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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

For The Alvin Show:

For Alvin and the Chipmunks/The Chipmunks:

  • How about the Berlin Wall song? Even if it is just a dream.
  • All three songs from Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman. In fact, the movie itself is pretty awesome.
  • The opening chase scene in Batmunk, set to DangerZone, starting with the goons shrugging off Batmunk existing at all, and ending with them cowering as his shadow looms over them.
    • The Bat Car even has a one-up on the real deal; being able to transform into a plane and submarine at the touch of a button. At one point the bad guys manage to slide it into the water with oil balloons, and it swims right back up, smashing through the dock and cutting them off from their getaway car.

For The Chipmunk Adventure:

For the Live Action Alvin and the Chipmunks:

  • Say what you will about the live-action movies, but the a capella versions the Chipmunks sing of Bad Day and Funky Town are pretty damn awesome.
  • When Dave steals the muffins after being rejected

For The Squeakquel:

  • In the second movie, Alvin and Simon going completely Papa Wolf on the bullies that're picking on Theodore.

For Chipwrecked:

  • As Alvin, Dave and Jeanette cross the log bridge Zoe grabs the rope Jeanette's still attached to and tries to reel her back to force her to retrieve more treasure even as the log they're on threatens to collapse and the volcano threatens to erupt. Just as it seems it's the end for Jeanette, Simon (who'd earlier bailed out out of cowardice) arrives and clutches Jeanette to try to pull her away. Alvin tries to gnaw through the rope, but it's too thick. Dave quickly reaches into his pocket and pulls out the pocketknife he confiscated from Alvin earlier and yells "ALVIIIN!" to get his attention. Alvin turns as Dave tosses the knife. In slow motion, Alvin leaps up after it. He catches the knife in his paw, then slashes the rope, freeing Jeanette.
  • Ian Hawke's Heel–Face Turn: He spends most of the movie helping Dave find the Chipmunks. In a way, does re-kindle his relationship with Dave as they rescue The Chipmunks. He even convinces Zoe to save Dave from falling off a fallen log with a big Heel–Face Turn speech.
    Ian: It's tempting to blame Dave. I know. I've been there. I wish I could take back all those years I spent plotting my revenge. All that time and energy wasted. All those pizzas I had delivered to his house wasted.
    Dave: Ian, that was you?
    Ian: Not now, Dave! Alright? You can let Dave fall to his death, and I could go back to the raft with the Chipmunks, become their manager again, and make tons of money, so really I'm good either way. But let me tell you something: Hate, anger, regret. Those aren't just members of a girl-group I once signed. They're what consumed me. And they're consuming you. It's not too late to do the right thing...Or again. I'm good either way. So I don't wanna sway you.
    (Alvin sprints in)
    Alvin: What're you guys doing?! Help me! Help me save my dad!
    • Zoe then does her own Heel–Face Turn and helps Dave & Ian & The Chipmunks escape the island as the volcano explodes.
    • In the end, Thanks to Zoe, as a result, Ian gets his fame and wealth back because this time, he used the right method to deserve it.

For Road Chip:

  • Theodore pushing Miles outta the way of a oncoming truck.
  • The Uptown Munk Number.
  • The Chipmunks and Chipettes' tribute to Dave by singing "Home (You Are My)", also a Heartwarming Moment, when Alvin shouts "I love you, Dad!"

For ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks:

  • Alvin as his secret agent persona (Lorenzo Lorenzo) throwing a letter into the post office. While riding his toy car. This is lampshaded by Alvin:
    Alvin: The most awesome moment of my life and nobody was there to see it!


  • Someone took the original covers and slowed them down so the vocals are at standard speed, resulting in sludge-y, intense instrumentation and slow, near-depressed pop-style vocals. It's better than it sounds. It's been christened "Sludgepop", and consensus is that it's Awesome.