galaluna is Earth in the past.
  • After the war ended society and two of the moons were destroyed.

Solomon and the Galactic Guardians were an advanced team from Galaluna who arrived on Earth during the development of the Rift Gate.
  • The fact that he broke off the attack after his Wave-Motion Gun caught the monster off guard could imply that he's on the Titan's side (assume he didn't simply want to avoid a direct fight with the Titan). He also wants to keep The Masquerade going, as evidenced by the confiscation of the mall security tapes. But most importantly, the Galactic Guardians' uniform includes a mask that looks a lot like the faceplate of the Galaluna Military uniform helmet that Lance wore when he first arrived on Earth.
    • And now they've implied that Solomon is Lance's dad who created the Rift Gate in the first place. I have zero doubt about this now.
  • I'm thinking it's more likely that when Lance's dad went through the rift gate, he ended up on Earth, and HE started the Galactic Guardians as a contingency in case something ever happened on Galaluna, and somehow contacted the King, telling him that Earth would be the safe-house of sorts in case shit ever went down.

Modula is related to Lance in some way.
  • While it wouldn't be the first series to do something, it'd make for a creative twist if Modula is Lance's father (since it's suggested in episode 2 that Lance has no one on Galaluna to worry about anymore). It would be pretty interesting to see the two cross paths and possibly have either a Villainous Break Down from Modula or Lance being tempted by The Dark Side.
    • Episode 6 may have Jossed the idea of them being father and son. But there's always the evil grandpa/uncle angle to work with.
    • May as well scratch that theory too, as episode 8 clearly establishes that Modula was only friends with Lance's father. However, this could still lead to some kind of dramatic situation when Modula realizes he's been trying to kill his friend's son.

There will an evil Sym-Bionic Titan.
  • I think this goes without saying. If this show is anything the giant robot and Super Sentai series it's inspired by, it only seems fitting that a dark counterpart is eventually introduced. This could even possibly lead into the theories of a Sixth Ranger addition (granted we see a fourth and fifth).
    • Or perhaps Modula, after concluding that none of his normal Mutraddi are up to the task, will find some way to combine them/ create a suit of Powered Armor that runs off their energies in a way that is comparable to the Titan. This will probably be a finale of some sort if it happens.
    • Of course there's always the evil doppelgangers that typically appear in these kind of series.
      • Well have we do have the perfect Psycho Ranger variant for Lance in Baron now...
  • Confirmed, assuming the wikipedia page is accurate [1].

General Steel is actually Thunderbolt Ross under an assumed name.
  • He was looking for the Hulk in the city when giant robots attacked.
    • He's not Thunderbolt Ross, he's the Cartoon Network version of Thunderbolt Ross, and before the Sym-bionic Titan came to Earth, he was chasing down the Infraggable Krunk.

Lance and Ilana are Long Lost Siblings
  • Their parents, the King and Queen of Galaluna, separated at some point for some reason and each raised one of the two children respectively. Nothing to go by for Lance aside from him having nothing back on their homeworld, but Ilana has made zero mention of a mother so far. There's also Octus' speculation that perhaps her father sees something special in him, so maybe the King knows of their relation (and chose Lance to protect Ilana for that reason). There's also the potential irony of them posing as brother and sister while actually being related.
    • Jossed as of episode six. Though of course there's nothing to say that Lance's dad wasn't possibly related to one of Ilana's parents.

General Steel will become a monster.
Not having learned his lesson from the events of episode 3, Steel will spiral into insanity as he continues to believe the Titan to be a threat, finally culminating in him either being approached by Modula or using the device he used on the Mudtraddi to somehow transform into a creature capable of fighting the Titan.

Steel will ally with one of the alien factions before the end.
Either Modula will come to Earth in person or send an intelligent monster, and he'll trick Steel into helping him, or Steel will realize the Mutraddi are the more serious threat and have a (very tense, and likely very temporary) Enemy Mine with the Titan. Or both- he'll initially be tricked into helping Modula, then help take him down to get revenge.

Gallaluna is Earth from a paralell dimension.
Similar to the "Earth from the future" WMG above, but with a slightly different spin on it- the rift wasn't through space or time, but across dimensions.

Steel and Lance will have a Not So Different moment or episode if Lance gets captured by Steel
The fact that they're hard pressed, tough as nails millitary men with impulse control problems will probably come up sometime. It may even lead to Character Development with either or both of them.

A future problem will be ordinary people turning into monsters.
The Mutraddi DNA in the cloud was dispersed when it rained after the Titan team destroyed it; isn't that the same water that every organism in Sherman is going to be drinking? Alien genetics in the water? Can't be good for you...

When the episodes stop focusing on Lance...
They will focus on the other characters, including some of the villains.


  • Illana, when she gets focus, will become The Woobie in some of her appearances, maybe even an Iron Woobie.
  • Steel will grow gradually less antagonistic toward the Titan.

Solomon is either an Animal Friends fan, or he has a kid and they like to watch it together.
Just because it's adorable.
  • He was in the middle of watching it, when another monster attack occurs.
    • What episode was that?

Samurai Jack is Lance's father
Why? ...Well, why not?

Solomon is Lance's father
  • Because that would be awesome!
    • It helps that Solomon and Lance's Dad have similar outfits.
      • It doesn't help that they look nothing alike, and Solomon seems far too young.
      • In episode 11, we do see that Solomon is old. And there's an action sequence wherein Lance and Solomon have the same fighting style.
      • Episode 11 shows that Solomon moves far faster than any of the other Earth characters, has access to Galalunan technology, and obviously knows how to use it. There are strong implications that he is, if not Galalunan, at least a humanoid alien from a planet that uses Galalunan technology.
      • Also, how did the King knows to send our heroes to Earth, if Octus himself didn't know where Earth was (in comparison to Galaluna)? Because he used the coordinates used by Lance's father, the last person he could trust who wasn't on Galaluna.
      • As a side theory, perhaps Lance's father suffers from Identity Amnesia (perhaps from the warp gate accident) and became Solomon.

Barb will learn of Octus' true identiy...
  • And still fall in love with him.
  • Nah, I see Barb as being more of the "perpetually oblivious" type, where no matter what crazy alien bullshit she witnesses from the trio, she will never EVER grow wise to their goings on.

The Titan will gain a conscious of it's own
  • Either a glitch or attempt by a Monster of the Week will suddenly have the Titan armor itself become sentient. Possibly the linking system that connects Lance, Ilana, and Octus will give birth to an independent being that thinks and feels for itself.
    • In episode 11, we get to hear the Titan speak, and the voice doesn't sound like Lance, Illana, or Octus. Solomon asks which one of them is talking, and the Titan doesn't answer. So either the Titan has a voice modulation thing to disguise who's actually speaking, or Solomon was talking to the Titan itself.
    • But, Titan needs all their armor and Octus to work, so...

The Galactic Guardian Group will whip out their own giant robot at some point.
  • Well, they're apparently collecting anything alien that crashes to Earth and have access to technology more advanced than the regular military. It would also make sense for them to develop some sort of counter against the Titan.
    • Or an ally, a second supporting mecha would rock!

Sym-Bionic Titan is set in The 'Verse of Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls
  • They share one creator, and the art style is very similar. This also explains the fact that the citizens of Sherman seem to take all the alien monster attacks in stride. They don't even close down the schools!
    • I actually kinda agree, this would be cool.
      • Though you would think the Justice Friends or Monkey would investigate the constant monster attacks in Sherman.
      • The Justice Force are probably occupied with "More Important" matters... That aren't important at all.
  • Also, Deedee, and her two friends are cheerleaders at the school.

Arthur IS Octus
  • He talked about wanting to be inside of a robot, but not being of the "elite." Some horrible accident took place where his mind had to be placed into a "shell"....
    • They weren't exactly getting along well at the end of the episode. It may be Lance's fault that Arthur is Octus and if Octus ever remembers, he may very well hold it against him. Glad I'm not the only one who thought Arthur reminded me of Octus.

Baron is Modulla's son
  • He just kind of looks like he could be. Not to mention that a guard said that Baron's dad was able to persuade the king to release Baron. While the King of Galaluna is a benevolent king already, the only person that could convince him so easily and so quickly would be Modulla. Keep in mind that the episode takes place prior to Modulla's Face–Heel Turn.
    • Possible, but wouldn't it seem weird considering he readily threw both in prision if one of them was his own son?
    • The guard said Baron's bail was paid, not that there was persuasion involved. Modula seems like the kind of guy who'd let his son sit in prison as a lesson for such stupidity.
    • True, but then that begs the question of whether Modula is out for revenge for something happening to Baron or has slipped so far off the end that he doesn't care anymore. Of course, Baron could be among Modula's ranks and hasn't had his reveal yet.

Baron is Solomon
They both have white hair. Yeah. I got nothing.
  • Except Baron looks to be around Lance's age, if only a few years older. Baron would have to have had a Plot-Relevant Age-Up to be as old as Solomon, not to mention Baron is a Jerkass and Solomon has barely shown any malice to anyone.

Lance's mom died in childbirth or left his dad
  • We never hear about his mom, even in the flashback episode she wasn't at her husband's funural.
so...either his mother died in childbirth, since:a)He is outright stated to be an orphanandb)we only hear about his dad, meaning she most likely died at a point where he was too young to remember.or,It is implied that his father didn't come home for hours at a time.Its possible that as often happens,his mom go sick of it,got her bags,up and left

The headmaster was a rival to Lance's father.
Quite possibly an Unknown Rival, in fact, who couldn't achieve the same sort of recognition and wound up at the school instead of being famous at the forefront of his field. Unable to revolve his grudge against Lance's father before his disappearance, he decided to make Lance's life as miserable as possible while maintaining plausible denialibility. That's why Baron was able to get away with escalating into flat-out trying to kill him; he was already a favored student, and was just subtly 'encouraged' to make Lance his latest personal Butt-Monkey.

Baron will return as an enemy.
Being the bastard he is, he'll join Modula's side for power and riches and will become Lance's main rival.

Baron is Galalulan Royalty
He's had the same hair style as the King and Ilana...hell they might even be cousins or something.
  • To drive him being the Evil Counterpart to Lance home, he'll probably be a Baron.

Barb is Psychotic
  • Who but a total nut thinks that Rottweiler + Gerbil = good playmates?
    • I thought that was a given?

The wreckage Steel collected will be used...
  • To create an antiTitan. Seeing as how this show is obviously going to thrive on Continuity Porn, it only seems fitting that Steel was planning on making some of weapon to use against the Titan. However, whateve he creates will obviously not be a powerful (at least in times of funtionality) like the actual Titan.
    • Confirmed.

Barb has a vendetta agent single fathers.

G3 and the Titan will team up

Leading to a cultural/weapon exchange, giving the Titan a massive Deadly Upgrade via Octus scanning and absorbing the tech. Think Titan+Wave Motion Gun.

Solomon is Alucard.

Just look at how similar they are. They both dress alike, both are members of mysterious organizations that deal with taking down monsters, and both are quite intimidating even when they're not doing anything particularly threatening. The Hellsing organization must've learned that aliens are as big a threat as ghouls and vampires, had Alucard disguise himself as "Solomon" and sent him overseas to ensure the various giant monsters are destroyed.

Octus' "father" form will soon have a romance with Barb.
  • Leading to a Love Triangle of sorts between his Dual Personas trying to juggle both relationships.
    • Serious outlook: He loses both, with either both wising up, or just becoming upset by his other selves.
    • Fun outlook: He will then go on to become a real robot playa, Bender as his wing-man as they spread across the country, establishing an empire of robot pimps!!
      • Why do you people like Barb so much?
      • Who said they liked Barb? The above posters are simply commenting on the fact that she's also shown an interest in Octus.

Octus is a type of Techno-Organic being
like the Replicants from Blade runner

Lance's father invented the Octus unit
But then he went through the rift gate before they could be mass produced, and only the one was ever made.Also, this would make Lance and Octus literal bros.
  • Most likely Jossed by "Escape from Galaluna"

Baron and Ilana are brother and sister.
Baron wasn't in attendance of Lance's father's funeral because he was attending the Academy. Also, Baron is bailed out at the jail cell by his father, who isn't shown, and then the King is shown as the only one there.Baron and Ilana also bare some resemblance. Other reasons for Baron not being shown with Ilana and the King are because he was always at the Academy.
  • Baron's father wasn't shown? Then who led Baron into the vehicle to leave the prison?
  • You mean the skinny guy in the mask that walked him out of his cell? That was either a soldier/guard or a student who perhaps was guarding the cell. No where does it show Baron getting into a vehicle to leave the prison. He could've easily left with the King but wasn't shown doing so.

The Gender balance of Galaluna is not one to one
I don't know why really. I just get the feeling there are less females to go around there.

Lance's father's still alive...
But Lance at this point doesn't believe it (despite prove) or doesn't care. He doesn't even want to see him. Because if his dad was still alive, why hasn't he contacted him? it only proves that his father really IS dead or his father doesn't care about him anymore. At some point, they will meet and his father will explain everything.

Lance's father is the man with the gauntlet and the founder of G3.
The Rift Gate transported him to Earth where,using his expertise in Galalunian technology, recreated it on Earth and founded G3 in order to protect against the Mutraddi and any other hostile threats. He taught the Guardians Galulunan combat hence how Solomon's fighting style is similar to Lance's. He is furious with Solomon due to Solomon going against his orders by abducting and attacking his son and the princess.
  • Richard McGonagle voicing both of them can't be a coincidence, either.
    • Exactly what I was going to say. Of course, The Gauntlet man may not recognize Lance, or maybe hasn't even seen all the information Solomon has collected.
    • I imagine that he's perfectly aware of who they are, he just hasn't chosen to reveal himself for whatever reason. Turning evil, or because he's afraid of confronting Lance after so long. Especially now that he's a cyborg.
    • You guys beat me to it. The only problem is all that Galalunan wreckage Octus investigates. Doesn't just seem like G3 left it there. Perhaps additional rift experiments transported it there? And lance's father knew about all of it so he became the leader of the place? And they don't know he's an alien so that's why they don't know Lance and Illana arent a threat?

Solomon's fighting style is a Galalunan martial art.
  • It's all but stated in that scene where both he and Lance wonder where the other learned to fight like that. The combat scenes just before that also explicitly show how very similar their moves were.

Cartoon Network is letting Gennedy Tartakovsky do whatever he wants with this show.
As stated under the Radar article his shows have made the network an ungodly amount of money and publicity as well as winning critical praise this is their thank-you after all these years. It has a lot of things that appeal to his tastes and is one of his darkest and the most "adult" series he's been a part of (okay, except maybe Samurai Jack and definitely the Korgoth pilot), and it airs in Prime Time which means that because of the timeslot it can get away with more violence, risque humor, and blatant Fanservice than typical Cartoon Network fare.
  • Somewhat subverted. Now, it's airing at 8 am in the morning. On Saturday! Might end up being Screwed by the Network.

Solomon is overly obsessed with stopping alien invasion and protecting the earth
Explains why he disobeyed his orders from his boss and why he chose to torture Lance, Ilana, and the Titan for answers instead of politely asking.
  • On the other hand, he's very quick to call out General Steel for his antics. So either he's a hypocrite, or he's fairly reasonable andepisode 11 was just a bad day for him.
    • Or he knew that Steel had no idea about what he was doing and it would only lead to trouble.
    • All of his calling out of Steel involved the fact that the general does not think things through and just tries to bull his way through anything with More Dakka, not because he's being a hypocrite or whatever. Solomon's actions, on the other hand, are comparatively subtle and thought out. Unlike Steel's usual shoot-until-I-get-whatI-want approach, Solomon took the pains to have the GGG do a quick and quiet commando abduction of Ilana and Lance and go through all the deception of Kane and the escape attempt — all to gather info. It's just that his plans were made based incomplete info as he had not known about Octus.

The G3 interrogator will return.
As we last saw him in Episode 11, he got beaten to a pulp by Lance for threatening Ilana. Because of this he now has a personal grudge for Lance, and will seriously harm Ilana to get to him.

The Shaman is (was) Mutrads version of Slenderman
Watches people all the time? Check. Makes recording equipment screw up when he appears? Check. Clothes made of waving tentacles? Looks like it. His giant golum is the equivalent of Masky or the Rake.

Octus has a human (well, gallalunian) form
It looks like Lance and Ilana put on robot suits, but they're actually switching places with robots in subspace. Octus is a gallalunian who hasn't switched back to his meat form because he's forgotten about it and/or is hiding it. (Alternately: He's Lance's father, and he can't switch back at this time because his body is lost).
  • Neither of those ideas really work, though, since Lance's father is all-but-officially-confirmed as the man behind the G3, and the Manus units are known to be mass-produced Powered Armor-style mecha units, not full robots.

Octus will choose to stay on Earth
He is becoming more accustomed to our ways- understanding our social class, the language we use and even using it for himself, he even knows the fashion trends and falls- he's more human than either Lance or Ilana have ever been. Sure, Ilana attempts, but it's out of desperation to be the Princess she once was on Gallaluna, to fill that missing void of motherly affection she had towards her planet- to be able to help and protect 'her' people. Lance doesn't even bother, considering Ilana is his priority. But Octus is almost assimilating to the lifestyles of humans, creating actual bonds and relations, strong relations, with people (Barb, Meat, Kimmy) on Earth, and in a way becoming human himself, and developing actual emotions beyond the capabilities of your 'average robot'. He is more like an Earthling than a Gallalunian. Which would be a reasonable thing, considering how he has really only been exposed to our culture (There hasn't been much saying he had been active on Gallaluna for a long time, if any time at all).

It may turn out that, once all is said and done, when Modula has been defeated and all danger is gone, and it's time to go 'home', Octus will probably choose to stay on Earth. Maybe escort Lance and Ilana back to their planet, but come back and live his life here, on Earth, as a robot in disguise, with all the friends he has made over time. Leaving for a kind of bitter-sweet, happily ever after sort of ending.

The "Booty Quake It" scene was added for Viral Marketing
The scene in question has become a viral video of sorts after it's first airing. There is no doubt that the show's ratings and awareness to other people went up considerably during and after the scene first aired. It probably also garnered a BIG fan change for the show and/or for the Network in general. Even if Cartoon Network gave Genndy all the creative freedom in the world, I don't think they would have allowed the scene to pass through the censors, unless...
  • Makes sense. Or, as quoted from the main page, someone of the storyboarding staff is a hardcore ass man.

An older, teenaged Baron is going to crash land on Earth as a spy for the Mutraddi and befriend Ilana
Leading to a very peeved Lance and skeptical Octus.

The ending scene in "The Ballad of Scary Mary" was a Dying Dream as Mary perished of exposure in the woods
Because the logical alternative is too creepy.
  • So...Mary leaving town with a new, loving boyfriend is creepier then her dying alone in the woods. Just because Mary was never seen again by her classmates after that night does not mean she met a horrible fate after meeting the Fonzie-lookalike. She could have just moved out of town the next day (something that had been set up for months and she never told anyone because she had no actual friends), or something to that effect without any of the other kids knowing. Yes, Mary's fate was ambiguous. That is not the same as a death warrant.
    • Or he just took her home and her family happened to move away soon after the barn incident. The legend sprang up because well, kids are kind of dumb.

The reason Titan had a changed timeslot is that Cartoon Network was afraid of it.
Aside from maybe Regular Show, Titan is the most boundary-pushing show on Cartoon Network. This could be seen as a possible threat to viewerships (after all, what if a concerned mother sees Titan as violent?). So what's the best way to get rid of the show without having to fire ol' Genny? Air the show on a Wednesday night before two failing programs of CN Real.
  • You're probably right.
  • Violent? An action series from Tartakovsky? Oh no, whatever shall we do?
  • If they just wanted to kill it, they wouldn't have advertised the slot change, just like they didn't with The Secret Saturdays.
  • Also if they're so concerned about it being violent why even bother with the show in the first place? The show doesn't seem to suffereing from that much Executive Meddling. The show seems to be doing well, and if they kill it they can't make any money from merchandising.
  • Though I don't know their reason, the CN just might want to get the show cancelled. I don't know if your idea is the best, but the show's definitely been repeatedly Screwed by the Network. The new time slot just got moved back to only Saturday mornings!
    • Yeah, it's kinda been on the chopping block. They haven't produced any marketing merchandise, so, I guess we'll just see...

General Modula is providing Solomon Mutradi Technology, in return for Princess Illana

Octus is slowly gaining a soul.
Evidence: Ever since Kimmy and him hooked up Octus has been changing. Before when Octus, Ilana and Lance were in titan mode, whenever his projection would show up while they were talking it would be his robot form. In the two most recent episodes his projection has been Newton. I think that Octus is slowly gaining a more... human soul, thanks to Kimmy.
  • It's not just Kimmy, For all their insistence that Octus is just a robot Lance and Illana certainly treat him as if he were a living being.

The Evil Titan idea.
As mentioned above, there are guessings that a dark counterpart will appear at one point or another. And we have Baron as the perfect antithesis of Lance; cold, ruthless, and even more singleminded. But who would be proper mirror opposites for Ilana and Octus? Justin and Kimmy. What better way to destroy your enemies than by having one fight his greatest rival, and the others unable to fight the people they care about? Alternatively, Ilana's father could be her dark counterpart, making it even more painful for her.
  • Another idea is that the evil Titan only has a single pilot, with the villains missing the point on the whole "teamwork" thing.
  • This could actually happen, if Episode 19 "The Steel Foe"'s description is anything to go by.

Solomon isn't human...
And doesn't know it, either through amnesia or a secret ancestry. Either way, he's definitely non-human and has a connection to the Galalunian military. Evidence: fighting techniques are identical to Lances and his organization has access to advanced alien technology, yet somehow the Earth never come in contact with aliens before the incident in the Woods.

Solomon is a time-displaced Lance.
Otherwise as the "Solomon isn't human..." one above.

Solomon is the split-off mind/soul/personality of Titan.
Titan itself has no mind, right? And yet Octus does. Why would a Princess have to fight like she does? What purpose does being in Titan serve, when it would be easier NOT to be in a colossal bipedal target?

Humans are the descendants of Galalunians.
Or at least their distant cousins, as proof that Lance and Ilana are not only fully identical to humans. But they also have red blood, speak their language, can breathe the planet's air, and ate earth food without any allergic reactions or side effects. The early humans were Galalunian colonists that gotten stranded on Earth, and lived throughout their centuries while forgetting their past.

The finale will have Modula go One-Winged Angel
Modula seems like the kind of guy whose no longer merely a normal Galalunian, he's got powers that dwarf everyone else, such as super speed and Super Strength on top of his psychic control of the Mutradi. Odds are he's somehow become something far more sinister. In the finale he'll go One-Winged Angel to reveal this and fight the Titan himself.

The Titan will get a Mecha Expansion Pack at some point
Ether other Galalunians will arive with their own Mecha or Octus will make them himself and recruit earthlings to use them. The series is based largely on Japanese mecha shows, so this is a given.

In episode Twenty, titled 'The Hero Returns, Lance will not really go back to Galaluna
(This is based summaries from the wikipedia page) Really he has been captured, and someone (maybe a new mutradi monster, but it'd be even better if it was the Shaman or G3) is messing with his mind. The episode will officially end the first season with a nice cliffie when Lance (or at least the audience) discovers that Lance has been captured. Because Lance is kinda necessary for forming Titan, so ending up on Galaluna again isn't an option yet, and this sounds more interesting then him turning around and coming back.

Lance's commander from "Escape From Galaluna" is Baron's father.
They both have pointy nose.

Octus HAS a soul.
A dying child was put into a robot but has no past memories.

Modula isn't being mind controlled.
Modula isn't really being mind controlled, but the Mutradi THINK he is. Perhaps when he was captured, they attempted to brain wash him with the helmet, but Modula was able to strive off the mind control...for now. He wasn't able to fight it off until the initial destruction/conquering of Gallaluna, but regained control shortly after. Being battle smart, he knew he couldn't fight an entire army of Mutradi off by himself, so he decided to send the bigger, stronger ones to Earth to be destroyed by Titan, thus weakening their forces and allowing a counter strike to begin. As for why he keeps killing refugees and resistance fighters, perhaps the hat can gain control again from time to time. It's more of a battle of wills thing, let's say.

The show was based off an episode of Samurai Jack

Episode XLVII. In the ep, A faraway planet is at war. The king sends his son and daughter, Prince Aster and Princess Ravina away from the planet to protect them. He sends his robot aswell. After a quick chase (That also reveals some character similarities, like Aster's(Lance) imagination in battle), the trio decide to land on planet Earth, becasue, aside from the gravity, the two planets are fairly similar. After landing, and getting arrested by Aku, Ravina(Ilana) gives a heart felt speech about why they're there. Then they get imprisoned and Jack shows up, which is where the similarity just about ends (unless Soloman gets up to some stuff). Basically, I'm saying that the storyline and characters are very similar, right down to character design (Asters hair is like Lance's but fluffier, Ravina's clothing looks like something Ilana would wear, and they have the same body types for age.) and fighting technique (Ravina stuck strictly to laser beams, while we see Aster take out at least one robot by jumping on it's back, punching his hand through it's eye and pulling the wires out viciously.) Either Genndy really liked the idea and built on it, or he repressed the memory somewhere and it came back out.

  • It's possible he had been working on Sym-Bionic Titan for some time and merely adapted what he had into an episode for Samurai Jack as a sort of proof of concept. After his later successes with Clone Wars he came back to the show and started work on it in earnest.

The Energy Monster was sent specifically to be a Hero Killer by Modula
Modula interagated the King and has been gather information on the Titan. The energy monster seems to be specifically designed to render them useless. Their powered armor and even the Titan would be vunerable to it. It seems specifcally designed to take it out. And it succeeded by killing Octus.

The Hero Returns in episode 20 refers to Octus
Octus was killed in episode 18 by the Energy Monster. He'll be dead for episode 19, leaving General Steel's mecha (if rumors are right) and G3 to deal with the newest monsters. In episode 20, Octus will be rebuilt and unlike a Super Mode for the Titan.
  • I had a similar theory after watching episode 18. But here's what I think. Octus will be revived by Edward (Lance's father), who will be revealed to be indeed the mysterious gauntlet man from episode 11. What will happen from there, I can't say.

Episode 20 won't leave the series open ended
Sadly, the show has been canceled. However, considering Samurai Jack was cancled before it could end, Genndy might have realized it'd be best not to risk it with this show, or was warned in time, and planned to make episode 20 be able to serve as either a Season Finale or Series Finale. Perhaps Modula decides to take care of Illana personally ( with Octus dead, its his perfect oppertunity) but he'll end up meeting his end at the hands of the Titan or its pilots. Had it continued, Modula would be replaced with a new Big Bad, but if it got canceled (which sadly it was), Modula is defeated and the heroes can return home. Unlikely, yes, but a troper can dream...
  • Maybe Genndy always thought this would happen, and introduced steel so he could kill off modula and still have a big bad for a potential renewal

The show will return... eventually
But not on Cartoon Network, Genndy has reportedly moved on to Sony Pictures Animation. If he really wanted to continue the series Sony has enough money and clout to buy the show and execute a Channel Hop, although it could be some time before we see new episodes, if any at all.
  • Possible. Though its also possible the next few episodes and series finale will attract enough of a draw to warrent CN to revive it.
    • The Venture Bros. is another show that is not automatically renewed at the end of each season. It is possible (however, unlikely) that Cartoon Network wants to see what kind of numbers the finale brings in as well as seeing how re-runs perform before committing to the series any more than it already has.
    • Another theory is that Genndy is fully embracing the Anime style of showrunning and producing shorter series with tighter storylines so he can at least finish a plot before the show gets canceled. Just in case.

Modula is a Mutradi/Gallalunian hybrid
After he was left for dead, the Mutradi saved his life by combining their own DNA with his in an attempt to use him against the Gallaunians, but due to their mostly simple minded nature, his intelligence overwelmed them and made him the Hive King, also granting him his super human powers. Perhaps he'll use this power to go One-Winged Angel in the finale and turn into a mega beast.

Concerning Octus coming back to life
  • As many have theorized, in The Hero Returns, Octus will make a dramatic return to help Lance and Illana in their darkest hour. Here are possible explainations as to how:
    • Lance's father resurrects him: As Edward is believed to be the man Solomon answers to, he'll figure out how to revive Octus, who will then transport them (all of G3) to Galaluna for one massive, epic showdown.
    • Octus had a back-up: This does stray more into Ass Pull territory, but perhaps Octus considered the possibility of himself being "killed" and made sure to create a back up of his memory in his security network back at the house. However, something delays it's activation until the series finale.
    • Octus installed a failsafe into Lance and Illana's armor: Octus was about to say something to Illana about Titan's formation being impossible should he die. What he was about to say was that he managed to encode the formation process into the manus and corus armors, so that the two could still form Titan in his possible absense. This of course, however, may mean he won't come back.

Lance doesn't plan on returning to Galaluna
  • He saw the destruction, he saw that the place is doomed. He's just trying to put up a brave front while trying to give Ilana a chance at a new life in the hope that she'll eventually get used to Earth.

Solomon is a clone of Lance
  • Since this troper isn't entirely partial to the idea that Solomon is Lance in the future, she's decided that Solomon's boss is Lance's father and that he created a clone of Lance in the form of Solomon. Tartakovksy pays special attention to how similarly Solomon and Lance move or fight, usually in Backto Back Badasses moments (like in The Fortress of Deception, when they make EXACTLY THE SAME MOVEMENTS in tandem). You could argue that Solomon only fights like Lance because he may have gone to the military academy, but that doesn't explain by he uses the exact same moves as Lance does without even looking at him. It's doubtful they taught them an exact timed sequence for how to hit people. Lance's father could have taught Solomon those moves – he knew Modula and the King, so he could have easily been to the Academy or maybe even taught there (that's kind of going out on a limb, the last bit). Aside from which, look at the scene in A Family Crisis when Lance and Solomon are sitting in the hallway waiting for the creature. They both sit down in the exact same way and the shot shows a wide-angle view of the two of them, and they're in the exact same position, with their knees up and everything. Look at the shot and just try to say that wasn't intentional.

The last episode will be...
  • A bit rushed, it would seem. Considering how episode 19 ended, they have a lot to clean up in 22 minutes. Either that, or some stuff will be ignored all together, and we'll put together some spankin' Fan Wank.
    • Or it could be a one hour special, never know.
      • It better be.
    • Seems you were right, it was somewhat rushed due to the H.M.E.R being destroyed so easily. It seems like a waste to have it introduced in one episode, decimate a Mutradi and then be destroyed in the next. It seems like there was a lot more intended to be done with it before it got cancled.

When Modula is defeated, he'll be subjected to Cruel Mercy
  • Modula destroyed their lives, ruined their homeworld, and made their lives a living heck. I don't think Lance and Illana are going to be merciful on Modula. What better way to punish someone like Modula than to capture him and bring him back to the home world in chains to pay for his crimes before the surviving people of the planet?

If the series had continued, Steel would've had a Heel–Face Turn and become the Sixth Ranger
  • While the most OBVIOUS idea was that the H.M.E.R and Titan will have a huge fight ending with its destruction, with all the Tokusatsu influences in the show, it'd make more sense that he'd get his butt kicked but they spare him and he becomes an ally. Who knows, maybe the H.M.E.R and the Titan were even intended to combine sometime later on (despite Steel's bosts, the H.M.E.R WAS built with alien tech after all). Anyway, just a thought. And who knows, still might happen in the finale.

The series finale will either be a Bolivian Army Ending or a Flash Forward.
  • The last episode will mostly entail Lance being reunited with his father, who is now leading G3. G3 teams up with Ilana and Lance and using Galalunan tech and possibly recovered Mutradii tech they plan to fight Modula. Lance's father may or may not be able to revive Octus, but either way Ilana, Lance, and G3 make it back to Galaluna for the final showdown with Modula. Take your pick on whether its either going to be a downer Bolivian Army Ending with perhaps a bit of hope or an optimistic ending, where the final battle is mostly skipped over or rushed, but the heroes win complete with a quick "Where are they now?" epilogue.

The ending of Episode 20 was redone when they found out it wasn't going past that
I say this because of the H.M.E.R being curbstomped so easily. episode 19 built it up to be some extremely powerful war machine and everything else did the same. IT utterly demolitioned the first Mutradii it fought and was overall treated as extremely powerful. It being destroyed so easily seems to completely go against all the build up to it. It seems like they intended to do much more with it but because they had to close up that loose end so quickly, they had to have it destroyed and the Titan return to being the only mecha on the block.
  • Really? Because I thought the Hammer was supposed to come off as a poor man's Titan in episode 19. It was really slow, very cumbersome, and didn't have the matter-generation technology of Titan. Heck, even that stomping attack they made a big deal out of was extremely slow-moving compared to Titan's moves. It was mostly able to whale on the Mutradii beast because the thing just stood still. Compared to Titan's agile moves and weapon-generating capabilities, the Hammer looked underwhelming.
  • It wasn't that powerful compared to Titan. All of those shots of all of the expended ammo it used up in its pursuit of More Dakka were probably meant to be a Chekhov's Gun were, in a fight with Titan, it runs out. It uses perhaps a small amount of alien technology, but it is primarily modern day millitary tech that only works because it is such a resource sink.

Was the main character all along.

The leader of G3 is a prototype Octus unit
We catch a few glimpses of him in the last episode. He has the same bulky figure as Octus, but more mechanical; the top of his head has a protrusion which looks very much like Octus. This scene shows how similar they are. He also had a very intimate knowledge of how Octus worked, as well as replacement parts: his limbs were lost in the space station, Lance only recovered the core.
  • Maybe, but both Ilana's and Lance's fathers, General Modula, and even Steel all have nearly that exact same body-type, and would look almost just like that were any of them to don a trenchcoat and hide in silhouette.
  • Alternatively, he may be the same Octus, but from the future!
  • This scene shows his "head" better.

Alternatively, the leader of G3 is the King of Galaluna (with Robot hands)
  • The stature of the stranger fits.
  • The shape of the head doesn't, but stay with me here.
  • One notes that he hasn't shown up in any of Modula's scenes towards the end of the series.
  • When he was held prisoner his hands were entirely encased, he's definitely enough of a badass to rip them off if he thought he had a chance at freedom. Now he has robot hands.
  • Most importantly, he built Octus in the first place, so naturally he'd know how to fix him (and how to build robot hands).

Lance's father is Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap
  • They're both well-respected, very capable scientists. They both mysteriously vanish after stepping into a column of light projected from an unusual machine. They may never be seen again. This also explains Al's unusual taste in fashion: he's Galalunan.

Stuart Snyder must get kicked out of office to bring this show back.

Clover is scared of the Titan
.Which is why he chose to went to New York for food instead of their burg.

Aku is the power behind Modula.
That's the real reason Modula survived...he's just a pawn of one of the evilest beings in the universe.

Patton Oswalt would have made an appearance
Maybe as a rival for Octus at School, whatever gets him back.

The Toonami repeats will stir up interest in a revival
Maybe a wrap up movie or a continuation without Genndy's involvement. Granted this might be a becareful what you wish for scenario though...

"Scary Mary" is the grandmother of one of the kids in the high school.
Whether or not she actually talked about what happened before she met her husband is another story, but likely her grandchild knows what really happened and is just playing along.

Barb is a G3 spy.
She was sent to observe the actions of Lance, Ilana, and Octus. She knows Octus is a robot and wants to study his technology and capabilities further, hence her interest in him she disguises as romantic interest. She is able to circumvent every security measure the Lunises put on their house and can overpower Lance, as when she occasionally grabs his arm and he's unable to pull away. She also has very uncanny timing and seems unbothered by anything weird the Lunises are doing. She's pulling Obfuscating Stupidity as your stereotypical sitcom neighbor, and nobody suspects a thing.

Season 2 will eventually be made into a comic book by IDW Publishing.

Now that the show is on Netflix, a second season will finally be released
I mean, it worked for Arrested Development...

The mysterious figure that brings Octus back to life is not Lance's father.
He's Hoss Delgado.

He's fat, he has long hair, he has at least one robotic limb, and as per Underfist vs. the Astro-vampires (which is canon, since it's seen in the credits of the Halloween special), he's been to space. It's not unlikely that he got tangled up with the Mutraddi on one of his ridiculous adventures.

This universe takes place in the same one as Samurai Jack.
An obvious WMG to make. It takes place 2000 years after S5 of Samurai Jack. Borrowing from a theory above, the people of Galaluna used to be called humans and either borrowed alien tech or just grew advanced enough to be able to use it.

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