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As a Moments page, spoilers are off. You have been warned!

While the Peppa Pig series has Slice of Life as its premise, the characters have their fair share of Awesome moments.


  • Daddy Pig, despite being much less competent at things than he thinks he is most of the time, turns out to be a really good drummer. He's also a brilliant diver who can do a flip and land in the water without making a splash.


  • Everything Mummy Pig does in "Funfair"; whenever the people running the booth games claim that their game is impossible to win, Mummy Pig ensures out of sheer anger that they are Instantly Proven Wrong.
    • In the archery minigame, Mr. Labrador, the one in charge, goes as far as to claim that women were "useless" at the game and that it was "a game of skill", which was clearly something that women lacked. He comes around after Mummy Pig hits a bulls-eye on her first go.
    • At the "Test Your Strength" Game, Mr. Bull insinuates that Daddy Pig wouldn't be strong enough to win the game because of his large belly. Mummy Pig is not impressed and wins the game five times over.
  • Miss Rabbit wins The Queen's Award for Industry. She brings the kids along to meet The Queen, who is a nice lady and good with the children.
  • "Fruit" features a double-whammy:
    • Miss Rabbit throws together several types of fruit at random to create "Dinosaur Juice" for George, which turns out to be tasty and popular enough for everyone to want to try it.
    • Then, when Miss Rabbit can't figure out the ingredients she used to make the juice in the first place, Freddy sniffs out not just the components added in the juice from its residue, but the exact quantities added to make the original batch.
  • Grampy Rabbit owns a functional spaceship, which he uses to get himself, the Pig family, her friends and members of their family to the moon. Because he believes the kids that Miss Duck had taken Peppa's gold boots to the moon. They find out that Miss Rabbit somehow managed to get there first because she runs a gift shop on the moon.
    • Did we forget to mention Grampy Rabbit is voiced by BRIAN BLESSED?
  • In the episode "Surfing", the Kangaroo family takes the Pig family to the beach. George is too little to go surfing, but after the waves stop, Daddy Pig takes George up to the water and lets him sit on him. Daddy Pig misunderstands everybody else's warnings when a big wave comes, and George ends up surfing back to shore on Daddy Pig's stomach, much to the delight and admiration of everyone else present.
  • "Super Potato", a superhero whom we're led to believe is Mr. Potato wearing a costume, actually turns out to be real and helps Mr. Potato when he's trapped in his car.