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  • Conan O'Brien curbstomping Bill Maher. All while Bill Maher's attempts at humor are met with silence.
  • Hanson vs. the Spice Girls. The winner: Marilyn Manson, who cut down the lighting rig over the ring with a chainsaw, crushing everyone (save for Mills who dove out of the ring just in the nick of time).
  • Nick Diamond vs. Zatar the Alien.
  • Another one for Nick in "Nick's Return": Having been in a coma for 2 episodes, he forces himself awake after hearing on TV that the producer's jerk of a son will replace him if did a good enough job subbing for him that night.
    • It get's better! Once he's awake, Nick broke said TV (probably in anger), stole an ambulance, drove back to the stadium, KO'ed said son via headbutt, and went back to work in time for the episode's main event, "Marilyn Manson vs. Garth Brooks".
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  • Nick and Johnny fighting Sam Donaldson (because he tried to take over their show by claiming they were dead) in "A Celebrity Deathmatch Special Report."
  • The next episode, with blink-182 and 98 Degrees, is one big CMOA, mainly because it has the two bands fighting in huge ass Gundam-esque robots for most of the episode.
  • Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards breaking up Jerry Seinfeld's fight with Tim Allen... to kick the crap out of Jerry for ending their show.
    • Bonus points for Richards' speech.
  • Pamela Anderson was getting beaten easily, then her opponent, RuPaul, decides to flirt with Pam's husband at the time, Tommy Lee. Pam doesn't take this well, and she starts beating up RuPaul like she was born to do it!
    • From the revived episodes: Pamela Anderson kicking Tommy Lee's ass because he gave her hepatitis
  • Madonna kicks Michael Jackson into a pit of hydrochloric acid. Not only does Michael survive, but is also completely unharmed aside from having his plastic surgery removed.
  • David Spade coming back from being curb stomped by Steven Seagal to actually win the match by slingshotting Scottie Pippen's championship ring through Segal's head.
  • When Rodney Dangerfield had been on the receiving end of Don Rickles' insult humor in the "Roast Match" where said humor led to laying blows, it was a Batman Gambit intended for Don to burn through his material too soon, opening the way for Rodney to lay down a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and come back from behind to win.
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  • Marilyn Manson killing Charles Manson in a gruesome way fit for a such a monstrous person.
  • The second Anne Robinson threatened to kill a puppy (as a means of forcing him to surrender the fight), Bob Barker goes apeshit, knocks the puppy out of her hands, and then proceeds to disembowel her with his bare hands! Holy crap, don't piss off Bob Barker!
    Nick: Holy mother of no children! He took her ovaries!
  • Even if it didn't end well for him, James van der Beek killing Saddam Hussein. What better way to dispose of America's enemies than by beating them to death with an American flag?
  • Mills Lane fighting Judge Judy blindfolded and winning handily after she attempts to usurp his role as referee.
  • The duel between Generals Lee and Grant. There was a whirlwind of steel, the end of which saw the match be decided by a fatal thumb war.
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  • Nostradamus somehow managed to avoid getting pulled to the present by the time machine (after foreseeing that he would lose to John Edwards) and instead sent a letter in his place.
  • From the show’s first Halloween Episode, The Undertaker vs. Captain Doody, a demon possessing Nick’s son, Nicky Jr. Undertaker manages to exorcise Doody out of Nicky with a Tombstone Piledriver!
  • Yes, a lot of fans consider her a Replacement Scrappy, but you got to admit, Debbie “re-killing” Zombie!Stacey Cornbread in the second Halloween special was pretty awesome.
    Debbie: Now stay dead, bitch.

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