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Alpha and Omega

  • Eve talking to Kate about what to do when she meets Garth for the first time.
    Eve: Now, if Garth gets out of line, take those beautiful teeth of yours, go for the throat, and don't let go until the body stops shaking. ^_^
    Kate: O_O
  • Humphrey admiring Kate's... assets as she's walking away, complete with head-tilting left and right and an adorkable little hum.
  • Kate and Humphrey after they got shot with sedation darts. Especially Kate's line about heading to Mars with him.
    • But only after she had eaten the Milky Way!
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  • When Kate and Humphrey see Marcel and Paddy for the first time:
    Kate: "Maybe they can tell us where we are."
    Humphrey: "And if not, we can eat them."
    Kate: "Right!"
  • Many of Garth's attempts at howling, which would end up sounding horrible. Lilly teaches him to get better at it, but not before more birds drop at the sound of it. Her casually pushing another bird onto the pile takes the cake.
    • Lilly proves to be a funny Omega in some ways, such as her impression of "turtle roadkill". Or when Garth tries teaching her to hunt, only for Lilly to fly right over the target, get stuck in a hollow chunk of bark, and stumble around.
  • Humphrey has a couple funny dancing sequences. As they stow away on the odd human couple camper, Humphrey dances in sunglasses and a Picklehaube-esque motorcycle helmet. Then, as the two are caught in the rain, he tries to stop with a rain dance. When Kate informs him that rain dances bring rain, Humphrey tries doing it in reverse.
    • When the camper gets to a truck stop, Kate wakes up to find she has a pair of sunglasses, a red wig, and a bra on her. She quickly shakes them off.
  • Humphrey pretending to hug Kate, but it turns out he was really hugging Mooch.
  • This:
    Kate: "we're in Idaho?!"
    Humphrey: "Ida-WHO?!"
  • During the arranged wedding, Kate backs down as she and Garth are about to touch noses to officiate the marriage. Garth, who has his eyes closed, realizes she's not there and feels around the air, trying to figure out where she went. There's also this exchange.
    Garth: What's wrong?
    Kate: I can't do this.
    Garth: {excitedly pumps his forepaw) Can't! {then feigns surprise} I mean, why can't you?

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

  • In the sequel, Kate and Humphrey's youngest cub Runt is held hostage by the Rogues to draw their packs' Alphas out to kill. Runt, however, manages to retain his Deadpan Snarker quality, even saying towards the wolves who could just kill him. One notable scene features a Rogue trying to kill Runt, only to be scared by Princess into falling off a ledge.
    Runt: {to the Rogue down there} Walk it off!
  • Kate and Humphrey's Casual Danger Dialogue as they repeat the vine-crossing act in the sequel
    Humphrey: I don't know if I can hold you.
    Kate: Are you implying that I've gained weight?!
  • To rescue Runt, Humphrey perches atop Garth's back and poses as a "big Alpha" named Lockjaw. Unfortunately, Humphrey is a really, really terrible actor, so awkward Hilarity Ensues.
    • Look down at times and you can see Garth shaking his head and rolling his eyes in response.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games

  • One scene shows Humphrey and Mooch playing in the mud. Mooch attempts to perform another wolf pile on Humphrey, like in the first movie. You see Humphrey's reaction followed by him struggling to get out from underneath Mooch after he lands, while noting that they're middle-aged now. (And Mooch is heavier.) It seems that he remains a Butt-Monkey even in his later years.
    • There's also how Mooch goes from mocking the cubs' idea of becoming a team for the Great Wolf Games to guilt-tripping Humphrey into becoming their coach. Not to mention his rather goofy laugh.
  • Agnes' comment upon seeing that Humphrey will be their coach
    Agnes: This is our coach?
    Brent: Apparently.
  • Humphrey's response to seeing the growing attraction between Fleet and Claudette
    Humphrey: Do you see that? He's flirting with her! That is what dogs do to throw the girl off her game!
    Kate: {amused} Is that what you did to me?
    Humphrey: {briefly caught off-guard} Well...yeah... {suddenly smug} And I only scored the prettiest Alpha in the region.
    • This is followed up by Humphrey embarrassing poor Claudette by forbidding her to date Fleet until she's "[her] grandma's age". Cue Kate being equally embarrassed by the hubby.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave

  • Tony states that he does not wish to recount his encounter at the Saw Tooth Cave, only for Winston to snark that he really does. The old Alpha still refuses...until he notices the cubs gathering around him with full attention. He gives in.
  • Before that, Winston and Tony were still sleeping. Eve wakes them up by yelling, "WAR!" It does the trick, and becomes a bit Hilarious in Hindsight considering the two used to be enemies.
  • Stinky, Claudette, and Runt steadily and repeatedly counter their parents' attempts to keep them close and spy on them, including an instance where they openly call them out for following them. Cue Humphrey and Kate making up cheap excuses before Humphrey confides to Kate that it was a bad idea.
  • Paddy "gets [his duck tendencies] out of his system" in Humphrey's drinking water. Humphrey assumes the worst.
    Marcel: Unlucky for you.
    • A little later, the two birds are once again recruited by Humphrey to follow the cubs. Paddy attempts to spy on them from a tree, but pushes a branch a little too far ahead, making it snap back in his face. The loud quack seals it.
  • Frieda and Fran decide that they may finally divulge information about Runt's whereabouts to his worried parents if they beg. Kate indignantly refuses, and the scene cuts to show Humphrey complying.
    • Before that, Humphrey concluded that the two porcupines were bitter because they "have quills, and no one will touch them". Their collective gasp really sells it.

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