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The girls demonstrate how not to drink hot chocolate.

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  • In general, Clover's Imagine Spots appearing after her arguments with Mandy.

    Season 1 
  • In "A Thing For Musicians" - everytime someone mentions the "Aquattie", Alex asks "A-Whattie?"
  • In "Get Away" the girls parachute back into Hawaii after leaving it to check some details of volcanic activity on the island with a WOOHP lab in Iceland. Sam and Alex manage to get their chutes stowed and start investigating the area, while Clover flails around under her chute behind them.
  • Mandy says that she'll be winning the costume contest over the girls in "Stuck In The Middle Ages With You" leading to the following exchange.
    Clover: (scoffs) Not with that costume you won't.
    Mandy: Excuse me?! What costume?
    Clover: Oh? Aren't you dressed as a wannabee teen queen today? Or were they having a sale on 'so two years ago' at the mall?
    (Mandy gets an angry look on her face and we see a shot of Clover and Mandy playing a game and Clover winning a point over Mandy.)
    • The evil guy tries to kiss Clover and declares she'll become his queen and Clover acts repulsed saying "Ew! Okay, now you're starting to get all kinds of creepy!"
  • Sam acting like a kid in "Child's Play" after she falls victim to one of Vladimir's toys.
  • From "The Fugitives":
  • Near the end of the episode "Abductions", the girls must disable the Ambassador's mind transmitting machine before his son's head explodes. Clover just stands around, Sam presses the off button after her attempt at pulling a switch proves unsuccessful and Alex just starts jumping on the kid's grossly enlarged head.
  • From the episode "Silicon Valley Girls," the last of these is not like the others.
  • "Passion Patties" has quite a few.
    • Just the overall concept of a Valley Girl like Clover gaining more than 300 extra pounds in one day and not even caring. Most girls like her would freak out. Even funnier when she continues to stuff her face without care.
    • Jerry orders the girls to send in as many cookies as they can for further investigating.
    • Clover having difficulty putting her seat belt on over her newly fattened body; after succeeding she rubs her stomach with a content smile on her face... until her butt sinks into the cushion she was sitting on.
    • The now obese Clover getting stuck in the mini-train at the cookie factory, forcing Sam and Alex to push her out and make her hit the ground with a thud.
    • The girls taking out some guards at the cookie factory by rolling the fattened-up Clover down the stairs.
    • Clover abandoning her mission to search for cookies, going around repeating "Must find cookies!"
    • "It's not 'yummy', it's Death by Cookie!"
    • Clover putting her body to good use in a sumo match against one of the mooks.
  • In the beginning of "Soul Collector", Clover cheers Sam up with sold out tickets to a concert. When Sam asks how it happened, Clover says it was perfectly easy:
    Clover: The manager of the arena has a cousin, who lives next door to a guy, whose best friends with a man who married a childhood classmate of the mother of a guy I know from the football team. I just flirted with him and he got the tickets for me!
    Sam: Wow, I guess it really is "who you know"...
  • In "The Iceman Cometh", when Jerry briefs the girls on their mission and gadgets.
    Jerry: And you'll also be needing these. Steel Reinforced Polo-tech Para-umbrellas. Thermodynamic Cold-Sensitive Temperature Bracelet. Precision Lip Balm Lasers, cherry-flavour. And these AWFUL Boots.
    Clover: No kidding! Fur is so last year! Plus, I don't think they'll match my earmuffs.
    Jerry: AWFUL, A-W-F-U-L. All-Weather Fleece Ultra Light Boots. AWFUL. (Presses a button on the boots that enables a pair of skates)
    Alex: Cool! Skates!
    (Jerry enables the boots' skateboards)
    Clover: Awesome! I'll get new earmuffs.

    Season 2 
  • In "I Want My Mummy":
    • Clover's over-the-top Imagine Spot of her chucking a car at Mandy.
    • The girls get WOOHPed through a shed.
    Clover: Couldn’t you point at that shed a little sooner, Alex?!
    Jerry: Oh! Excellent! Right on shedule for your latest mission. Get it? E-heh, “shedule”?
    Jerry: Yes, unfortunately we get it, Jerry.
    • Alex's "Easter Bunny" dialogue when the girls are briefed, which is too funny to spoil! The other girls' reactions also settle it.
      Sam: We're spies, we deal in fact, not chasing after missing Easter Bunnies.
      Alex: Yeah, right. Wait, the Easter Bunny's missing?
      (Cuts to Clover and Sam staring, Sam blinks.)
      Alex: Hehe. (Flaps hand) Just kidding, guys. I know the Easter Bunny is tucked away safe in his little toadstool house up in fjords of British Columbia.
      (Cuts to Clover and Sam Sweat Droping)
      Jerry: And on that illuminating note, if you girls will follow me, I'll give you your gadgets.
    • The girls are given a super-powered shovel for one of their missions. The minute Clover turns it on it spins out of control and out into the desert. Turns into a Brick Joke when the shovel actually comes back during the fight with the Big Bad, and Clover actually greets it with "hello, old friend!" After the shovel's done its duty, Clover lets it go free again, saying "be free, old friend!"
  • At the end of "Green with N.V.", Sam and Alex discourage Clover from using their special bottle of "Possession" cologne on David, the guy that all three were interested in taking to a dance but had already been invited by Mandy. Using it on Jerry so that he'd accompany them to said dance, on the other hand, they're completely on board with.
  • "Mommies Dearest":
    • Jerry accidentally WOOHPs himself while trying to WOOHP the girls away. The girls have a look of fear on their faces as they await the inevitable WOOHPing, only for the floor to open up under Jerry instead. And then Sam proceeds to suggest raiding his gadget supply closet.
    Clover: Okay, this day just keeps getting stranger by the second.
    • The girls later call Jerry for help while he's visiting his mother, who thinks he's a hotel manager.
    Mother: Were you talking to your wallet, Jerry?
    Jerry: (frantically) No, I told you, only one mint per pillow!
  • In "Nature Nightmare", the girls "drink" hot chocolate... by pouring the powder directly down their mouths. After the above pictured moment where it ends up getting all over their faces, Clover cries that she wants to go home. Also noteworthy is that Clover and Alex talk with powder all over their mouths during the next scene (Sam simply just brushes it off with her hand).
  • In "Matchmaker":
    • Clover is undercover to look into Glittery Snit jewelry store for her mission when Eugene's giant of a mother appears. Eugene looks terrified and Clover backs up in alarm when the woman glares at her. She then screams at Clover "Buy something or get out!" Clover replies "Yes sir!" and then runs out screaming.
    • Clover later gets Eugene's mother to punish him at the end and in reply Eugene lets out a Big "NO!".
  • "Brain Drain":
  • "Starstruck": The billboard of Mandy dressed in a hamburger costume at the end.

    Season 3 
  • The entirety of "Dental? More like Mental!".
    • Clover's Imagine Spot of a garbage truck dumping its contents on Mandy.
    • The memory of Alex chomping down on the dentist's fingers.
    • How did Clover figure out that they were in Dustin Cruise's apartment? An online celebrity news magazine, in which Clover herself admits is illegal.
    • The plane narrowing missing a cow, who runs off all frightened.
    • In the end credits interview with Jerry, he remarks on how baffling (to him) it is that Alex is afraid of the dentist, pointing out how she's done things that are way scarier and more dangerous (such as getting between Clover and Mandy). However, when GLADIS informs Jerry that it's time for his own checkup and comes at him with dental tools, Jerry gets freaked out.
  • The entirety of "Evil Valentine's Day".
    • Alex's dream about candy is a mixture of this and utterly adorable.
    • The reveal that the French pool-boy can't even swim.
    • Alex and Clover's failed attempts at wooing the French pool-boy.
    • Jerry actually takes falling out of a plane pretty well!
      Jerry: Wheeee! Cannonball!
    • Myrna falling in love, with herself, thanks to her ring.

    Season 4 
  • Terrence, after breaking out most of the earlier villains in "The Dream Teens", brings them to form an organization he calls "The League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow Spies", and Tim Scam points out that acronym spells "L.A.M.O.S". Terrance, having already made an enormous amount of merchandise, reluctantly keeps the name, and after hearing some terrible revenge plots by the other villains, admits that it's probably appropriate.
  • Totally Busted. In which they use mundane items from the hardware store as replacements for the gadgets they no longer have. Sam picks up a Can opener and says it would be useful for breaking and entering. This can be interpreted as maybe using it to break a window (plausible, but maybe not practical). What sells it is that she says she'll use the can opener to unlock the door. How does one break open a door with a can opener?
  • Sam literally says, "Let me guess, you're going to change everyone into half-human half-dolphins so they will be more respectful of mother nature?" Then the headmaster says "Yes! With my dolphinator! How did you know?" Alex just says,
    "I've been spending so much time around baddies lately that I've learned to finish their sentences."

    Season 5 

    Season 6 
  • The entirety of "The Dusk of Dawn". Highlights include:
    • Alex taking Sam saying that the only way to get her and Clover [to the movies] is to carry them there a little too literally.
    • Alex dressing up to see The Dusk Of Dawn, much to her friends' embarrassment.
    • The reveal that Alex had been sitting in a seat so many times in a row, it's molded to fit her shape. Clover and Sam are understandably disgusted.
    • The movie characters' Fish out of Water moments in Beverly Hills.
    • Sam's would-be bad-boyfriend freaking out and jumping in her arms... over a mouse!
    • Clover annoying the other moviegoers with her snoring, much to the amusement of Sam and Alex.


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