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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • After 65 years of failing to do it, Charlie Brown finally manages to get a kite in the air.
  • All of Snoopy's Imagine Spots. We finally get to see what Snoopy sees in his head, and it's just as grand and epic as he's made it out to be in the comics.
    • Woodstock getting a big part in the final battle against the Red Baron.
    • Fifi gets a moment, as well, when she chucks a chair through the zeppelin cabin's window to wreck one of the planes shooting at Snoopy.
    • One for the Red Baron himself too: it's just a single moment, but we see him shoot down three Sophwith Camels with one burst.
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    • And, finally, for Snoopy: he improvised the plan that got the Red Baron's triplane crippled, and in the end he had him dead to rights. Then he saw that Fifi was falling to her death, and let the Baron go to save her.
    • And, finally, for the staff for getting the Red Baron's style right: not amazing flying skills and incredible aggression (that's actually Snoopy), just decent piloting skills, sane Combat Pragmatism, and a knack for getting his targets in the right position for getting gunned down (how he took down those three planes: he lured them in just the right position and then opened fire) or crash on something (he nearly got Snoopy to crash on the Eiffel Tower).
  • Charlie Brown, a kid who's only about 10 years old, not only read and understood War and Peace (a book synonymous with "Doorstopper", most editions running to well over 1000 pages), but managed to outline and write a well written book report on it. In ONE. WEEKEND. Seriously, college students would struggle with that task.
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  • When Charlie Brown realizes that he was not the one to get the highest score, but Peppermint Patty, he decides to point out the mixup. In front of the whole school. That takes some serious gonads.
  • It's been decades coming, and there are people who would rather it not actually come true... but this film finally gives Charlie Brown a real, earnest conversation with the Little Red-Haired Girl at the end, that is not a dream or Imagine Spot! She may not be able to see him for months because she's on her way to summer camp, but she accepts him as her new pen pal, knowing how great he is! It's honestly enough to make some fans tear up, as it did to Lucy!
  • Marcie is somehow exactly able to know what book Charlie Brown needs (she's also probably the only kid in his class who goes into the adult book section); when Charlie Brown goes after the book (a Doorstopper volume which also happens to be on the top shelf) she asks if he needs help taking it home, Charlie Brown simply pulls out his sled and says he's got it. This leads him on a vicious sledding trip but he somehow after all the sledding, the near misses with trees, etc. he gets the book to his house (but not before the book due to momentum slams him through his own front door).
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  • Charlie Brown having some moments of genuine creativity. Tying in with the above Charlie gets the monstrous War and Peace onto a sled by turning the pages bit by bit, working up to chunks of pages before basically turning the book onto the sled. Even Lucy admits that was pretty smart before berating herself.
  • Snoopy chucking his typewriter at Lucy in response to her (poor) criticism was rather cathartic.
  • Meta Example: The film receiving widespread critical acclaim from many critics and audiences alike and was a box office success, making $246 million worldwide on it's $99 million budget. What's even more awesome? 20th Century Fox is interested in making a sequel and turning The Peanuts Movie into a franchise.

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