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Just as Time Squad has a page filled with Ho Yay moments, it also has a page filled with Getting Crap Past the Radar moments as well (though there is overlap between the two, and what's listed here is just a sampling of what this show got away with).

  • In the first episode (and mentioned in passing on the last episode), Sister Thornly catches Otto reading in the closet and punished him for it with loads of chores. While this scene is played out very seriously, it gives out ironic allegories on a kid being caught reading dirty magazines although what Otto was actually reading was history books.
  • "The Prime Minister Wears No Clothes" has a kid show episode focus on nudity as a central theme, which is something not many other kids shows focus on although a lot of the nudity in this episode is censored
    • Larry's home videos of Tuddrussel, which he filmed without Tuddrussel's knowledge or consent features a video of Tuddrussel singing in the bathroom with just a towel on. Before Tuddrussel gets infuriated over seeing this clip and tear down the movie screen, the audience unexpectedly gets to see Tuddrussel's butt uncensored for a split second.
    • Also, Winston Churchill's butt could also be seen in several segments although the upper half of it is mostly shown.
    • Tuddrussel even gets away with saying "skinny dipping" when Larry and Churchill do it in the English channel river.
  • At the beginning of “Pasteur Packs A Punch” Larry gets electrocuted after attempting to fix a fuse box and this causes him to malfunction and display erratic behavior. One such side of behavior has him acting like he is drunk with pink eyes and slurry speech.
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  • In "Ex Marks The Spot", Larry gives off Did You Just Have Sex? vibes while cooking a turkey, which he proceeds to shove a funnel into, overfill it with gravy and then add a cherry on top only for it to sink into the turkey. This along with Larry's explanation on why he is acting nice towards Tuddrussel while finishing it with "you will understand when you're older" towards Otto gives off the implication that Larry had sex the night before and that it was shockingly with Tuddrussel.
  • Also in the same episode, the name of the restaurant that Sheila and Tuddrussel go to is called the "La petite oui-oui". English speakers may recall what the word "oui-oui" is another word (a bit babyish one) for the penis.
  • Larry, in general, has been referred to as a “sissy” more than once in many episodes. This word has been used in reference to gay men but is also seen by many people as a word to describe wimpy and childish people. Given how Larry’s Camp Gay behavior and rampant Ho Yay are made obvious in the show, the writers most likely knew that they could not get away with saying the word “gay” to describe Larry in a kids show and decided that “sissy” would be the most subtle word they can use to describe Larry’s sexuality in the show without causing controversy. That word has been used in this way in episodes such as “Black Beard Warm Heart”.
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  • "Eli Whitney's Flesh-Eating Mistake" and season two's "Pasteur Packs O'Punch" had Larry acting drunk and both of those times, the "drunken" Larry has muttered something about wanting to drive or being okay to drive despite being under the influence [and the obvious fact that the Time Squad doesn't have a car];
  • “Tea Time For Time Squad” treats coffee like a G-Rated Drug as when Otto decides to serve it at Samuel Adam’s tea party, Adams and the other guest almost instantaneously turn from sophisticated effeminate gentlemen to uncivilized rude punks and they start guzzling the coffee down like beer before deciding to trash the Boston harbor and dump the tea into the ocean.
  • "Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag," Betsy Ross and George Washington's army all have red-rimmed eyes and act like stoners. On top of that, there was a strange, white cloud around the "Magical Farm Place Farm" and they gave Tuddrussel some of their special brownies).
  • Even a couple of the titles were iffy, particularly "To Hail With Caesar" (try affecting a Southern accent and saying it out loud) and "Big Al's Big Secret" (which comes from watching too much South Park).

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