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  • Everything Mummy Pig does in Funfair. Everything.
  • Miss Rabbit wins The Queen's Award for Industry. She brings the kids along to meet The Queen, who is a nice lady and good with the children.
  • Grampy Rabbit owns a functional spaceship, which he uses to get himself, the Pig family, her friends and members of their family to the moon. Because he believes the kids that Miss Duck had taken Peppa's gold boots to the moon. They find out that Miss Rabbit somehow managed to get there first because she runs a gift shop on the moon.
    • Did we forget to mention Grampy Rabbit is voiced by BRIAN BLESSED?
  • Daddy Pig, despite being much less competent at things than he thinks he is most of the time, turns out to be a really good drummer.
    • And a brilliant diver who can do a flip and land in the water without making a splash.
  • "Super Potato," a superhero whom we're led to believe is Mr. Potato wearing a costume, actually turns out to be real and helps Mr. Potato when he's trapped in his car.

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