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  • The old Apple, Cherry, Blueberry R2 clue Dee Dee left for Dexter to end up eating a mud pie, now how in the heck does that make sense. I'm no maths genius - far from it - but I looked up R2 on The Other Wiki and found it to mean the "coefficient of determination" and there didn't seem anything to do with pi in it, although that play on words was invoked for the joke. Can someone more versed in high-end calculus or such tell me how pi relates to the coefficient of determination? I mean, it might have something to do with it, but seeing as Dexter put the clue into his computer to solve it, maybe Dexter's not as smart as we all thought (although how he makes his lab dimensionally transcendental is beyond me too - did he mug a Time Lord for the technology?)
    • R2 should be read as "R squared". So a list of flavors followed by "R squared" would immediately make you think of pi(e) to complete the formula (pi*r^2, the area of a circle.)
    • Not to nitpick, but you seem to have gotten episodes mixed up. The mud pie came from the epoisode when their mother was sick; Dee Dee tried to do cooking and made a literal mud pie. The clue you mentioned led Dexter to eat the apple, cherry, and blueberry pies that the mother had just finished baking.

  • In the episode where Dexter infiltrates a photo processing place James Bond-style, what did the guy at the toll gate have against Dexter?
    • Perhaps nothing. Maybe he like that to some customers.
    • Noodle Incident maybe.
      • Perhaps like the ice cream man, Dexter paid him with a giant jar of pennies and through no fault of Dexter's, it caused him some bad experience that caused a deep seated hatred?
    • There was no personal hatred involved. The entire photo developing operation was shown to be a supervillain-like organization. In trying to prevent the film from being processed, Dexter became a threat to that operation.

  • I don't know if they ever revealed this on the show but is there a reason why Dee Dee keeps going into Dexter's Lab? I mean what is in there that she keeps coming back for?
    • She wants to play with him, but always get distracted by whatever she sees in the lab.
    • I always figured she just liked to troll him.
    • I agree with the first comment. For some reason, she loves the little jerk. (Blood is thicker than water...)
    • My thought: combination of the two. Other episodes show they do care for each other, but... well, they're siblings.
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    • She likes playing with the high-tech gear (even if this just means hitting buttons and smashing things apart). She sometimes goes there for fun even when Dexter isn't around, and it's always for this reason.

  • Ok, this one would question Dexter's common sense and thinking but, it's established that Dexter does have a device that if his parents ever find out about the secret laboratory, he would use it to erase their memory of it, now... WHY HASN'T HE USED THE DEVICE ON DEE DEE? If he did then not only would she not be in there but she would even forget it's existence. Either Dexter never thought of it nor he probably has a reason to allow her to keep the knowledge of Dexter's Lab.
    • One episode showed that without Dee Dee, Dexter would just end up getting bored of the same routine every day. In one episode, Dee Dee is abducted by aliens, which Dexter is happy with, until he spends a while without her, gets bored, and goes to rescue her.
    • Because he flat-out misses her if she DOES stay out of his lab too long. He didn't rescue her from the aliens because he was bored, he rescued her because he was lonely without her (his words). Also, her "loud annoying behavior" actually helps him to focus on his work (again, Dexter's words). Those two didn't fight each other ALL of the time. Several episodes demonstrated that they actually share a deep sibling bond.
      • More specifically, a good portion of his waking hours are spent repairing/recapturing/undoing her numerous screw-ups. No Dee Dee = no playing Mr.Fix-it = too much free time. This actually mirrors real life: most young children will soon get bored and/or into trouble without some kind of external direction. Even , or specially, if they're little Einsteins.
      • It's also possible that Dexter didn't invent the memory eraser until fairly recently. Using that eraser would work to erase his parents memories of the lab when they've known about it only a few minutes to a few hours, however that wouldn't really work with Dee Dee. Dee Dee has been shown to have been going to Dexter's Lab and messing around with it seemingly every day for YEARS, that means the memory eraser would have to be used to remove years worth of memories in order for that to work, and there's no way Dee Dee, as ditzy as she is, wouldn't notice that several hours of each day of several years straight are gone. That's assuming the best case scenario, where the memory eraser is precise and effective enough to ONLY remove particular topics and not just EVERYTHING, in which case Dexter would have to remove several years worth of friendships, schooling and so on from Dee Dee's memory.
      • Oh yeah, let's not forget one other thing, Dexter frequently uses Dee Dee as a test subject for his inventions, something he wouldn't be able to (ethically) do if she no longer knew about the lab. That, and the fact that many times when Dee Dee destroys Dexter's inventions it's because she unintentionally exposes some major flaw in them, which a good inventor would find a very useful thing to know.
      • This troper just thought of this but besides Dee Dee being allowed to remember the Lab for test subjecting, what if she's allowed to remember the lab because Dexter might will it to her if anything ever happened to him just like in the episode "Critical Gas".
      • Dexter just did that because he wanted to make Dee Dee happy before he died, not because he would give it to her otherwise. You'll notice during the scene in which he gives it to Dee Dee Dexter doesn't look happy about it. Dexter would probably Will the lab and it's inventions to either his decendant or to the scientific community at large, depending on his situation at the time.
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    • Another explanation could be that the device can only erase very recent memories, and by the time he created it, it was too late to use it on Dee Dee.

  • Do Dexter and Dee-Dee have canon ages?
    • I think that I read something that said 8 and 13 respectivly, but I could be wrong.
    • An info-book I read somewhere said they were fourth and sixth graders, which makes sense considering they apparently go to the same school.

  • Speaking of ages, how old is Mandark supposed to be? I refuse to believe a kid Dexter's age can be that tall.
    • Well, Dexter seems unusually short. It's possible that they are the same age, just at opposite ends of the height spectrum.
    • Concept art for The Movie listed Dexter as 22 when Mandark was 24, so he is older. It's highly possible that Dexter skipped a grade and Mandark couldn't.

  • In the episode Oh Brother, if Dee-Dee is stated to be sixth-grade, why does her male form look like a 19 or 20-year-old man? Not to mention the Getting Crap Past the Radar and the attempts at dealing with Transgender issues in a supposedly kids' cartoon. As for the physique? Is that realistic? Not in terms of animation, rather more that this is Played for Laughs, not Played for Drama. A weird, weird episode, that certainly is full of Headscratchers.
  • Ok, an official legit crossover of "Dexter's Laboratory" and "The Powerpuff Girls"... WHY HASN'T THIS HAPPENED YET?
    • Because the creators know better.
    • Major Glory and Val Hallen appeared together on the Powerpuff Girls episode "Members Only," so, there's that.
    • Which begs another question: Do both shows take place in the same universe? If so, in what order?
  • Just why is Mandark so attracted to Dee-Dee?
    • Because she's hot. Think about it. Tall, blond, graceful, huge blue cartoon terms, she's a knockout.
    • The same reason any boy Mandark's age (he's 16) is attracted to women that they wouldn't ever get along with. Though I suppose if they ever did get married Mandark and his lab would just become a replacement for Dexter and HIS laboratory.
  • In "Dexter's Debt" how on Earth did Dexter become indebted to NASA for $200 million? Since when does NASA grant loans, let alone ones so large?
    • Rule of Funny, my good friend.
    • WMGing here, but maybe that's where he gets all the electronics and other equipment that he uses to build his lab and his experiments.
  • Another thing, why couldn't Dexter have provided some of his inventions to NASA to pay off his debt? In fact, he's invented things that would any one of them ALONE would be worth way more than $200 million.
  • This was never ever made clear in the series but what is the reason why Dexter keeps his laboratory a secret from his parents despite the fact that alot of people know about it, especially Dee Dee and Mandark. Also what exactly would the parents do if they find out about the Lab? Come to think of it if Mandark wanted to end Dexter's Laboratory why hasn't he simply just tell Dexter's parents about it's existence.
    • Well, judging by the fact that we see Dexter's parents paying enormous bills and such during some episodes, maybe Dexter keeps his lab a secret in order to avoid paying for those things himself? Or maybe Dexter just has his lab as a secret because he thinks his parents won't approve of it, or maybe just the simpler explaination is he just wants a private place where he can get away from them.
      • On that same topic, if Dexter's Laboratory is SUPPOSED to be a secret then why does Dee Dee, Mee Mee, Lee Lee and Mandark know about it? For a “boy genius” who’s supposed to keep his huge Laboratory a secret, he’s not doing a good job of it!
    • While not outright stated, it was implied that if Dexter's parents find out about the lab, they would shut it down. In "Last But Not Least", his dad tells him that "we need to straight a few things up with this secret laboratory business" (before his memories are erased), while in "Stuffed Animal House", Dexter has an Imagine Spot of his father declaring this.
  • What happened to Mandark's mind-reading ability?
    • Probably removed because of how jarring it would be.
      • It could've been REALLY useful in "2geniuses 2gether 4ever" that way Mandark would've used it to know that Dexter was telling the truth about a alliance that would make the world a better place instead of suspecting Dexter would betray him.
      • Mandark probably was just really good at predicting people's actions and words rather than a real mind reader. The only time he displayed the mind reading ability was in his introduction, Mandark only displayed the ability to read minds a couple times, afterwards it was dropped even in that very episode because otherwise Mandark would have known what Dexter was plotting when he hooked Mandark up with Dee Dee.
  • In "A Failed Lab Experiment" why didn't Dexter just take the X-ray goggles off after he saw Dad naked?
    • He could have been too shocked to think straight. Plus the episode would have been shorter.
  • Why is Dexter constantly wrenching bolts into his tables? What possible practical purpose could that serve?
    • He probably finds bolt tightening to be therapeutic.
  • How does Dexter keep the Lab a secret from his parents? Surely they must have known about all the unoccupied space in their own house before Dexter built the Lab. Plus, how much does it cost to run electricity in there? They see the electric bill, right?
    • Presumably he dug the space, and he has his own means of power generation.
    • The musical episode seems to imply that the lab space was already there when his parents bought the house. (God only knows how it got there.) Dexter found it when he was barely out of diapers and decided to set up shop. As for power, his lab is deep enough underground that he could be using geothermal vents for energy.
  • At the end of "The Ol' Switcharooms", why were Dee-Dee and Dexter's Mom (assuming she knew about it) fine with Dad punishing Dexter by making him sleep in the kennel?
    • I don't remember seeing Mom in that entire episode; maybe she was off doing her own thing and never knew about it.
  • Dexter seemed to be completely annoyed when he was dragged to Chubby Cheese's and that was probablly increased when found out who was the real management... but in another episode, when Dad is pretending to be mom he tricks Dexter and Dee-Dee into leaving the kitchen by telling them they are having dinner at Chubby Cheese's... and it works. Why is Dexter suddenly so happy to go there?
    • Maybe he just likes going out to eat?
    • "I can't wait to taste that Chubby Cheese pizza!" - Apparently the pizza's just that good.
  • In "Old Man Dexter", why doesn't Dexter just watch movies in his lab if he's not allowed to stay up with his family to watch them?
    • Even the biggest introverts need some form of social interaction (in this case, familial), and Dexter is no exception. Simply put, it isn't just about the movies: He wants to do fun stuff with the rest of the family. Watching movies alone isn't as enjoyable as watching them with family and/or friends.
  • Also, why don't Dexter's family watch the movies at a time when Dexter can watch with them, as opposed to constantly leaving him out of family activities?
  • In 'Way of the Dee-Dee', Dexter rightly blows up and yells at his sister for once again destroying his things. Dee-Dee retorts that knowing how to have fun doesn't make her stupid, and proceeds to guilt trip the hell out of Dexter, to the point where he wishes to learn from her. Plot reasons aside, where does Dee-Dee get this moral highground from? She routinely breaks Dexter's inventions, and now we see that it's apparently 'fun' for her to do so. What the hell?
    • She probably didn't mean it quite like that; most likely she meant that she knows how to do fun things, it's just that her "fun things" have a tendency to cause collateral damage. At worst she could be called inconsiderate. Alternatively, she may have been contrasting her idea of fun (playing around) with his idea of fun (working in the lab), and people sometimes get a little self-righteous when defending their proclivities in that manner.
  • Why couldn't Dexter of just used a Wind Turbine to fix his lab in "No Power Trip?"
  • What was the reference in "Topped Off" that would be considered dated or Unintentional Period Piece? I'm British so forgive my ignorance.

  • When we see just how advanced Mandark's lab is in his debut episode and the ease with which Dee Dee completely trashed it, just think about how often she wrecked Dexter's lab and their corresponding attitudes. Mandark's lab starts out even more advanced than Dexter's but it's smashed almost beyond repair by Dee Dee whereas Dexter's lab gets regularly damaged but recovers quickly. Dexter's lab's been exposed to wanton destruction so often he's had to make it relatively modest but rugged whereas Mandark's had no real adversity until he showed Dee Dee his lab, which left it totally vulnerable to her active ignorance.
  • In "Dexter vs Santa's Claws" before the ending when he suddenly says something, why did Santa only say "Ho Ho Ho" to Dexter instead of using normal words to explain he is not Dexter's father dressed as him.
  • In the episode "Bad Cable Manners" everyone in the episode kept calling Dexter's father "Mr. Dexter's Dad" instead of his real name... how exactly does this work?
  • Okay so Deedee is constantly ruining Dexter's stuff by pressing buttons/pulling leavers she shouldn't. This begs the question of why does Dexter keep putting self-destruct/overload buttons and switches on his devices? You'd think much of his grief would be solved if he bothered to put in some form of a safety shutdown should Deedee still figure out a way to overload them.

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