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Nightmare Fuel / Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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The Nightmare Fuel page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Josee's outbursts of anger, especially towards Jacques, can range from funny to incredibly disturbing. Her and Jacques "smiles" tend to be rather unnerving as well, especially whenever they are shown running towards the camera with those wide grins still plastered on their faces.
  • Laurie's swelled up face during "Brazilian Pain Forest" is hard to look at.
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  • Emma nearly falling to her death in "Hello and Dubai".
  • Ennui and Crimson's new hyper-Goth outfits in "I Love Ridonc n Roll" are absolutely terrifying. Don, who has been creeped out by the Goths all season, says he'll have nightmares about their outfits.
  • Dwayne and Junior (who is only 13) getting separated in "My Way or Zimbabwe". While Junior hardly minds being without his father, Dwayne is reasonably horrified and spends most of the episode desperately trying to find his son. Considering that he was told that Junior could've been eaten by a lion...
    • During his search, Dwayne encounters the Ice Dancers who are driving a jeep. He tells them that his son is more important than a "dumb gold medal", which angers them and they attempt to run him over. Luckily, Dwayne managed to dodge them, but what would've happened if the Ice Dancers ended up murdering him? And as for Junior, how would the poor teen cope when he finds out that his father (who he considered an embarrassment before) is dead?
  • Kitty getting trapped in a hole in the rocks during "Bahamarama". She only had limited oxygen and was forced to ditch her air in order to escape. Emma had a very good reason to freak out as she could have heard her sister drown.


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