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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season One 
  • "Space Pilot 3000": Fry is an unsuccessful loser from the first moment of his screentime, but after just a few hours in the future he's completely altered Leela's and Bender's 30th-century conditioning and given them a strong push in the direction of long-term happiness. In short order, he saves Bender's life (and convinces him not to make a second suicide attempt), helps him to grow beyond his bending programming, makes Leela realize she's unhappy enough in her computer-assigned cryogenic counseling job to finally quit, and gets both of them new jobs at Planet Express. He may be a clueless Fish out of Temporal Water who just lost his entire family and his life as he knew it forever, but the two natives of 2999 were the ones who needed him, not the other way around.
  • Zapp Brannigan usually just screws up everything, but he gets a minor one. Aliens are invading Earth and the president of Earth thinks they are looking for him (they're not), so he is determined to sacrifice all of Earth to save himself. Zapp simply decides he's had enough and just kidnaps the guy, puts him in a sack, and gives him up to the aliens, while everyone who watched him do it claps. And for good measure, one guy kicks the president in the sack as he's dragged away.
  • The final moments of Slurms McKenzie, as he parties so hard that it makes the cave collapse around him, preventing the Slurm Queen from chasing the Planet Express crew.
    Slurms: Babes... you've served me well these 40 years, but this time...I've got to party alone. There'll be other parties for you... now go! Go!
    Bender: [With a sad look in his eye and a salute prepared] Party on, Slurms...
    Slurms: Party on, contest winners... [cave begins collapsing around him] Party on...

    Season Two 
  • "Raging Bender":
    • Leela discovers that her old martial arts instructor Fnog was controlling Destructor, and lays an epic beatdown on him in retaliation for his years of sexism against her.
    • Bender derailing the script of Ultimate Robot Fighting by defiantly throwing off the ridiculous "Gender Bender" costume the show forced onto him, tossing aside the wig, snapping the wand, and carefully folding up the tutu and hanging it inside his body. By doing this, he effectively told the show's executives on live television that he'd rather try and fight Destructor to the death than let them humiliate him any longer.
  • Fry gets a small moment when he tries to fight off the Robot Mafia in "Bender gets Made". Sure, the Robot Mafia catches up with them, but he did pretty well for Fry. Hell, Fry did good by anyone's standards. Note that he was managing to out-pilot the Robot Mafia, while at the same time keeping a running fire-fight with them, having to man the ship via a pulley system while he was up in the main turret. The only reason the robots caught up with them at all was because of Leela's hugging the Idiot Ball.
  • "A Bicyclops Built For Two":
    • Fry actually manages to use Obfuscating Stupidity. Despite his large supplies of genuine stupidity. Also, he's not a useless sack of hair when it comes to one very specific skill set...
      Hermes: Get ready for fun, Fry. Nowadays we have a type of game played entirely on video.
      Leela: We call it a video game.
      Fry (trying hard not to laugh): A 'video game' you say? Well, golly gee. You mighty spacemen of the future will have to show me how it works!
      (Gilligan Cut to Fry annihilating everybody else's characters)
    • Upon escaping a dungeon and sneaking into the forbidden valley, Fry discovers four other castles as well as four other alien brides. Upon Alcazar's duplicitous nature's exposure, all five brides administer their would-be groom a very satisfying beat down.
  • Fry gets another one in "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love" when he actually beats Zoidberg, who's roided up on male jelly at the time, in a fight to the death. Then, after he spares Zoidberg and gets his arm cut off, he turns around and beats Zoidberg down with his dismembered arm.
  • On a musical note, Hermes gets a nice one with his own musical number at the Central Bureaucracy, while sorting a literally mountainous pile of thousands of message tubes in under four minutes. "Requisition me a beat."
    • His entrance line earlier in the scene:
      Morgan Proctor: I'm afraid he's lost in the master "in" pile. And it would take some sort of giant mechanical atomic powered sorting machine to find him.
      Hermes: You rang?
    • Earlier on in the episode, Hermes and LaBarbra go on a "vacation", which is actually a slave camp. There, Hermes puts his bureaucratic skills to good use by using work-saving measures to get him and everyone else out, leaving all the work to be done by the Australian guy.
  • After the Omicronians are offended by Earthicans eating their young as fast food items and are about to eat Leela in lieu of eating everyone on the planet, Zapp and Kif swap her out for an orangutan dressed like her. This ploy actually works up until a smelly hippy ruins everything by pointing it out to the Omicronians. And then Lrrr just eats him whole. The audience applauds.
  • "Anthology of Interest 1":
    • After the planet full of Benders finish construction on the giant Bender, the giant takes off into space as the music shifts into Black Sabbath's Iron Man for a few seconds. Repeat: giant Bender soaring through space with Black Sabbath for music.
    • The fight between Giant Bender and Giant Zoidberg. The best part? Zoidberg wins.
  • "War is the H-Word":
    • Bender diving on a friggin' grenade to save his buddies. Robot or no, if this was real life, he'd be getting the highest decorations of bravery that can be bestowed on his shiny metal ass. More so in retrospect when you consider that he has no backup unit, and is ultimately as mortal as his meatbag compatriots.
      "If they put me on a stamp, tell them to use the Young Bender!"
    • The bravery of this scene is somewhat subverted due to the fact that, at this point, he doesn't yet know he's mortal. He fully expected to wake up in his backup after going kerblooey. Still, it does say something about Bender that he was willing to sacrifice himself, however temporarily, for the sake of his fellow soldiers.
  • "A Xmas Story":
    • Zoidberg outfoxing Santa Claus and electrocuting him also has a shine of brilliance.
    • The fact that Robot Santa actually considers Zoidberg "good" surely counts on its own.
  • In "The Cryonic Woman" Fry enters into a dangerous "Death Roll" race against Butch. Both of them have to race on hover-skateboards while holding a bandanna and the last person to hold the bandanna wins, Fry manages to stay alive while narrowly avoiding various obstacles (military vehicles firing at one another) and at the end he manages to win via fake-out as Butch is crying over a scraped knee (being a kid and all), Fry pretends to be concerned for a moment and then grabs the bandanna. Fry's victory echoes what Leela said earlier in the episode about Fry fitting in so well in the 31st Century.

    Season Three 
  • For Fry: In "Time Keeps on Slipping", we learn that he literally moved the stars to spell out "I Love You Leela" in space. Turns into a Tear Jerker when the message gets destroyed and Fry tries to get Leela and Bender to remember it, and fails. Made even more heartbreaking by the end shot of Fry staring out into space while Bender whistles a slow, sad version of "Sweet Georgia Brown."
  • Fry and Zoidberg get an Offscreen Moment of Awesome in "The Bird-bot of Ice-catraz" when they somehow escape from a ravenous space-squid and make it back to Pluto in time to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment for Bender and Leela.
  • "Godfellas":
    • GOD gets a CMOA after sending Bender back to Earth where Fry and Leela have left some monks locked in a laundry cupboard. Fry decides that their god will save them, but Bender goes to rescue the monks, saying "Fat chance! God isn't gonna do jack! He told me as such Himself!" Then we cut back to God who says to himself...
      God: When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.
    • God has BASICALLY told him that he doesn't know where Earth is and doesn't listen to prayers (apparently he tuned them out a while ago). However, this is all a Batman Gambit to send him home and get the monks out of the closet, and to safety. Making Bender think that in order for him to get something done, you have to do it yourself. Returning to the quote above.
    • Fry gets one in how much he goes through to get his buddy back. He doesn't give up hope even when faced with climbing the Himalayas alone to reach monks that may or may not actually grant him permission to use a telescope that may or may not find Bender. If Leela didn't talk him out of it he probably would have stayed there as long as it took.
  • In the episode "Time Keeps On Slippin'", after finding out that they need a doomsday device to save the day, the Professor replies "Doomsday device? Ah, now the ball's in Farnsworth's court!" and proceeds to press a button, revealing that he has several doomsday devices!
    Farnsworth: I suppose I could part with one and still be feared.
  • How about Leela threatening her new Jerkass boyfriend in "The Cyber House Rules" to give her her old face back with the line "Listen bud, at the end of the day, one of us is only going to have one eye!"
  • In "Insane in the Mainframe", Fry thinks he's a robot and Roberto, who has just broke out of the insane asylum, and has robbed the bank for the 3rd time. Roberto asks "Hey, Red. You're just in time for the hostage situation. Which side do you want to be on?" to which Fry replies "The side that kicks your twisted, metal ass." Fry has a can of oil in his jacket and is stabbed only to have the knife puncture the can and make Roberto think he's a battledroid and thus reason enough to jump out the window. Even better is that prior to the jump, Roberto straight up threw his knife at Fry. While it got him in the arm, he was so convinced he was a battledroid that he did not stop.note 
  • In "Bendless Love", Bender manages to save Flexo from dying by bending an unbendable girder. Even if he was jealous of Flexo, Bender really wants Angleyne to be happy no matter what.
  • "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid": Idiot Hero Fry outsmarting a giant brain of all things, trapped in an endless labyrinth of plot holes and bad spelling. Too bad nobody remembers anything to acknowledge him for it. When he's told that he has to fight the "Big Brain" but has no idea where to find it, he immediately reasons as follows: "A giant brain is basically a giant nerd, and where would a giant nerd be?" [Gasp!] "The library!" He's right.
  • "Parasites Lost":
    • Fry engaging in a fencing duel against the king of parasitic worms, inside his body, threatening to kill himself (and subsequently the parasites). Also the parasites were improving Fry's body so he was fighting to know if Leela loved him or his improved self.
      Parasite King: He's bluffing! No being would ever willingly make an idiot out of himself!
      Fry: Obviously, you've never been in love!
    • Fry managing to play the holophoner, and playing it beautifully. Leela quietly but firmly takes him to her bedroom as soon as he finishes playing.
    • But wait, there's more. At the end of the episode Leela asks whether it was Fry or the worms who came up with the idea, and Fry claims it was "probably fifty-fifty". Jump ahead to "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" and Fry managing to become a holophoner expert again without the worms and their intelligence boosting skills. From the looks of things, it was in fact Fry, not the worms.
  • "Where The Buggalo Roam" Has one for Kif. Not just that he was able to fly a Buggalo, but the fact that Zapp was so impressed gave him a genuine compliment!
  • "Roswell That Ends well" has the moment where after Fry becomes his own grandfather, Farnsworth decides to just roll with the damage to the timeline they've already caused and says "Let's just get the hell out of here already! Screw history!" and thus the Planet Express ship storms the Roswell Air Base, Farnsworth retrieves Bender's body, Fry and Leela rescue Zoidberg, the ship No Sells pretty much everything the air base could throw at it, they steal the radar dish, fly into an airplane hanger and pull a 90 degree turn upwards to escape the planes chasing it as they head straight for the wormhole, punctuated by what Farnsworth said afterwards.
    Professor Farnsworth: Choke on that, causality!

    Season Four 
  • While the episode "Jurassic Bark" is famous for its Downer Ending, it also contained Bender's Crowning Moment Of Awesome, where he dove into a lava pit, and got out with Fry's dog. He said it best himself:
    Bender: And that is why they call me "Bender the Magnificent"!
    • It becomes even more awesome when you realize that his line is the punchline for a joke set up at the beginning of the episode.
      Fry: And that's why they call you "Bender the Magnificent"!
      Bender: No it isn't.
    • This is slightly mitigated by the fact that he threw the dog into the lava in the first place. But then, it's made completely awesome again because he chose to dive back in after the dog after chucking it into the lava - he did it just because he realized how much his actions upset Fry and overcame his own jealousy to fix his mistake.
    • More awesome than the thing itself is Bender's entrance. Instead of coming back up through the pool of lava he dove into, he bursts triumphantly out of the Earth with magma pouring down his body, shouting the epic line above.
  • In "Less Than Hero," Fry as Captain Yesterday deals with a thief who jumped into the transportation tube by running on top of the tube (in pumps no less!), beating him to the end and moving the tube so that it fires him into the police station. Bender snatches the stolen bag off him as he's flying past.
  • The definitive Crowning Moment of Awesome for Fry is the stunning musical number at the end of "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings".
    • And his less-than-stunning musical number after getting his old hands back counts as a Heartwarming Moments. Especially after he sees Leela's reaction. Note the quality gets better right before the credits.
    • This scene also contains Doctor Zoidberg's Crowning Line Of Awesome:
    • Not to mention his classic lyric:
      Professor: I can't believe the Devil would be so unforgiving!
    Zoidberg: I can't believe that everyone is just ad-libbing!
    • Fry also gets to hilariously tell off the Robot Devil after the latter comes to Planet Express to negotiate for the return of his hands.
      Robot Devil: Oh, give me back my hands! These things are always touching me in places!
      Fry: (He snickers.) Yeah, they get around! But I'm afraid we had a deal!
      Robot Devil: Ugh. Looks like I wasted a bus trip.
      Fry: (folding his arms) Yes you did.
  • Another one of Fry happens in "Three Hundred Big Boys" after he drinks his 100th cup of coffee, turning him from a paranoid, jittery caffeine overdosed mess into a cool, collected and Speed-Force-powered Flash-like superhero, giving him the superhuman speed needed to calmly put out the museum fire and evacuate, by hand, every single person - all within a few blurry seconds. Could also double as a Funny Moment as well, because of how leisurely he acts while evacuating everyone and putting out the fire.
  • "The Why of Fry":
    • A subtle one when Fry discovers that the Nibblonians set up his cryogenic freeze and his new life in the future as a plan against the Brain Spawn. The dialogue while he's angrily choking Nibbler might've been meant as absurd humor, but that last line comes off as a CMOA for Fry, especially since he's such a passive victim so often:
      Fry: Well, why couldn't you just ask me?
      Nibbler: We were afraid you would refuse.
      Fry: Of course not, I love the future.
      Nibbler: Then why are you choking me right now?
      Fry: Because I don't like being used!
    • That episode also gave Fry a big crowning moment in that he saved the entire universe. 'Nuff said.
    • While still on the topic of Fry, after ensuring that he does wind up being frozen, an understated moment of awesome occurs: as he begins to back out, back to the future, Fry manages to prevent himself from getting trapped in the Infosphere with one sentence to Nibbler:
      Fry: Just remember that Scooty Puff Jr. suuuuuuuuuuuuucks!note 
    • Leela goes on a private ice-skating date with the mayor's aide. When a group of orphans come by and want to skate, Leela wants them to come in, but her date refuses. What does she do? She stuffs his badge in his mouth and leaves him. Then Leela takes out a picture of him and lets Bender destroy it with one of his fire-burps.
  • "A Taste of Freedom":
    • Zoidberg SETS A FLAG ON FIRE and blows up an entire alien fortress! Made all the more awesome when one considers that the alien fortress was sent by his home planet to enslave Earth for sentencing Zoidberg to death for eating the flag in the first place. Blowing up a fortress? Awesome. Doing it to save the people who want you dead? That takes some real male jelly my friend.
    • Mr. Waterfall! As he said, he didn't condone what Zoidberg did, but he was willing to fight and die for his freedom to do it. That takes some serious gumption.
  • "The Sting" is better known for being a Mind Screw, but Bender, Fry and Leela managed to successfully complete the mission that killed at least two of the professor's previous crews. Fry interposing for Leela was particularly epic.
    Leela: Burn on that old crew! The only things they did better than us were suck and die!
    • Bender gets a small moment when the baby space bee attacks Fry and Leela, grabbing that sucker and chucking it out the air lock where it's squashed by another passing ship. Nobody hurts his friends!
    • The episode also contains a likely Offscreen Moment of Awesome as well. Think about it: Leela likely conked out from the poison shortly after getting stung and began hallucinating. So who piloted the ship home? Either Fry, who'd suffered a penetrating injury to his abdomen but still chose to fly on in concern of Leela's health, or Bender, who got off of his lazy metal ass (not for the first time) and piloted the ship to safety without making a mess of anything.
  • In "Crimes of the Hot", all of the robots on Earth join forces to emit a blast of exhaust strong enough to move the planet further away from the sun (and out of the firing range of the device Wernstrom and Nixon were going to use to destroy the robots). Unfortunately the blast still isn't capable of doing so, until Bender (having been stuck on his back) gets up and adds his exhaust to the blast, making it strong enough to do the job.
  • "Bend Her" has a minor one for Bender/Coilette. Amy and Leela are furious with his/her exploitation of being a female. But then he/she outright calls them out on it, asking how many dinner dates they accepted just to get a free meal. They're caught completely off guard.

    Season Five (Movies) 
  • "Bender's Big Score":
    • The forces of Earth engage in a space battle against the nudist aliens' fleet, with Hermes directing them, and the theme song blaring.
    • Hermes gets special mention because Earth was doing absolutely terrible before he took control of the fleet from Leela, who couldn't keep track of all the various untrained ships. Then Hermes is plugged in, the theme music starts, the ships all fall into formation, and the Death Stars are mowed down like flies.
    • "I can wire anything directly into anything! I am the Professor!"
    • The Reveal that Bender pulled the ol' switcheroo with the doomsday device, allowing the Planet Express crew to fire it at the nudists, winning the battle for good. Well, at least, if Nudar hadn't been wearing that doom-proof vest, which results in...
    • Lars' Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Al Gore blowing up a Death Star by himself.
      Al Gore: Finally, I get to save the Earth with deadly lasers instead of deadly slideshows.
  • "The Beast With a Billion Backs":
    • Kif gets one when he punches Brannigan straight in the guts at the end of the movie for having sex with Amy.
    • The head of Stephen Hawking gets one when he uses his Eye Beams to shut Farnsworth and Wernstrom up.
      Stephen Hawking: I didn't know I could do that.
    • Bender gets several of them:
      • The duel against Calculon.
      • In an act that would cross the Moral Event Horizon if it weren't for Refuge in Audacity: Bender reunites with his long-lost robot son, then punts the child into a vat of magma for the Robot Devil, in exchange for an army to Take Over the World with.
        Robot Devil: Wow. That was brutal even by my standards!
        Bender: No backsies.
      • The epic battle at the end of the movie when he uses an army of Space Pirate Legions of Robot Hell to attack Heaven, pulling it down to Earth and taking eternal "bliss" away from an entire universe of people.
      • And then lectures humanity on the imperfections of real love.
  • Fry becoming pope of a new religion, and putting a tentacle in pretty much everyone in the universe. Except Leela, who tricks everyone into thinking she has one before revealing what the tentacles really are.
  • "Into the Wild Green Yonder":
    • Bender bends a freaking BRICK WALL in half to escape?
      Bender: It's not on the list of approved bendables, but I'M... SO... GREAT!
    • The scene where the Feministas are pointing guns at Zapp Brannigan, Bender is suddenly behind them pointing several guns at them!
    • He won the universal poker tournament, without knowing what his cards were, with a friggin' beer coaster!

    Season Six 
  • "Lethal Inspection" shows Hermes at one of his best moments in the series, hacking a bureaucra-scan terminal that used to be his computer and recognized him, and saving Bender while trapped in a burning building. And limboing his way out of the wreckage.
    Bender: He did it! And he's not looking back at that cool explosion! He's a hero!!
  • "The Late Phillip J. Fry":
  • In the 100th episode, there are two:
    • Bender, while the Planet Express crew are delivering a souffle with nitroglycerin in it, prepares to jump across a huge gap to reach the customer's house by backing up ALL THE WAY across the moon where she lives on and he sticks an epic landing after making it.
    • Also, near the end, where Fry pulls a Moses and parts a wave of sewage!
      "Let my people stay!"
    • On the subject of the nitroglycerin souffle, Mrs. Aster gets one when she eats it. She eats nitroglycerin by stabbing it with a fork.
      Zoidberg: Where's the explosion?
      Butler: One does not explode in the face of Mrs. Aster.
  • In the Holiday Spectacular, we have the Professor tossing an atomic fruitcake at Robot Santa during the song. It doesn't kill him, but it does seem to actually slow him down, which is a pretty good accomplishment, considering the fact that the guy's indestructible.
    Farnsworth: And if Grandma's Xmas fruitcake finally reaches critical mass, it can be re-gifted straight to Santa's ass!
  • From "Rebirth", Fry protects Leela from the ship exploding around them. Though his body was destroyed, when we see Leela she doesn't even have a scratch.
    Fry: I'll protect you, Leela. My love is stronger than the vast majority of explosions.
  • "The Prisoner Of Benda":
    • Farnsworth gets one, with some help, at the end. While fighting the emperor's evil cousin in a Chainsword Duel, Farnsworth, in Bender's body is momentarily defeated- Only to open up his compartment, releasing 20 Robot Midget Clowns with Chainswords. By the time you appreciate the Brick Joke, the Emperor's cousin is sliced to pieces.
    • Farnsworth, as Nonchalanto, offered Big Bertha, the cannon-bot soon to suffer catastrophic structural failure, a new lease on life via mind-switch. Bertha refuses, stating that while her body is riddled with the wear and tear of age, it is still her body, and she has lived a long, good life in it. Farnsworth takes the lesson to heart, and when Bertha sacrifices herself to deliver him to the UN, he delivers an awesome Pre Ass Kicking One Liner to the emperor's treacherous cousin:
      Professor: This one is for Big Bertha!
    • ... followed immediately by a Funny Moment as Farnsworth over-commits with his first strike and stabs into the podium.
      Professor: That is not what I meant to give you for Big Bertha.
    • The writing staff deserves one for the episode's ending. In one of the most magnificent aversions to Technobabble and Writers Cannot Do Math ever, one of the writers (Ken Keeler, with a PhD in applied mathematics from Harvard) actually proved an entirely new math theorem solely to ensure that the final solution to the episode's problems was mathematically possible.
  • Zoidberg gets one in "Silence of the Clamps", which features a Western-style showdown between Zoidberg and Mafiabot Clamps.
    Zoidberg: My name isn't Slick! It's Zoidberg. JOHN [bleep]ING ZOIDBERG!!
    • The most awesome part is that Zoidberg WINS. Yes, the Butt-Monkey actually manages to defeat the mafia hitbot in clamp to claw clombat.
    • The most awesome part of Zoidberg winning is when Clamps is squeezing Zoidberg's head tightly. Zoidberg starts howling in pain. Clamps delivers a Pre-Mortem One-Liner. Zoidberg looks up at Clamps and calmly delivers his own one-liner right back.
      Clamps: Looks like an all-you-can-kill Lobsterfest!
      Zoidberg: That offer was for a limited time only.
    • Cue Awesome Music as Zoidberg's fin bursts from his head, he grabs Clamps by the wrists, rises over him, and cuts off his clamps with his claws.
    • The end of the episode where Bender tries to cut a pizza, only to be overruled by Zoidberg— he slams his claw down on the table and shouts "YOU DO AND I'LL F***ING GUT YOU LIKE A FISH!" Bender sits down, and everybody — including Hermes, the one who typically abuses Zoidberg the most — watch in fear as Zoidberg slowly cuts the pizza.
  • In "Mobiüs Dick": Leela manages to overpower the fourth-dimensional Space Whale and take control of it... because her obsession with getting back to Earth and completing her delivery was stronger than her obsession with the whale!
  • Zoidberg gets one when he saves the professor's life WITH HIS MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE! Anyone who knows... anything about Zoidberg can tell you how special that is
    • A younger Professor, in the same episode, kills a yeti with nothing but a knife to save Zoidberg.
    • Also from the same episode, you expect Mom to be as mean with Zoidberg as she is with everyone else. Instead, somehow he is the only one to whom Mom is friendly.
  • Bender gets one for his Batman Gambit in "Overclockwise" where he is able to manipulate the justice system and get both Cubert and the Professor acquitted of their felony charges.
  • The season 6 finale contains a full seven-and-a-half-minute segment dedicated to parodying everything in Voltron, right down to its animation style, sounds and storytelling. Not just that though, the entire episode is like this. It's split into three segments, each parodying a different style. The first is parodying black and white old cartoons like Betty Boop, the second parodies video games, and the third is the Voltron parody. Say what you will about Futurama, but one thing they have down is loving parody.
  • In "A Clockwork Origin", Dr Banjo attempts to call out the Professor on the missing link in evolution. He asks where this "mythical creature" that stands between man and ape is. The Professor promptly pulls out a hologram with Homo erectus (I think). Banjo then mockingly asks where the link is between Homo erectus and ape, and is instantly presented with Homo habilis. This continues about 16 times! If such a trope existed, Crowning Moment Of Science would apply! And when it gets to the point where Farnsworth can't name another hominid, he actually goes out and discovers it. Granted, Dr. Banjo then undermines him, but still, not bad for the Professor.
  • Bender gets a major one in "Ghost in the Machines", in which, as a ghost, he possesses the Robot Devil, and crushes him underneath a rolling sphere, all in an attempt to save Fry from his death. Even if the Robot Devil lived, doing something as awesome as possessing the devil and then killing yourself while inside the devil's body is pretty epic and a monumental feat.
    • But Wait, There's More! After such a selfless act to save Fry, Bender is taken to Robot Heaven... and possesses robot GOD, popping his own arms out of the Apple-styled god and beating him up until he says "Just go!" and punts him back to Earth.
    • And then, Bender's body parts (his body had been disassembled to use the parts for various things) reassemble in a very Iron Giant-esque way, Bender's ghost goes back into his body, and what's the first thing Bender says after coming back to life? "I'm back, baby."
    • Even before that, Bender gets a smaller moment; the Preacherbot gives Fry a device that makes a forcefield to keep robot ghosts away from him. Bender manages to push through the forcefield to shut the device off.
  • In "The Duh-Vinci Code":
    • Fry leaping onto the Machina Magnifica to take it down. And what he says makes it even more awesome: "There's always going to be someone smarter than you, so the only way you can be happy is to make the most of what you've got!" And he actually does manage to stop the machine... by jamming the gears with his own body.
    • Doubles as a Funny Moment; Bender drives into a fountain at the Vatican to steal money, and ends up fighting a FREAKING KRAKEN for it, which ends in a shootout. Best part, Bender emerges unharmed and acts nonchalant about it.
  • Big Bender versus the ugly giant.
  • From "Law & Oracle", Fry quit being a delivery boy and became a policeman, and was actually good at it. He even managed to set up a Batman Gambit that foils the aforementioned oracle who has the power of prescience.

    Season Seven 
  • The opening to "The Bots and the Bees" is surprisingly badass. After Farnsworth sends out a Bat Signal, all of the Planet Express crew race to HQ in over-the-top ways: Amy steals a guy's car and flies away, Zoidberg rolls in a trash can, Hermes jumps out the window and parachutes down, Scruffy rides an alpaca and Fry, Leela and Bender escape from a Giant Spider mid-delivery.
  • In "A Farewell To Arms", when Mars is pulled VERY close to Earth, and the characters on both planets are running parallel to each other, each group looking up at the other. Ends in the most awesome possible way when the Mars group JUMPS down to Earth. Stop and think about it. They JUMPED from Mars to Earth.
  • Leela's dad surfing on a spaceship across a wave made of lasers.
  • The last few minutes of "The Six Million Dollar Mon" are a nonstop parade of these for Zoidberg, who saves Hermes' life by transplanting his brain into his restitched human body, using the restitched body to hold the tools ventriloquist-dummy style, while harmonizing with himself on his own version of the Monster Mash. Seconds after this he lays a highly perceptive "The Reason You Suck" Speech on the newly-revived Hermes without losing an ounce of his good cheer in doing so, being convinced that their relationship is one of friendly sniping. He doesn't so much get thrown a bone as personally exhume the entire Cretaceous period.
    Hermes: (who has been forced to thank Zoidberg by LaBarbara) Zoidberg, I know we have never been friends, but I appreciate what you did. Thank you.
    Zoidberg: (sad musical cue) Never...been friends? (Tickled) Ouch! What a zinger! Well, here's one for you, Mr. Not-My-Friend Conrad! (He sits on a stool and lifts Hermes onto his lap ventriloquist-dummy style.) You acted like a big jerk. You were selfish and stupid, and you don't deserve a wife like LaBarbara (LaBarbara smiles) or a friend like me!
    Bender: Hahahaha! It's funny because it's mean!
    (He sandcrab-dances joyfully out of the room.)
  • In "Fun on a Bun", Fry leads an army of Neanderthals against an army wielding future technology and is able to pull a victory against them. Even taking on Leela in single combat and holding his own pretty good.
    • Special mention goes to the saber-toothed cat in the catapult.
    • Honorable mention goes to the mammoth stopping the Planet Express Ship with its tusks.
  • Bender saving Earth from turning supernova in "The Inhuman Torch". The entire episode counts via Fridge Brilliance: since we find out Bender wasn't causing all those fires, that means that the whole time he was genuinely being heroic. BENDER!
    • His initial effort of heroism, which begins as an accidental one, is especially great. Trying to put out a fire so that he can take a nap, he accidentally sends himself into the inferno where the fifteen helium miners are trapped, and quickly gets out, only to find that one of the miners has stowed away in his chest door. Realizing that the press think he did it on purpose and are are expecting him to keep going, he reluctantly heads back in and retrieves the rest of the miners one by one in the same fashion.
  • In "2-D Blacktop", the Professor repairs the Planet Express ship from spare parts found in a junkyard and uses it to race against a teenage street-racing gang. And wins.
  • "Meanwhile". Professor Farnsworth TUNNELS THROUGH TIME!

  • Go to any video of the Neutrals on YouTube and you can guarantee an equal number of likes and dislikes. Any vote in either direction will quickly be met with a vote in the opposite to maintain the balance. This being the internet, it's awesome that everyone collaborates on this. Unfortunately, with the dislike count now being hidden on videos, we'll no longer get to see this. (Unless you install an add-on to show the dislike counter again!)
  • Almost nine years after the show's second cancellation the announcement that Hulu was going to revive it for another 20 episodes was made even better when virtually the whole cast was confirmed to be signing on. The only exception at the time of the announcement was John DiMaggio, who was hesitant due to concerns over adequate compensation, but eventually that worked out as well and so the 2023 revival of Futurama will feature the full lineup of voice actors from the show's previous runs.