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     None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 
  • Tom and Jen describing the "Fashion Faux Pas" of the day being overalls in the elevator, where behind them a janitor hears everything and the next time we see them they have a mop and bucket on their heads.
  • Sanders gets exhausted from climbing the stairs so MacArthur carries her the rest of the way.
    Sanders: Thighs on fire. So...queasy.
    MacArthur: So you're one of those skinny-fat people who can't climb ten flights of stairs without spewing chunks huh? What do you do? Yoga?
  • Leonard actually managing to weird out Owen while they wait for the elevator.
  • Owen eats too many beans before getting on the elevator, and farts a lot once he's inside. The other teams are shocked and disgusted, but Noah just stands there stonefaced while the fumes fill the elevator.
  • The Vegans on the sky walk
    Laurie: We're doing this for you Mother Earth! DON'T KILL US!!
  • Don's description of the zipline.
    Don:The zipline was tested by our intern, Andrew. [shot of a hat floating in the water] Condolences again to his family.
  • Noah nearly being blown off the sky walk because of his scrawny build. It forces Owen to hold onto him like a kite.
    • in their confessional right after, the two look half shocked to death and their hair spiked to the side from the wind.
    Noah: Maybe doing this show wasn't such a good idea.
    Owen: ..."Maybe"?
  • Brody spontaneously injuring his quad once he finishes climbing the stairs, and Geoff's subsequent reaction.
  • MacArthur straight-up refers to Sanders as a liability in the confessional, and just keeps smiling wordlessly when Sanders calls her out on it.

     None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2 
  • Leonard and Tammy's attempts to make an alliance.
  • During a taxi ride in Morocco, Owen shows off his teddy bear that keeps him calm during flights while Noah silently stares at the camera.
  • MacArthur stops Sanders yelling at the Spice merchant by explaining he speaks a different language, before yelling at him herself.
  • Dwayne chugs a super-spicy bowl of Moroccan stew, but when the aftereffects kick in...
  • Owen has difficulty picking the correct spices, and this happens.
    Owen (Confessional): Picking spices wasn't easy. But I didn't panic!
    Owen: WHY DO YOU ALL LOOK THE SAME? (Screams and runs away)

     French is an Eiffel Language 
  • Don has the second flight out of Morocco covered in sad-face stickers, solely because he thinks it's funny.
  • The first flight's teams come rushing out from the door. Within that split second, they slam the door on a flight attendant.
  • As the teams board the taxis, the one with Owen and Noah sinks to the right due to Owen's weight.
  • Many of the caricatures:
    • Noah's caricature of Owen eating the Eiffel Tower.
    • Lorenzo's caricature of Chet as a bag of garbage, which is funny enough, but the kicker is his and Chet's expressions when he presents it to the task judge.
    • Taylor's caricature of Kelly as the Bride of Frankenstein. Made even funnier when Kelly ask if she could keep it so she can show her surgeon.
    • Kitty's caricature of Emma with devil horns, fangs and pouting with a storm cloud over her head. Kitty's shrug sells it.
    • Junior's caricature of Dwayne rambling about something.
  • Noah's explanation of the Owen Stink-O-Meter.
  • Crimson and Ennui like the Catacombs.
    Ennui: This place could be an amusement park or a camp for kids.
  • In the Catacombs, Jen and Tom get scared of an ominous shadow and run away screaming—after Tom drops a bag, he runs back to get it. And the ominous shadow turned out to be a small rat.
  • Owen bemoaning that he has no self-control when it comes to eating, crying about how he's like a dog. Noah responds by hitting him with a newspaper and going "Bad partner! Bad! Bad!", causing Owen to actually whimper like a dog. Extra Fridge Funny when you remember Noah mentioned having a pet dog in World Tour.
  • Don's description of the Louvre.
    Don: The Louvre: home to many paintings I was asked to stop touching.
  • When Jen dives into the water, a frog appears on top of her head, wearing her sunglasses. When they check in, the frog is still on her head.

     Mediterranean Homesick Blues 
  • Stephanie making a totally love sick comment about how, if a shark ate Ryan, she would then eat that shark.
  • Dwayne recalling a story when he was trying to fix Junior's bike with a Swedish chain. When he was done, both wheels were gone.

     Bjorken Telephone 
  • Dwayne not realizing he called the swan girl beautiful, and then he fumbles up the Iceland phrase and complains that he was distracted by the swan dress. Junior gets fed up of his dad's many mistakes that he covers his mouth and says the phrase.
    • There's also Dwayne somehow managing to say something offensive in Icelandic, which earns him a slap to the face from the swan girl. In the confessional, Dwayne admits to his son that he honestly has no idea what he said.
  • As they run to the other side of the geysers, Jen screams so loudly that the screen cracks.
    • How do Tom and Jen pass the Iceland language challenge? They compliment the tip giver's swan dress instead of saying the Iceland phrase.
  • Kitty taking a selfie of a frozen Big Foot—the Big Foot actually smiles.
  • Laurie and Miles trying to take a fossil using symbolic energy instead of using a pickaxe. They're afraid they may actually revive the fossil if they do it too much.
  • Crimson and Ennui ruining Don's attempts to liven up the show.
  • The Goths eating the disgusting feast as if it was nothing, and completely grossing out everyone else at the table, even Owen.
  • "Don't say barf."
  • Crimson & Ennui's celebration at the end of the leg.
    Crimson: [briefly looks down] You just did.
  • Laurie gives Don a brutal beating upon learning that she was tricked into eating meat in a non-elimination round. It's just dark comedy at his finest when you watch it.

     Brazilian Pain Forest 
  • Owen's fear of flying comes to light for taking a flight on an army plane note . During his flashback, he accidentally ate his teddy bear...and barfed it on Noah.
    Owen: "OH NO! Will you hold me?"
    Noah: "I'd rather-"
    [Owen immediately grabs Noah in panic]]
    Noah: (high-pitched) "NOT!"
  • A cow poops on Taylor.
    Taylor: It pooped on my boots! I'm quitting! [kicks a goat and walks away]
    Kelly: ...You stay, I'll buy you a car.
    Taylor: [runs back] I'll stay. [goat rams her back]
  • Mickey and Jay completely fail at high-fiving each other.
  • MacArthur is cocky going into the bullet ant Botch or Watch, even taunting the ants. But as soon as she actually does the challenge...
  • Ennui's hand gets bitten by ants (which makes his hand super swollen).
    Ennui (monotone): Ow
    Crimson: Don't be so dramatic.
  • Taylor getting the ticket out of the lethal ant-filled glove by simply blowing into it.
  • In three seconds, Owen jumps out from the vine and crushes Noah.
  • Josee unintentionally gives a lot of the teams their tickets to the next challenge every time she tosses a coconut away, after not finding a ticket on their own. Eventually, she finds one when the coconut hits Jacques on the head.
    (Jacques glares at her)
  • Lorenzo opens a coconut by hitting Chet on the head with it.
    Lorenzo: Guess you are good for something!
    Chet: No I'm not!
  • Crimson & Ennui terrify the task judge with their Carnival outfit (but still get the ticket).
    Crimson: Bright colors are for people who are trying to make up for the fact that they lead sad, monotonous lives.
    Ennui: Yeah
  • When Chet & Lorenzo made their Carnivale outfit, they somehow glued themselves together in the process.
  • While Don explains how to reach the episode's Chill Zone, Geoff & Brody plummet to the ocean below because they didn't hold on to their hang glider tight enough...which Don promptly adds to his spiel.
  • When Owen and Noah are looking to see which coconut contains a travel tip, Owen eats one. Noah's response? "Great, let's wait 8 hours and see if there was a tip inside that one."

     Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket 
  • The Ice Dancers being really happy for being in first place and the first person to get on the bus...only for them to get upset due to the fact that ''EVERY TEAM'' gets on the same bus. Once again Josee throws her usual tantrum while Jacques comments that she'll go to sleep after she's done. Cue to her mumbling in her sleep that she hates this show.
  • The Goths adore the Transylvania setting so much that they go out of their way to enjoy the place, even if they get penalties.
    • Upon arriving at Transylvania, the first six teams are scared out of their wits upon the setting EXCEPT them. Crimson even comments that she likes the place but Ennui warns her that she's showing some 'colors'.
    • While the Ice Dancers have their feud with MacArthur again after Josee purposely push Sanders during a foot race to the next Don box, the Daters arrives first but Ryan wonders where are the Goths since they should have arrived first. Cue to them looking at Dracula's paintings in one of the nearby areas.
    • During the coffin challenge, Crimson changes places in the coffin event just so Ennui can be inside one. Doubles as a really morbid Heartwarming Moments since they knew the risk of getting the penalty.
    Crimson: I know it's against the rules, but this might be your only chance....well, the only one you'll remember.
    • Regardless after reaching sixth, getting slapped by Don's penalty and survives from elimination, they both ''smile''.
  • Josee transports Jacques in the coffin by rolling it end over end. We then see a night-vision shot inside the coffin of Jacques being repeatedly slammed into the camera.
  • Ryan's repeated Amusing Injuries in the gymnastic challenge. Made less funny because of Stephanie's competitive behavior getting in the way.
  • Don introducing the gymnastics Botch or Watch goes like any other rules spiel...until he randomly gets hit in the crotch with a football.
    Don: Do you have any ice?

     Hawaiian Honeyruin 
  • Don's description of Hawaii.
    Don:' Hawaii! Home of beautiful sunshine, ukuleles, and shirts that should only be worn ironically.
  • Don not finding it funny that his Don Box is wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
  • Owen totally failing at charades with Kitty.
  • MacArthur tries farting in the confessional—she accidentally poops herself.
  • The Goths really disliking the abrupt change in settings from dark Romania to sunny Hawaii.
  • The Hawaiian local at Hawaii refusing to let Jay not accept her flower arrangement.
  • Taylor bragging about being a professional swimmer. She falls flat on the water, and she can only do a really slow doggy paddle.
  • After the gymnastic challenge, Noah becoming a complete love wreck whenever Emma is nearby.
    • When Emma pushes them off from the first clue, Owen snarks and warns her to get prepared to get "Noah'd"...cue to Noah looking super love-struck. Upon leaving, Owen thinks he's sick and has to carry him up.
    • Not knowing Emma had already moved up ahead, he fakes drowning in the water to give her a second ring, only for Mickey to rescue him instead. He says he didn't go soft on Mickey for giving him the ring instead...and then he goes on a freaking love tangent when talking about Emma. Until he realize his mistaken and tries to run back to Mickey for the ring back.
    • During the coal walk challenge, Kitty talks to Owen about how they're both grooms but Owen, still thinking Noah's sick tells her that he's about to marry a dead guy. Cue to Kitty telling him about Noah in love with Emma, which he finally gets it.
  • Ryan and Stephanie's argument's in general are pretty funny but this one takes the cake:
    Ryan: Your race rage is out of control, and I'm this close to leaving.
    Stephanie: I'm sorry, what! Race rage?
    Ryan: You're sweet Stephanie, but when things get competitive, you turn into a raging psychotic bull!
    Stephanie: BULLS ARE MALE!
    Ryan: Whatever. She-bull.
  • Chet not only wears the skirt, but he wears a coconut bra without a shirt on, likely just to troll Lorenzo.
  • Rock wears his grass skirt as a hair metal wig.
  • Geoff and Brody's reaction to coming in first.
  • Crimson takes a magic marker to the grass skirt to make it black. When she and Ennui finish the challenge, both of them have marker scribbles all over them.

     Hello and Dubai 
  • Dwayne not minding the fact they're not in the lead, casually reminding Junior how it was his fault their last flight was delayed.
  • The Surfer Dudes being treated properly as first place takers, infuriating the third place takers Ice Dancers who had complained about not being treated as such before all the times they took first place.
  • Noah getting crushed by Owen due to the latter's fear of flying and wanting a replacement for the teddy bear he ate and barfed.
    Noah: The seat belt sign is on, but why bother. [reveals Owen sitting on him]
  • Later on...
    Noah: (after Owen farts) I'm gonna hang in the toilet where it smells better.
  • Mickey suffering both a nosebleed and an ear infection as a result of the plane's altitude... before Taylor reminds them the plane's still on the ground.
    Mickey: H-h-how much longer is this flight?!
    Taylor: We're still on the ground, you babies!
    [the camera then zooms out to show the plane hasn't even left the ground]
  • Junior's response to Dwayne stating his interest in forming an alliance with Kelly and Taylor.
    Junior: Have you met them?!
  • Kelly relating all of the stories of when she raised Taylor to Dwayne...which lasts almost the entire flight, until Dwayne finds out she was telling stories when she was 10 and the drama started at 12. It almost makes his insensitive response about Taylor's "rotten" upbringing at the end seem intentional to get away from them.
  • Junior's smugness after Dwayne realizes that teaming up with them is a horrible idea as both Taylor and Kelly doesn't suit with each other.
  • The fact the Tennis Robot resembles a Dalek. As well as the fact that Junior's the only contestant to find the tennis ball machine is cool.
  • The second flight comes with all the teams picking the next clue and decide which challenge to pick...
    Taylor: Serve or Squeegee?
    [Cut to Emma and Kitty hanging from the platform several hundred feet above them and screaming]
    Most of the Second Flight Teams: SERVE!
  • Taylor bragging about her "achievements" in tennis...
    Taylor: I won like, a bugillion tennis trophie-
    Taylor: You ruin my life!
  • Owen using himself as a window cleaner. It is also very much Squick.
    • It's easy to miss, but Noah's face while he's clinging onto Owen's back. He looks a mix of incredibly disturbed, disgusted, and scared out of his life.
  • At the Chill Zone, among the golden items, there are golden posters and statues of Chris McLean. Naturally, Noah gets a nice bit of snark at this. Emma's overdone laugh and admisson afterwords she didn't get it are icing on the cake.
    Noah: Didn't know they had a dollar store.
  • The Ice Dancers get even more enraged after finishing in fourth place behind the Adversity Twins. Josee tears up the shop in a rage during their confesssion.
  • Kelly's ultimatum to Taylor is fixed by learning that they could have been shopping at the golden mall instead of arguing. Of course this causes them to get eliminated when both of them decide to go shopping before stepping onto the Chill Zone. Funny thing is after their last confession cam, Taylor asks her to double her allowances which cues to a Big "WHAT?!" when Kelly decides to cut her allowances instead.

     New Beijinging 
  • Don mentioning Beijing's gigantic population (and possibly making fun of the show's limited animation and character models).
    Don: Home to 25 million people. Oddly enough, we see none of them!
  • During the small taxi sequence, Owen is left behind.
  • Rock asks Carrie if she is going to make a move on Devin...'s peanut bag. She takes it the other way around about her crush.
  • Dwayne tries to make Junior look bad by saying he had a long potty break and didn't eat vegetables to stay healthy. In truth, it was Dwayne.
  • The first bus to arrive smashes into the Don Box, causing it to spray clues all over the ground.
  • Josee straight out refers to herself and Jacques as goddesses while also injuring his face with the sharp lava rock charm.
  • Rock explains how Choco Oinks will motivate Spud in doing the challenge. He grabs one, and Spud bites Rock's hand.
  • Kitty tricking Emma into admitting that she likes Noah in the confessional.
  • Josee cracks up after Jacques crashed his face through a donkey banner through its butt and he still has the frame stuck in the confessional.
    Josee: That's Jacques for you. Always trailing behind. But still, he's an asset to the team.
  • Devin says he enjoyed the fall in a parachute with Carrie, whereas Shelly probably would've bailed out. Carrie then makes Devin look the other way to overly celebrate silently and rub it in on Shelly.
  • The worms being strong enough to pull Mickey into their box—take into consideration how they don't even have arms.
  • Carrie avoids trying to eat the disgusting skewered animals due to her weak stomach. Unfortunately for Devin, even mentioning the worms is enough to make her vomit endlessly.
  • Dwayne gets a ton of Amusing Injuries out of trying picking one scorpion quickly.
  • One of said scorpions falls on Jacques' face. Josee gingerly starts punching his face and failing to crush the scorpion.
  • Owen whispers to Emma about Noah's crush on her.
    Owen: Psst. Noah likes you.
    Emma: Psst. I don't care.
    [Cut to Emma and Kitty in the confessional. Emma is slumping forward in shame.]
    Kitty: Whyyy?!
    • Made even funnier when right before this, Owen advised Noah to approach Emma with "subtlety" because women like that in men, and immediately afterwards Owen just bluntly tells Emma Noah likes her.
  • Spud tries to skewer a starfish's arms. The starfish sluggish arm movements are not slow enough to get skewered.

     I Love Rindonc and Roll 
  • When Don introduces Finland as the next destination, his towel falls off, leaving him completely naked in the sauna.
  • Spud invites the last teams to ride in the same taxi ride after failing to get rides for themselves, much to Rock's dismay.
  • Kitty drenches herself in Owen's sweat in the bathhouse, thinking it was water and her freakout reaction to discover this.
  • Spud's lesson on dares:
    Spud: There's a lesson I've learned again and again: If it sounds like a bad idea, looks like a bad idea, and requires a dare to do it, it's gonna be craaazy!
  • The Goths gasp when their makeup starts to melt in a sauna, and they freak out when they see each other without their goth makeup for the first time, even after three years of dating.
    • Devin and Carrie compliment Crimson's natural appearance. She doesn't know how to respond to those positive thoughts.
    • When they are about to quit the race, and just when they decided to accept each other without makeup...they find a Goth Shop.
    • After they arrive with new and even more shocking outfits, all the others get shocked, with Owen quickly greeting them.
      Owen: Oh, there you guys are! You won't believe the super cute preppy couple who said they were you.
  • MacArthur's reaction to seeing Spud light a fart during the air guitar challenge.
    MacArthur: We're allowed to fart? Why didn't anyone tell me?!
  • Spud's farting helps a fan light up a marshmallow. The second time, MacArthur's fart burns a fan's hair.

     My Way or Zimbabwe 
  • Don makes fun of America's Niagara Falls with the double-in-height Victoria Falls.
  • Spud continuously forgets they were in first place throughout the whole episode.
  • MacArthur over doing her reaction to how the Daters are close to reaching insanity.
  • The Ice Dancers take a long detour back to Hawaii to get rid of the Bad Luck Charm Josee got. Jacques then proposes to make a ritual to stay safe.
  • Dwayne getting negative reactions for trying to have selfie-taking dummies do their challenge.
  • The flight captain listening to the Ice Dancers' demands.
    Flight Captain: You're not allowed in here!
    Josee: [smugly] Ah, do you know who we are?
    Flight Captain: [smugly grins] Aren't you those figure skaters who lost the gold at the Olympics?
    Jacques: [Beat]...JUST FLY FASTER!!!
  • Everyone screaming when taking a selfie while falling down the Victoria Falls...except for the Goths with Ennui boringly saying weeeee and Crimson just saying a deadpan whatever.
  • MacArthur thinking that dog rules work on rhinos. She then rubs it on the rhino that was chasing her for tiring out for running 45 minutes straight.
  • Stephanie's attitude scares a rhino to stay in place.
  • A lost Dwayne incurs the wrath of both Ice Dancers after saying, "Who cares about a dumb gold medal?" Let it be known Jacques, unlike Josee, didn't want to run him over until he said it.
  • Junior kisses the rhino for his picture and afterwards he tells Devin he pretended it was Carrie.
  • Geoff's hat didn't fall during the Victoria Falls task because it was literally glued to head.

     The Shawshank Ridonc-tion 
  • MacArthur heavily insisting on using the boomerang ticket on the Ice Dancers.
  • The team that finishes first gets a free phone call.
    Junior: We can call Mom!
    Dwayne: Or better yet. Order a pizza. Heh heh!
    Junior: [angrily points at the camera]
    Dwayne: [fumbles nervously]
  • Devin goes crazy with excitement while ordering the taxi driver to pass the cars and put on "fitting" race music.
  • While Sanders wants to call her sick grandmother, MacArthur wants to call her pet cat instead.
  • MacArthur attacks one of the cops supposed to handcuff them for the challenge. The Cadets end up behind bars, though MacArthur fought one off so much that he cried.
  • During the montage of teams getting put into jail for the escape task, most of the teams look unhappy and stone-faced behind bars. However, Rock and Spud are cheerfully air-guitaring as usual.
  • Owen does number 2 on the toilet and freaks out Noah. Later on, it turns out their trapdoor is through the sewer...and the Sisters share the passage as well.
    Emma: Number 1 or number 2?
    Owen: 2! But it had the consistency of...
    Stepbrothers (farther up ahead): Number 1!
  • When the Ice Dancers force MacArthur to say "Ice Dancing is the best sport in the world", she does it in the most sickeningly sweet yet sarcastic way possible.
  • The Cadets and the Ice Dancers end up in a Mexican Standoff with both teams defending themselves with the boomerangs. As expected, both end up repeating the previous challenge.
  • Devin gets to call Shelley back home after some repeated calls. Shelley's tennis coach picks it up instead, though Devin is unfazed by this strange occurrence. While Devin keeps talking on the phone, Don knows how the call would go and casts an Aside Glance to the audience.

     Down and Outback 
  • Don putting a paper bag with a happy Devin photo on Devin after he became a crying mess when Shelly dumped him.
  • Chet putting a tattoo of his face on Lorenzo's chest, instead of putting Lorenzo's.
  • Brody declaring the rescue mission on the barn. Everyone rushes in excitedly and destroys the crops, with Brody smashing two in front of the exasperated barn owner.
  • Many of the bunnies can be seen doing stuff, some of them being confused as to casting an Aside Glance to the contestants.
  • Ennui being the target of bunnies' affection, much to his blank dismay.
  • The Stepbrothers utterly failing at recognizing an albino rabbit for a rabid kangaroo.
  • Rock's broken ankles getting more injured with Spud's unhelpful twists.
    Spud: Oh, I know...I don't know what I'm doing!
  • Devin going through the seven stages of heartbreak and holding two bunnies as ear muffs from hearing Carrie say the truth.
  • MacArthur chasing after a fake albino rabbit.
    MacArthur: YOUR CROP-DESTROYING DAYS ARE OVER!!! [destroying said crops with a motor tractor]
  • Owen using his farts to tranquilize bunnies.
  • The Goths after giving the farmer the rabbits
    Ennui: They're like a plague. A happy, hopping wave of famine ... and ... death. [turns around and spots a black bunny peeking out from the bag. Ennui's eyes slightly widen.]
  • The Goths adopting the Black Bunny, complete with a goth makeover and the bunny now wearing a scowl.
  • The Daters complaining that they haven't caught more than two bunnies for a long time...until Ryan takes a peek inside their bag and he and Stephanie notice that one of the bunnies gave birth to a litter of eight, with the male bunny is even seen blushing and snickering.
  • Don congratulating Josee and Jacques on skill and good sportsmanship.
    Ice Dancers: What?
    Don: Kidding. Your win is highly suspect. I just don't care enough to look into it.
  • MacArthur using herself as a living carrot bait to catch over 20 bunnies for the Cadets and the Surfer Dudes.
  • In the confessional, Noah silently quits and walks away on Owen after the latter happily comments on farting inside the airplane.

     Maori or Less 
  • The Ice Dancers from the departing train boasting at the Father & Son team, until an iron beam smacks them shut.
  • Dwayne stupidly runs into an iron beam while Junior gets a magazine in how to tolerate a Bumbling Dad.
  • Emma and Noah's little love escapades ironically getting on Kitty's nerves.
  • Devin going absolutely bonkers, even scaring the task givers into letting them continue.
  • Dwayne gets a tattoo to appear cool to Junior, until Junior realizes it's for women.
    Don: Who's next to go? Will it be Mother & Son?
    Dwayne: Hey!

     Little Bull on the Prairie 
  • Devin reaching stage three: Desperation.
  • Father & Son isn't taken seriously due to Dwayne's girly chin Embarrassing Tattoo.
  • Noah's utter depressive state after getting dumped by Emma.
  • Dwayne and Junior watching a clip of Pahkitew Island on their second flight.
  • MacArthur not letting the Ice Dancers screw them up even when getting a flat tire. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Owen's poor driving running over animals on the road. It culminates with him and the depressed Noah sharing the confessional with a bunch of barn animals.
  • Ryan's many silent aside glances whenever Stephanie's bean spoonfuls smack his face.
  • MacArthur's reaction to the bean eating challenge:
    MacArthur: A disgusting amount of pork and beans? FOR FREE?! [hogs it all for herself]
  • You know what you get when Owen and beans are mixed together: a fart nuke that destroys windows.
    MacArthur: [impressed, while Sanders is wearing a gas mask] MAN! Can that guy airbrush his boxers?!
  • Crimson riding the mechanical bull...while simply sitting aside without much trouble.
    Crimson: Riding a mechanical bull is way easier than real bulls.
    [Ennui and Loki stare at her]
    Crimson: I don't wanna talk about it.
  • Ryan and Stephanie fighting over the next clue ticket, knowing that the one who doesn't pick it up has to go through the mechanical bull challenge.
  • Crimson and Ennui inexplicably fall into fourth place when they could have gotten to second place at least...turns out that they got sidetracked by finding a skull rotting in the sun.
    Don: Nope. No, no. Stop talking. Forget I asked. You're team number four. Go.
  • Father & Son parting words after being eliminated.
    Dwayne: My son is going home a man.
    Junior: And thanks to his new tattoo, my dad is going home a woman.

     Lord of the Ring Toss 
  • The Goths wondering if they should make an alliance with the Best Friends...they don't.
  • Ryan quitting on Stephanie after she insults him in the confessional.
  • Brody cheering on Geoff trying to find a ring.
    Brody: You're the man! [Eskimo pops up from the snow] Uh, you're the man too! [high-fives the local]
  • Devin's rock bottom attitude gets the interest of the Goths.
    Ennui: When did Devin get so ... cool?
  • Ennui flawlessly putting a ring on a narwhal by simply holding it out.
    Ennui: Okay, that was pure luck, but we don't have to tell them that.
  • Geoff striking the cameraman with a ring.
  • Stephanie boomerangs Ryan.
    Crimson: It's sad when love turns to poison... [Ennui grabs her hand] That's nice.
  • Later then...
    Crimson: They boomeranged themselves?
    Ennui: Even for me...that's dark.
  • Devin wanting to make an alliance with the Goths.
    Ennui: It's tempting. He's dark enough.
    Crimson: But is she?
  • MacArthur reevaluating swimming in the cold water...and telling Sanders to go in first.
  • The Cadets being helped by a narwhal to cross the icy water.
    MacArthur: I used to hate mammals. But this narwhal is pretty cool.
    Sanders: Uh, we're mammals.
    MacArthur: I know.
  • Josee killing Chilly Billy out of anger and saddening Don.
  • MacArthur nonchalantly admitting that Sanders' ring toss disadvantage was expected anyway.
  • The Daters subtly telling love words at each other while still being pissed and building an igloo.
  • The local Eskimos tying the knot.

     Got Venom? 
  • This line:
    Geoff: I could cut ice with my nipples right now.
  • And he build a perfect ice swan with them, which was his second best nipple carving.
  • The Ice Dancers bellowing their frustration for not beating the Surfers.
    Jacques: Easy, Josee! It was our fault for playing mind games with the Surfers...they don't have minds at all!
  • The narwhals were apparently not happy for being treated as ring toss targets that they promptly become wild and start attacking and flattening one of the cargo planes' tires.
    Don: [sees narwhals popping tires of one cargo plane] ...Uh, apparently, the narwhals are still upset about our ring toss game. Anyway, same idea, but with two planes- [sees narwhals popping tires of the second cargo plane] EVERYONE ON THE LAST PLANE! RIGHT NOW! GO! MOVE! MOVE! HURRY!
  • The Ice Dancers boasting riding on a truck ahead of the teams, only for a plane to come from the opposite direction and make them turn back.
  • Noah cracking a joke about Owen's farts being scary to the komodo dragons. Emma bursts out laughing.
  • Brody using a taxi as a komodo dragon bait.
  • Devin's depressive state making the Goths get interested in him.
    Devin: We all die eventually!
    Ennui: We should hang out more.
    ''[Cut to Carrie in confessional]]
    Carrie: Okay, if Devin ends up going goth, I am NOT going goth for him! [Beat] [sighs] Yes I would.
  • Owen wearing a komodo skin to get komodo venom and faking an Aussie accent (for some odd reason). The plans works...too well and he licks a komodo, making Noah barf in the confessional. Then he gets to be a girlfriend for one.
    Owen: Lil' help, mate?
    Noah: He's your boyfriend! You dump him!
  • Brody believing komodo dragons guard princess and Geoff saying no to it...on account of the fact that he's already in a relationship with Bridgette.
  • Sanders' really skewed Old Shame. MacArthur's huge list of bad secrets, one of them being a fruit smuggler.
  • The Ice Dancers trying to sabotage the Goths by convincing them to take Loki somewhere safe. The bunny ends up staying and helps the Goth collect komodo venom anyway. It even helps them get first, too, much to Josee's chagrin.
    Josee: I can't believe those pasty-faced freaks took gold! Oh I'll bet they're just LOVING IT!!
    [Cuts to Goths]
    Crimson: We won.
  • The Surfers trying to rescue the Police Cadets from a herd of komodo dragons, only to end up in the same tree as them.
  • MacArthur saving a cut ponytail for her man, which Brody takes and kisses. It came from her armpits.
  • Brody's way of getting komodo venom ends up scarring a poor taxi driver.
  • Emma trying to find Noah buried in the pile of rugs after being eliminated.
    Emma: If I could find you, I'd totally kiss you!
    Noah: ''[pops up energetically] HERE I AM!!!

     Dude Buggies 
  • Don's description of Las Vegas.
  • The lion scaring Don, making his hair stand—cut to him at the Chill Zone and his hair is still standing.
  • The "clever" editing of the flight lasting just 8 seconds.
  • Josee really getting on her last nerves after the Goths beat them for first place. She somehow thinks they're vampires and tries to repel them by tossing a bulb of garlic and hissing at them.
    Jacques: Oh, Josee! Are you losing it?! They're GOTHS, not vampires!!
    Josee: Are they, Jacques? Are they?!
  • Emma falling into Noah-dazes and getting slapped by Kitty, who then takes a photo of her slapped face.
  • Josee pulling the next clue from Jacques' head as to represent their magic choice. Too bad that was as close as they got to magic.
  • MacArthur proudly stating that, as cadets, they're allowed to ignore all street safety rules. Unfortunately, Sanders has to endure that ordeal by her partner.
  • Jacques' many, many misfortunes at the magic trick test.
  • The Goths failing the magic trick challenge and somehow choosing to invading the magician's personal space from both sides.
  • MacArthur complaining about never letting go of anything bad that happens to her, including the one time her babysitter Jennifer Masterson didn't give her some promised dessert when she was six.
  • The Goths giving it another try, this time with Loki jumping inside the lion's mouth and getting eaten, much to the delight of the Ice Dancers...then they pull Loki out from the lion and get to pass, much to the Ice Dancers' growing chagrin.
    • They later tell the cameraman that the magician offered them a gigs in Las Vegas, but they rejected it... because they already found exhausting putting their "Happy Faces" for the show.
  • Ryan trying to make Stephanie disappear in the magic trick.
  • Don complaining about how quiet the Goths were getting to first.
  • Brody wanting to waste more time in the buggy.
    Brody: Let's do that again!
    Geoff: Dude.
    Brody: Duuude!
    Geoff: Duuuuuude.
    Brody: [Beat, sighs] Good point...
  • Devin realizing that he has feelings for Carrie. The lion in the cage rolls his eyes.

     El Bunny Supremo 
  • MacArthur feeling proud of knowing her nickname as "The Volcano" has to do with her temper.
  • Devin's many Amusing Injuries.
  • Crimson eating the spiciest pepper and just giving a flat Ow
  • Ennui's Slow "NO!" after finding out Loki is nowhere to be seen. It's deadpan and listless by normal standards, but highly emotional by his own.

  • MacArthur mocking the Ice Dancers by shaking her butt at them that even Sanders is laughing.
    MacArthur: This ones for you. (shakes her butt with Sanders laughing in the background) Watch the glutes.
  • The Surfers finding the Sisters by literally running through a wall in the cave.
  • Stephanie trying to deny the fact that she is suddenly turned on by Ryan's....HANDS.
    Ryan: What is it?! The fingers? The thumbs? What did they do wrong?!
    Stephanie: Just keep them away from me, please.
    Ryan: (awkwardly dunks his hands back into the water)
  • Jacques during almost the entire noodling challenge.
    • He actually has to put on sparkly gloves to deal with the fish, and even then he's to grossed out to go near one.
      Jacques: I'll stick my bare hand in a glove full of bullet ants, but not in a fish's mouth! They're too cold and slimy! It's like giving Grandma a foot rub! (shudders)
    • His reaction when the fish that the teams need to skip the second challenge literally LUNGES AT JACQUE'S HAND.
      • As the Cadets, Haters, and Ice Dancers head to the chill zone, Jacques is still staring at his gloved hands, traumatized.

     How Deep Is Your Love 
  • To get under Stephanie's skin, Ryan just calmly agrees with whatever she says.
  • Josee gets mad over the Russian airline pilot's drawn out announcement, which allows the Sisters and Best Friends to board the same flight. Jacques then tries to troll Josee about it, only for him to get punched by her.
  • MacArthur's bikini bottom has polka dots on them, and she thought they were bullet holes.
  • Josee doesn't even get down into the hole before she demands that Jacques pull her back up.

     Darjeel With It 
  • MacArthur doing several Stealth Pun about Sanders' broken arm condition.
  • Devin's Humiliation Conga continues, suffering two Groin Attacks in a row and then literally getting the shit slapped out of him by Emma and Kitty for being blind to the fact that Carrie's had a crush on him up to this point.

     Last Tango in Buenos Aires 
  • Kitty convinces the ticket clerk to book the Ice Dancers and the Police Cadets the worst seats on the plane: just behind the lavatory.
  • During an interview, Kitty texts Karma to tell her that she left off Jacques and Josee from her list.
  • Everyone's (who isn't the Ice Dancers) attempt at completing the tango challenge.
  • Kitty gets in a selfie while sliding down a mountain with her emu.

     A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars