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Nightmare Fuel / Ego Trip

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  • Future Mandark's fate. His Fat Bastard body violently mutates, causing all his fat to shoot up into his cranium, making his whole body explode, leaving only his brain. It's one of the worst cases of Nausea Fuel in the show's history.
  • The scene where Exec!Mandark publicly flogs poor Twelve. With a laser whip. Why? He was almost late for work. Twelve’s agonized expressions and screams as he's lashed again and again are downright chilling. And what's even worse? Mandark's done this to him more than once, using the exact same excuse!
    Exec!Mandark: Now make a wish!
  • Twelve’s terror and jumpy, PTSD-like symptoms- even screaming and adopting a Troubled Fetal Position at the mere sound of Mandark's voice due to the abuse he's suffered at his hands. Were the flogging and verbal abuse really all Mandark did to him, or did he do something even worse to cow the proud, willful boy genius that far into submission, and turn him into the anxiety-ridden, easily scared Twelve? And what's worse, his trauma's being Played for Laughs!
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  • The dystopian world Overlord Mandark rules over is very creepy and depressing. The reason? In his incompetent attempt to harness the power of Dexter's Neurotomic Protocore, he set its flow to negative instead of positive, giving the entire population of Earth a case of Phlebotinum-Induced Stupidity (with the exception of Dexter, who was underground and thus out of its range when it activated). As the misused Core's now-negative energy slowly swept over the world, their minds gradually became numbed and addled- while Mandark's grew even more twisted and insane. With no one to oppose him, Mandark insidiously raked the earth clean for resources, hoarded all science, knowledge, and technology for himself, and strictly forbid it from everyone else- just so he could be the smartest person on Earth. As a result, the world's stuck in The Dung Ages, its denizens too mentally compromised to even try to rise up against their tormentor.
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  • The opening scene is somewhat scary- dramatic string music blasts while Mandark summons the huge, black wild thorn briars in his lab in front of a bright white background.
  • In a roundabout way, the fact that Eddie Deezen retains his usual stilted delivery even as Mandark becomes more and eviler. It's a reminder that yes, this is the same character who was once a harmless rival.
    • How about the fact that the reason Mandark became as bad as he did was because the idiot used the Neurotomic Protocore the wrong way, which ended up twisting his mind and turning him into the power-mad Fat Bastard of the Bad Future. He was already a dick to start with, it just made him insane on top of it.

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