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  • The opening sequence is pretty awesome, starting with that blasting orchestral sting and continuing with powerful string music as we see Mandark's silhouette in his lab amidst black briars in front of a white light. It lets the audience know right away that this is not going to be your typical Dexter's Laboratory adventure.
  • Hammy as it was, Dexter and Mandark's fight in the opening, and Dexter's Badass Boast.
  • Dexter boldly taking on the red robots. He uses his special technology to change into a cool bodysuit with a hover shield and takes the robots on by himself. Then he takes on the rest in his battle robot suit and his giant one.
  • Dexter's epic speech to his future self, Number 12. Convincing him to get out of his wimpy rut and come with him.
    Dexter: Stop the typing. Stop the typing. (crushes 12's hands with his boots) STOP THE TYPING! You are not a worker drone, my friend! You are not just a number! YOU ARE A GENIUS! [slams his chair against the wall] And YOU'VE got a name! What is your name?
    12: Twelve.
    Dexter: NO! What is your name?
    12: T-t-t-t-twelve.
    Dexter: NO! What. Is. Your. NAME!?
    12: D-d-d-d...
    Dexter: Yes... yes...!
    12: D-d-d-Dexter?
    Dexter: Again!
    12: Dexter?
    Dexter: AGAIN!
    12: DEXTER! (laughs with joy)
    Dexter: YES! Dexter is the name of a LION, a TIGER, a BEAR!
    12: Oh my!
    Dexter: Now let's get the heck into the future and see how cool we are!
  • Action Dexter's big entrance; Overlord Mandark's robots are oppressing a village, when the Future Badass rides in on a Cool Bike and crushes them with his oversized wrench and some well-done acrobatics.
    Action Dexter: LET THERE BE FIRE FOR ALL!
  • The Montage of all four Dexters salvaging the Lab's resources to build the Humongous Mecha they'll use to attack Overlord Mandark's palace. It starts with the four of them bowing before the wreckage of the computer. Even the goofier versions of Dexter's future selves, 12 and Old Man Dexter, prove that they haven't lost their touch, and only needed proper motivation to get back in the game.
  • The Final Boss fight between four different incarnations of Dexter and Mandark at the end: the main timeline ones, the wimpy employee Twelve vs. his Corrupt Corporate Executive boss Mandark, the old man Big Good Dexter vs. Mandark's disembodied brain and the Action Hero future Dexter vs. the overweight Big Bad Mandark.
    • Surprisingly, Twelve is the only one to truly dominate his Mandark; their fight starts with Executive Mandark bitchslapping Twelve, who fails to fight at all, until Executive Mandark makes the mistake of smugly taking off Twelve’s glasses and crushing them underfoot. Looking at his broken glasses while Executive Mandark laughs at his expense, Twelve decides he's had enough of being a doormat, gains a sudden 6-pack while the spirits of a lion, a tiger and a bear are released from his chest, leading to him curb-stomping his Mandark in three moves and claiming his glasses.
      Executive Mandark: Oh my.
      • The movie was uploaded on YouTube by one Lex the Bookworm, with a little edit to this moment that they threw in themselves; as Executive Mandark laughs at Twelve, it's intercut with flashbacks to the earlier "public flogging" scene, which adds weight to just how much pain Twelve had to endure over the years, and it finally reaching the point that he can't, and won't, take it anymore.
    • This is followed by Twelve figuring out what they need to do to defeat the Mandarks and save the future. He gives a Rousing Speech to the other Dexters and they all get their own Heroic Second Wind, curb-stomping their own Mandarks as they make an epic dash to the controls- with Twelve in the lead.
      Twelve: (in a new muscular "hero" voice) That's it! If we can reach the neurotomic flow controls and set it to positive, the protocore will revert back to normal! Undoing the mind-numbing evil these mad Mandarks have unleashed!
    • For a bit of Villainous Valor, the four Mandarks refuse to end up inferior to Dexter again and desperately grab their counterparts away from the control panel in one final struggle (even the aforementioned beaten-to-a-pulp corporate Mandark who now knows his Dexter will fight back and the final future Mandark who's a brain in a jar). They effectively keep them in a standstill - only losing when Dee Dee who comes in and notices the button.