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Tear Jerker / Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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The Tearjerker page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Brody being disappointed in himself for his poor performance in the Calanque de Maubois Botch or Watch, and him and Geoff accepting their seemingly inevitable elimination. Fortunately, they survived the leg.
  • Laurie & Miles going through a complete breakdown over being forced to eat meat for a challenge.
    • On that note, we also have Laurie & Miles' elimination. While most of the teams thus far had mostly positive things to say about their experiences, they were the first to seem truly upset about their elimination.
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    • Followed by the beginning of the next episode, in which Don implies they've been captured by cannibals.the joke explained 
  • Stephanie bullying Ryan through the gymnastics Botch or Watch in Transylvania, especially when contrasted with Jen's encouraging comments to Tom, who was struggling just as much. Until the following episode in Hawaii, Ryan gets fed up on her and decides to break up due to her 'over-competitive' attitude.
  • Crimson & Ennui losing their confidence after they lose their goth makeup in Finland. Fortunately, they recover shortly afterward.
  • Mickey repeatedly failing the air guitar challenge due to his stage fright. It ultimately gets him and Jay eliminated.
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  • During the "The Shawshank Ridonc-tion", after getting first, Devin manage to call his girlfriend Shelly . Unfortunately, since he couldn't get to call her phone he call her tennis instructor, which he soon realize that she dumped him and dating the tennis instructor instead. This causes him to break into tears after that. It gets worse in those couple of episodes later.
  • After Ennui thinks he lost his pet rabbit, Loki, he reveals in the Confession Cam that when he was a kid his parents gave him a black kitten for Christmas that he named "Toxic Mold", but the kitten ran out the back door and he never saw it again. Its pretty depressing, especially since up until this point the Goths were typically The Stoic and rarely showed any emotion, but it was clear Ennui was afraid history was repeating itself with his new pet. Leads to a Heartwarming moment when Crimson insists they stop competing until they find Loki.
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  • It's heartbreaking to see Brody about to cry when he and Geoff get eliminated.
  • In "How Deep Is Your Love", MacArthur rushes the challenge by miscalculating in lowering Sanders down the hole to retrieve a ball, causing Sanders to break her arm. MacArthur gets very torn up and remorseful about it.
  • It's hard not to feel for Kitty feeling so guilty after she accidentally pushes Devin off a cliff while riding an out-of-control emu, injuring Devin seriously enough to force The Best Friends out of the competition.
  • While it's also kinda funny there's Don crying over his snowman friend Chilly Billy after Josee destroys it out of anger for coming second place. Doesn't help that she laughs after she's done.


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