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Awesome / Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

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  • Squirrel Girl chewing America out for not doing more to help, then tracking Patriot by hacking his social media and pinging his phone's GPS.
  • Patriot, Squirrel Girl, and America busting Quake out of S.H.I.E.L.D. lockup.
  • Blocked by a hangar door, Patriot doesn't think Daisy can improvise a nuclear bomb to knock down the door. Daisy replies she doesn't need one, then quakes it apart.
  • Inferno goes Guile Hero, pretends to attack Kamala, then whispers for her to grab him, where he then tells her to look for a way out. She has him attack the surveillance drone, while she pulls a rather unique Air Vent Escape.
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  • Miss Marvel manages to trick Exile with her "lousy aim".
  • America Chavez kicks a massive star-shaped hole in a Kree warship, dropping Hala into space. Captain Marvel then hits Hala with an energy blast for good measure.
  • The first time the group works in accord, fighting Exile as a team.
  • We finally get to see hints of Squirrel Girl's unbeatable status when Miss Marvel finds her on top of a pile of unconscious Kree warriors.


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