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Awesome / Inside Job (2021)

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  • "Unpresidented":
    • Brett using a Bavarian Fire Drill, thanks to his knowledge of all the secret handshakes of Yale's fraternities, to get him and Reagan past the Secret Service.
    • Brett managing to talk the dysfunctional Cognito, Inc. execs into interrupting their end-of-the-world orgy and making themselves useful. Which he did while carrying Reagan on his back up a flight of stairs. At a run.
    • Despite getting his ass kicked, Brett does pretty well against ROBOTUS and holds his own. He compliments Reagan for making a near-perfect fighting machine.
    • ROBOTUS pegs that Reagan doesn't want to destroy him when she has a clear shot on him. He's her life's work and proof that she is better than her father. Reagan retorts that HR is right that she's difficult, and opts to bisect him instead. This allows her to salvage ROBOTUS's top half and confine him in a secret lab.
  • "Clone Gunman": The Cognito, Inc. crew working together to stop the clone blob.
  • In "Blue Bloods", Reagan, as well as the robot arms she makes to hug strangers, also made a hologram display to make social small talk with, but decides against using it, and after impressing the reptoids with her extremely firm hugs, she becomes the life of the party and is able to (albeit, with a little struggling) deliver the keynote speech on behalf of Cognito Inc. This may not seem like much, but this is Reagan we're talking about, the woman who finds it painful to make eye contact.
  • "My Big Flat Earth Wedding": The Cognito, Inc. crew working together to intercept the speedboat. Reagan relays their bearings through her earpiece; Andre does calculations with help from Myc's secretions and figures out she's taking them to the Hollow Earth portal; realizing that she'll need help stopping the boat from plummeting over the edge, Glenn is sent to catch up with the boat using his super-swimming abilities, and when he starts to tire, he unleashes a loud call that summons seals to carry him.
  • "Inside Reagan"
    • While Bear-O ostensibly betraying Reagan is sad, his logical reasoning is actually hard to contest. He has footage of Reagan spending many sleepless nights working, not having a social life or regard for her health, and a possible Adderall addiction. If she weren't obligated to the company, she could actually focus on herself and find people who care about her. Bear-O also knows that Reagan didn't want this job; she wanted to be an astronaut as a kid and go into space. Destroying the company is the only way that he can ensure she gets her second chance at finding happiness. Reagan herself has no retort, only to try and override his prime directive.
      • One could even argue that Bear-O was going Papa Wolf because Rand made him assist in wiping Orrin from Reagan's memories and wasn't able to disobey. He wants to eliminate Rand, the main source of Reagan's unhappiness, to give her a chance at something she wants to do.
    • In Reaganís youth flashback, she pranks her whole school at the homecoming dance by covering everyone in actual blood. In addition, this flashback clues Brett in on the password to shut down Bear-O.
    • The way that Reagan calls out Rand when Bear-O busts the memory vat and forcibly pulls her, Rand, and Brett (who tripped into the vat by accident) back into the real world. She says that he erased her only friend, just for his own selfish goals. Rand attempts to justify that friends hold you back, as the team is attempting to keep Bear-O from ostensibly shooting Reagan. Reagan's response is to order Bear-O to let her kill Rand.
    • The Gang and ROBOTUS teaming up to save Reagan from Bear-O when it seems that the Bear is about to kill her.
    • Reagan at long last cutting her abusive, manipulative father out of her life. Yes, itís undercut shortly by external forces, but that still took immense personal strength.
      • Not to mention how the first season ends. Rand has a smug look when he reveals that the shares he blackmailed out of J.R. got him the CEO position since the Shadow Council thinks that Reagan's "first day" proved she wasn't ready for the responsibility. He knows that Reagan is going to declare war on him for stealing her promotion...and his expression screams Bring It. Reagan responds by calling him "You motherfu-", showing that she is not going to take this lying down.
  • "Season 2 Trailer"
    • One scene has Reagan swordfighting Keanu Reeves.
      • Which in the show proper is revealed to be a part of her protracted battle with vampire Keanu Reeves, and is even more awesome in context.