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Headscratchers / Ego Trip

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  • Why is Overlord Mandark so obese?
    • He has probably been a hedonist sitting in that hot tub for decades.
  • Why is it all of the Dexters had different voices, but all of the Mandarks had the same?
    • Doesn't only the surprisingly buff Dexter have a different voice actor, and the Twenty-Something and Old Man Dexters are the same voice actor just making Dexter sound nerdier and old (respectively)? Either way, I'd say Rule of Funny. There's no funnier voice that you can have for an evil overlord than that of Eddie Deezen.
    • Dexter's personality changed drastically across the 4 time periods shown- from confident, brash kid Dexter to cowardly, early twenties nervous wreck Twelve to middle-aged heroic Action Hero to forgetful Old Man- and his voice reflects those major shifts in his character. In contrast, Mandark's personality stayed exactly the same in every time period, stagnantly remaining the selfish, petulant little boy he’s always been- he keeps sounding like a child because he's still acting like one!
  • Mandark and Dexter were there to witness Dee Dee pushing the button and saving the future as kids, young adults, adults, and elders. The kids get the excuse of not knowing because this is the first time they’re living through it, and the elderly adults get the excuse of being old and not remembering due to their senility. Since kid Dexter and kid Mandark now know they will be led to the future for this same battle as young adults, why even bother going when they both know it’s pointless to do so, since Dee Dee comes in and fixes everything?
    • Probably because both of them have egos the size of Mount Everest.
    • Bigger question, why is it that Overlord Mandark used the "send in the other versions of me as reinforcements" strategy when he should already know that won't work?
    • For that matter, it's implied that Overlord Mandark got into contact with his other selves before the final battle. If this is true, why didn't Braindark- trapped as a Brain in a Jar who remembers everything that transpired- take the opportunity to warn Overlord that he'd be distracted by Dee Dee at a crucial moment? If he had, Overlord could've taken steps to keep her from reaching the core and undoing his work!
    • If young Mandark presumably remembered the events of the final battle after being returned to the present, why didn’t he have the time machine destroyed the second he gained control of Dexter’s lab? It'd prevent Dexter from traveling to the future in the first place, considering the time machine still needs to exist (and be in working condition) in the time period you're going to. Better yet, why didn't he try to go back and prevent Dee Dee from using it and causing the loop in the first place?
    • Or-since he clearly wasn't above murdering the previous CEO with his bare hands to rise to the top- and with his future self's knowledge of exactly where the Core he's long desired's being concealed, Exe could simply head straight for Twelve's cubicle and arrange a little workplace accident once he got what he wanted out of him.
      • Time travel is a trippy thing. Odds are this conflict is in another timeline and a new timeline is opened where the problem is resolved. The timeline with the conflict plays like a cracked record, repeating and such, unaware of a timeline where Mandark was stopped. AKA. Messing with time is too complicated.
    • Timey-Wimey Ball