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     Episode 1: Sisters in Arms 
  • One of the first shots in the episode shows us just what Drake City looks like. A perfect combination of sci-fi and magic.
  • Zarya and Piper stealing goods from a supply ship. Not only do they get away, but they do so while riding the railing of a Dragon Train.
  • Arkayna not putting up with Gawayne picking on his abuse towards Em by pulling him into the pool.
  • Another one for Zarya and Piper. They manage to get into the Treasury undetected and steal the Dragon Disk. And this is after Zarya said breaking into the Treasury would be impossible.
  • Arkayna and Em managing to hold off the skeleton soldiers, both using weapons that foreshadow their weapons when they become Mysticons.
  • The Queen and King actually holding off against the skeletons, with Queen Goodfey even landing a hit on Dreadbane (aAlbeit by accident).
  • This line after the girls turn into the Mysticons:
    Dreadbane: What?! This can't be! New Mysticons?!
  • The first fight of the Mysticons counts, with everyone immediately getting the hang of their weapons. Piper gets the most mention, taking down all of the Skeleton Army.
  • Tazma, who has been nothing but sadistic through the episode, actually loses her composure once Arkayna, Em and Malvaron pull off their Big Damn Heroes to get the Dragon Disk back. There's also the fact that despite just starting as Mysticons, they win, using nothing but their own skills to get the best of Dreadbane and Tazma.
    • Zarya conning Tazma with a copy Dragon Disc created by the same device she used earlier.

     Episode 2: How to Train a Mysticon 

     Episode 3: The Coronation 
  • Kymraw's plan to get the Dragon Disk. She is known to everyone, so she puts up flyers for her own Road Rangers to be bodyguards. Knowing that Gawayne, stuck up as he is, will fall for it, it will give her the opportunity she needs to have them kidnap him for ransom. Even though it fails, it works.
    • At the end, we have this.
    Kymraw: For once, Kymraw not care about gold.
    Dreadbane: Then what do you want?!
    Kymraw: Revenge…
  • Before that, the Mysticons can't use the power of the Dragon Bracer due to Arkayna wasting it all at the coronation party. What does Arkayna do? Make a ramp for the limo to ride into the incoming Dragon Train, getting it to crash, with Kymraw still on it.

     Episode 4: The Mysticon Kid 
  • There's something about how Barnabus faces Kymraw. Most people would run away. He remains where he is the whole time.
  • I AM. FOCUUUUSSSSSEEEDDDDD! followed by a tantrum that scares the hell out of Zarya.
  • Piper manages to fool everyone. She knows where the Codex Piece is just by knowing the carousel used to be a temple, and knowing that the words "Reverential Room" refers to said temple, heads there before anyone else can get there.
  • Piper and Em managing to rescue Arkayana and Zarya, complete with quietly taking out the guards watching over them.
  • Both Doug and Barnabus get their Big Damn Heroes Moments. First, Doug stops Dreadbane from killing the Mysticons, then Barnabus uses a flashlight to blind Tazma before subduing Dreadbane and then freeing the girls.
  • The moment Piper gets her Phoenix Bracer. Tazma and Dreadbane straight up run away as she uses the Phoenix on them.

     Episode 5: An Eye for an Eye 
  • Arkayna fighting the monster side of Zarya when attacked on her balcony.
  • Zarya holding her own against the Mysticons and Malvaron. For Em, she grabs her shield and throws her with it. When Piper attacks her, she grabs her ring and tosses it at Em, taking them both out.
    • Arkayna managing to distract Zarya to give her the antidote.

     Episode 6: Heart of Gold 
  • The beginning has a baby griffin being thrown off a ledge. It looks scary at first, but it flies up, and remains there.
  • The Mysticons saving the miners from the cave-in.
  • According to General Tibion, the dwarves guard the Heart of Gold, also known as Solaryite, with their lives. That means that for years, they've succeeded in keeping it safe from evil until Dreadbane arrived.
  • The guitar riff that plays once Em finds her Mech shows just how serious she is once her friends and her father are in danger.
    • Em's Big Damn Heroes moment afterwards when she saves her friends, and later her father.
      Emerald: That's what you get when you mess with dwarves!
  • Malachite saving Zarya from a bone soldier.

     Episode 7: Scourge of the Seven Skies 
  • Zarya's Curb-Stomp Battle against a cloaked Kitty Boon.
  • Kitty managing to trick the Mysticons. Yeah, it might be cruel later on in the episode, but all the time, we know she's evil, yet she does a great job in hiding it and covering up her tracks, making her the first villain to actually win.
  • Arkayna saving Zarya by Unleashing the Dragon mid-flight and then riding on it.
  • Zarya sabotaging Kitty's attempts to kill the Mysticons.
  • Em, upon learning that the pirate she loved put a tracking device on a bracelet he gave her, goes up in her Mech and throws him around for breaking her heart. She almost kills him had it not been for the boat rocking around.
  • It's not much, but before handing the Dragon Disk to Dreadbane, Kitty remembers what Zarya told her about the Mysticons needing the Dragon Disk, and asks what he needs it for. It can be shown right before she hands it over that she's having second thoughts about what she's done. It could be wrong, but she's showing Character Ddevelopment.

     Episode 8: Lost And Found 
  • Zarya singlehandedly taking down plant monsters to save Choko. She brings up how dangerous she can really be by using her exploding toy, Binky, to take them all out at once.
  • Piper getting past her fears. Unfortunately, [[Nice Job Breaking It, Hero her outburst leads Dreadbane to the Mysticons.
  • Zarya's Big Damn Heroes Moment when she returns.
    Zarya: Did you miss me?
    Piper: I feel so happy I could explode! Pixie Blast!
    • It's at that moment that Piper unleashes her strongest attack ever, and she didn't even need her Phoenix to do it.

     Episode 9: The Astromancer Job 
  • The Flashback scene with the first Dragon Mage. She has taken down an army by herself, and when General Bane and Necrafa corner her, she unleashes not just the Dragon, but the Star Dragon, and wipes herself, Necrafa and the army out.
  • Necrafa was so terrifying that even a millennium later, the Astromancers can barely say her name.
    • Note the difference between this and the Harry Potter franchise. It was thirty-six years after Tom Riddle became known and feared as Voldemort, with only a few, including the Order of the Phoenix to say his name. The Astromancers, on the other hand, are outright terrified to say it after a thousand years.
  • Arkayna's plan to use the Celestial Forge might not have worked, but her Imagine Spot about how it would go down was pretty cool to watch.
    • Not to mention that the real plan almost works out perfectly.
  • Doug and Zarya play a game where none of them can win. Nova Terron, however, gets it in no time, and was almost close to getting the high score.
    Doug: You just wiped out an entire clan!
    • Plus, this with a CMOF:
      Nova Terron: No one can stand the might of Brova Terron!
  • In the final battle:
    • Zarya taking out gargoyles in the Undercity with Choko accidentally cutting off power.
    • Em manages to save a Dragon Train with her Mini Mech by using her body to keep the train in the air.
    • Arkayna and Piper holding the fort with the Astromancers.
      • Also, in the same scene, Terron traps them in a bubble for their troubles. Arkayna shows them they've gone too far.
      Terron: Silence, Dragon Mage!
      Arkayna: No one silences the Dragon Mage! (breaks out and closes the rift with Piper)
  • In the end, the Astromancers are calling out the Mysticons for their troubles, even calling the knockoff Dragon Disk a pale imitation, until…
    Dragon Disk 2 floats and glows.
    Astromancer: That's impossible!
  • At the end, Necrafa is revealed to be Not Quite Dead in a way that freaks Tazma out.

     Episode 10: A Walk In The Park 
  • The beginning fight that shows that the Mysticons have three of the four Codex Pieces. They all attack Dreadbane, and the explosion that follows? Beautiful.
  • Em taking on both Tazma and a deceived Auntie Yaga.
  • When Auntie Yaga finds out she was deceived, she gets the truth out from Tazma. She doesn't just threaten her, she out right reads her mind before banishing her.
  • According to Yaga, the Mysticons find a dragon and train it.

     Episode 12: Skies of Fire 
  • The last time the Mysticons were with Kitty, they were defeated. Here, they team up, and together, they get into Dreadbane's Lair, where their best fight starts.
  • Zarya finally getting her Codex Piece, and saying what we've been waiting for her to say for a long time:
    Zarya: Time to howl!
  • By the end of the episode, the Mysticons now have all four Codex Pieces. After a long line of cases where The Bad Guy Wins, this is very satisfying.

     Episode 14: The Dome 
  • Zarya's plan to make the first major strike against Necrafa. Since she plans to use the Dome to make sure no one leaves once they are turned into her undead minions, she has Piper and Em go to seemingly destroy the Dome. Turns out she didn't want it destroyed, she wanted it to be tampered with. It doesn't shut off the Dome, but reverses Necrafa's spell, taking out most of her army.
    • Special credit to Kitty, who gives her the clue she needs to win: Find another angle.
    • What makes it better? It wasn't Arkayna's leadership that won the day, it was Zarya.
    • To add to that, it's a case of Bookends. Dreadbane first battled the new Mysticons on the balcony, and the new Mysticons sent Necrafa running in the same place.
  • Tazma talking herself into a deal with Necrafa? Big deal. Being scared and threatened to death by her and still coming out on top? She's got balls.

     Episode 15: Clash Of the Tridents 
  • Kelpie ultimately decides to fight the Kraken on her own, and even gets a solid hit on its eye despite being nowhere as ready.
  • Queen Truefin ends up helping the Mysticons. Together, they defeat the Kraken and bury it under rubble.

     Episode 16: Gems of The Past 
  • As Nercarfa is about to destroy the Mysticons Zarya/Ranger snipes the final gem before she puts the gem in her necklace/ Then with her special move, she knocks Necarfa off and separates her from the rest of the gems and forcing her to flee as the remaining three surround her.
    Dragon Mage: Oh yeah. This one's gonna hurt.
  • The Astromancers arrive to arrest the Mysticons, the civilians that they saved alongside a few others form a human shield to protect the Mysticons so they can escape.

     Episode 18: Mutiny Most Fowl 
  • When Kasey was getting captured by Captain Kaos, Em fought off some of the crab servants, even without being in her Mysticon form.