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Heartwarming / Alpha and Omega

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Alpha and Omega

  • Kate and Humphrey's gradual development into a couple, complete with their shared howling session on the train. And nothing more has to be said about the ending.
  • As Garth tries to teach her to hunt, Lilly ends up flying over their practice targets and makes a fool of herself. Garth is amused, but Lilly tries to hide away in shame. He simply removes the hollow log she got stuck in and brushes away her Peek-a-Bangs to help improve her sight. Garth is wowed by how pretty her eyes really are, much to Lilly's surprise and delight. Shortly after this, Lilly keeps her bangs apart so her whole face can be seen.
    • There's also how she's quite overjoyed to hear Garth's bravely declare that he loves her (a Moment of Heartwarming in itself). When Tony gives his blessing, Lilly excitedly pounces Garth and the two lovingly nuzzle to everyone's vocal support of their new life together.
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    • Generally, Garth and Lilly's relationship arc. While Kate and Humphrey are bonding simply because their survival depends on it, Garth and Lilly are bonding simply because they want to. It makes their love all the more natural.
  • The two packs howling after Kate's Disney Death, putting aside their differences to mourn her. Especially Tony who had otherwise been an antagonistic character in the film.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

  • Princess' maternal instincts surface as she cares for Runt during his time as the Rogues' hostage. There's something especially sweet when Runt sleeps next to her, showing a level of trust that even Princess didn't anticipate. Not to mention how she immediately comes to Runt's defense and shows a fellow Rogue that you do not threaten the little guy in front of her.
    Runt {understandably nervous, to Princess} Time sure flies.
    Princess: Always does.
    Runt {worried} Are you gonna eat me?
    Princess: Eat you? {She chuckles, then responds jokingly and warmly} I'm sure you would taste very badly.
    Runt responds with a reassured smile.
    • Really, almost every scene involving Runt and Princess is a Moment of Heartwarming.
  • As corny as it is, the ending of A Howl-iday Adventure where Kate, Humphrey, and their cubs sleep peacefully under a Christmas tree at the gas station is heartwarming. Even morseo that the owner, who tried to shoot Kate and Humphrey in the previous film, is the one who left them food and shelter for the night.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games

  • There's a flashback when Claudette thinks back to when Kate taught her the sliding technique. It's short-lived, but still a pretty sweet mother-daughter bonding moment.
  • Claudette and Fleet's interactions in the film have moments like this, despite their rivalry in the Great Games. It's pretty clear they're sweet on each other, and Claudette teaches Fleet the aforementioned sliding technique as they help one another out. They ultimately use it in the final race so they'll tie and thus, ensure that neither loses.
    • Nars is pretty angry when his son doesn't win, thus costing him a chance to reclaim victory through his kid. However, when he sees that Fleet's happy with the outcome, he comes to realize that his son isn't devastated by this loss as he was. This prompts Nars to soften up considerably and tell his son that he's proud of him.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave

  • Daria's backstory is primarily a Tearjerker, especially given how she's nearly murdered on the spot because of her blindness. Her mother immediately cuts in to save Daria, and hides Daria away from the Head Wolf and the others, resulting in her own death. Even more heartwarming, she returns as a ghost, ensuring that Daria will remain protected.
  • Despite the various threats that come up, Runt does not relent in returning to the Saw Tooth Cave. And when he does, he does not relent in ensuring that Daria gets back home. And then, there's his argument for Daria to become a member of their pack.
    • Adding to that, there's also Kate's argument about Daria's heightened sense of hearing and how it'd be helpful in hunting. This is especially heartwarming when it's contrasted with the Head Wolf's dismissal of Daria as being useless because she couldn't see.
  • Floyd taking Daria in was pretty heartwarming, especially in the scene where he guides her as a cub to safety.
  • Although it's mostly a Funny Moment, seeing Humphrey actually comply with Frieda and Fran's demand that they beg for information about Runt shows how he'll do anything to ensure his son's safety.

Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation

  • That Fleet, Agnes, Brent, Fran, and Freida would all return and potentially endanger themselves (especially in Fleet's case, given the trackers' desire to catch wolf pups for money) to help out Claudette, Stinky, Runt, and their parents speaks for itself. It's also quite adorable to see these allies bond with the respective pups they have befriended (or fallen in love with, in the case of Fleet and Claudette).
  • The librarian lady from the first film reappears when the wolves, bear, and porcupines cross paths with her. She's initially scared by them, but has a change of heart when she recognizes them as a family. She gives them food, covers for them when the trackers arrive, and ultimately aids in their escape from the trackers when they pursue. The lady has a big heart.

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