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  • In the "Shaman of Fear", Lance and Ilana overcome the villain's Mind Rape, then proceed to own him with a spear.
  • The whole driving test sequence in "Roar of the White Dragon" where Lance tries to earn a driving license while furiously racing against his rival and avoiding the destruction caused by a giant monster! Best of all is he actually *gets the license!*
  • Lance's race against Chan. When he gets forced off the track by one of Chan's goons, he gets back in by grinding off a fucking crane.
    Chan: Dang, bro. Big Mama givin' little baby driving lessons?
    Driving Instructor: Who you callin' big, you spiked-haired, toy-car-drivin' punk? Get your butt outta here before I slap that cheap paint job right off!
    (Chan, surprised, sheepishly backs off)
  • Anyone who does anything in episode 11.
    • Lance: even when woken up by several armed men, he still manages to take out at least five of them before they capture him. Manages to break his binds in the interrogation room and proceeds to take out a good, what, 50 Mooks? At least. And when he gets his armor back, takes out or incapacitates dozens of armed G3 men.
    • Ilana: did anyone else notice that she fought hand-to-hand with armed G3 men? Sweet holy moly!
    • Kane/Solomon: Him and Lance fighting in tandem. And the way he manages to trick Lance and Ilana into trusting him and getting them to turn into Titan, just as he wanted.
    • Octus: everything which he does starting from when the army breaks into the house. Dashing at super speed, taking out dozens of enemies, and not saying a single word.
    • The Octus vs. Solomon fight. It's one for Octus because after one exchange, Solomon(!) realizes that his only chance is to run away, and a CMOA for Solomon because he (1) realizes it and (2) gets away.
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  • Lance's Parkour routine in the second episode when he chases after a bus Ilana's riding.
  • Everything in "Escape from Galaluna". Everything that's not tragic and heartwarming and even some stuff that is. The animation alone is just beautiful. It looks like a feature film!
    • The duel between Lance and the traitor. Ending with Lance recovering his sword, blocking his enemy's slash with a rock, and then impaling him through the gut, sending him falling to his Disney Villain Death.
    • Ilana's former body guard, Hobbes, blasting away at enemies.
    • Ilana driving a freaking tank and blasting away at enemies.
    • The King fighting alongside his soldiers. When his gun is shot out of his grip, a soldier gives him a bigger BFG and he goes full-auto on the invading troops.
  • H.M.E.R.'s first battle, machine guns, leg drops, and all.


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