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  • "Battle of the Bands": Melody's band attempts to wing it while she chases after her twin sisters. However, she arrives just in time to take her cue with her sisters joining in at the end... and in perfect harmony to boot! This winds up securing her spot as winner of the contest.
  • "Stand By Me": Sweet Heart managing to prove Teddy was innocent, despite everything suggesting he wasn't at first.
    • A subtle one: Starlight is the judge for the mock trial. When the rest of the group asks to agree with them Teddy is guilty, her answer? She's the judge so she can't have an opinion one way or another, and the episode never once implies she shared her friends bias towards Teddy. Meaning either she was so dedicated to her role she really didn't have one, or she was so good at hiding it even the audience couldn't see it. Either way, it shows how responsible Starlight can be.
  • In "The Play's the Thing", Melody takes an ego trip after she is given the lead in the play. What do her friends do in response? Sabotage her dress rehearsal. Also counts as a Funny Moment.
  • "Blue Ribbon Blues": Teddy overcoming his fear of water to save his cousin Corny who becomes trapped underneath a log in a rushing river.
  • "Happy Birthday Sweetheart" has Lancer rounding up Sweetheart's friends and Teddy onto his dad's private yacht and not letting them off unless they all sign a peace treaty with each other.
  • In "Just for Kicks", Patch gets enraged that Ace was a massive jerk to Starlight and tells him off while kicking a soccer ball in his face.