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Alpha and Omega

  • Humphrey and Kate have to cross a ravine with a raging river below. They accomplish this by swinging themselves across. Doubly so in that Humphrey had to let Kate bite his tail to get her across and managed to support both of them despite the very noticeable pain.
  • The crowning moment of Garth and Lilly's development as a Beta Couple is when she manages to get him to howl beautifully after he's spent most of the film with a terrible howl.
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  • Humphrey and Kate manage to put his logboarding skills to effective use. First, it's to escape vicious bears. And then later on, it's to save Winston and Tony from the caribou stampede.
  • Kate and Garth calling off the wedding ceremony to declare how they truly feel about Humphrey and Lilly despite Tony's threat of war
  • During said stampede, Tony finally manages to work up the strength despite his cracked disc and film-spanning antagonism to aid Winston in scaring off the caribou from trampling Humphrey and Kate.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

  • Runt manages this in two regards. Firstly, despite being held hostage by the ominous Rogues, Runt manages to stay mostly courageous (with Princess' help) and even insults King with the knowledge that the wolf could kill him at any moment. And then, he proves that his ability to climb trees isn't so weird or wrong when it allows him to find his family shelter from the snowstorm.
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  • After seeing the bears of the first film try to kill Kate and Humphrey, it's awesome to see the bears get organized by a bear cub Humphrey and Kate help to defeat and drive away the Rogues in the sequel.
  • Four Rogues corner Garth and mock him for "marrying a weak Omega". Lilly proves she's just the opposite when she takes them out with a log.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games

  • How Claudette and her team actually manage to become a formidable group in the Great Games. This is particularly notable with Brent and Agnes overcoming their own problems and becoming more balanced individuals.
  • Fleet stands up to Nars when he calls his father out, not backing down even when Nars threatens to strike him.
  • Despite being competitors, Claudette teaches Kate's sliding technique to Fleet and they generally help one another out. They also use this technique, among other tactics, to ensure the final race is fair and tie so neither of them lose.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of Saw Tooth Cave

  • Runt once again proves how awesome he can be with his efforts to find Daria and ensure that she gets home safely.
  • Despite Daria's backstory being a Tearjerker, there's still an awesome moment when Daria's mother defies the Head Wolf and rescues her child.
  • Even though it's brief, the fact that Humphrey, an omega wolf, manages to pin one of the alpha wolves that tried to attack Daria, Runt and Floyd is showing that he most likely Took a Level in Badass thanks to being married to Kate, an alpha wolf.
  • Unfortunately, the Head Wolf tries again to kill Daria when he encounters her as an adult. But after all that's happened, Daria says she won't hide anymore, and then goes to confront the Head Wolf.
    • The ghost that defended Daria turns out to be her mother. And what does she do when the Head Wolf crosses paths with her while trying to kill her daughter once more? She snaps and utterly annihilates him-offscreen, but still. Don't mess with a Mama Wolf.

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation

  • Humphrey proves himself to be quite the Papa Wolf in this film, even backtracking and lunging at the trackers, just so he can give his family and their friends a chance to escape.
  • The wolves and their allies cross paths with the librarian lady from the first film. Despite some initial conflict, she gives them food and helps them elude the trackers when they come looking for them. This extends to her driving Humphrey, Kate, their cubs, and the others off in her camper, and throwing off the trackers when they pursue her. She covers for them to escape, and then even manages to free the two wolves the trackers had captured earlier. Cool Old Lady, indeed.

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