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  • Is Mr. Potato a human dressed as a potato, an animal dressed as a potato, or literally a giant walking, talking sentient potato?
    • Even the characters seem confused by Mr. Potato.
    • Yes.
  • In the episode when they rent the camper, why is the control for the kitchen sink on the driver's dashboard?
  • They have a washer, a computer, a car with SatNav... why don't they have a clothes dryer?
    • Because they spent all their money on the washer, computer and car - not to mention all the toys as well.
    • They just hang up their clothes outside. I'm pretty sure that they've done this in a few episodes.
  • Are we to assume that the parents, including those of Peppa and her friends, are all actually called Mummy/Daddy (Animal)? That must have made things fun when Madame Gazelle was teaching them.
    • Mommy Rabbit and Ms. Rabbit are twin sisters. Did their family just expect that one would have kids while the other would spend her life as a workaholic spinster?
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    • That’s not completely bizarre; in Middle Eastern culture, after the first child (sometimes son) is born, for instance, let’s go with Jamal, the parents are thus referred to as “Abu Jamal” and “Ummu Jamal”. Basically, just imagine that the Rabbit family’s surname was changed to “Greenfields” and everyone calls Mummy Rabbit “Mummy Greenfields”.
  • The rabbit kids live underground but can still see the sky and sun through their windows.
    • This is because they're occupying the inside of a hill.
  • Peppa is disgusted by the fact her newborn cousin wears diapers. George is only two though. Shouldn't he be in diapers too, or at least Peppa should remember when he was?
    • That doesn't make it any less gross.
      • But Peppa's reaction seems to be one of surprise.
      • Really? I thought it was just disgust.
      • It is both. It is clearly not something that had occurred to her as possible until Auntie Pig mentions it, as if she had had no prior exposure to babies in diapers (or is very forgetful).
      • Peppa actually is weirdly uninformed on a number of things in that episode. She is meeting Baby Alexander for the first time, but did nobody tell her about her new baby cousin's name or even sex ahead of time?
      • It's not that weird. When I was young my family members didn't inform me of most things happening in my family growing up.
  • How exactly does Tiddles the tortoise climb a tree?
    • Maybe someone put him there, or he rode up on something like a big bird's back. I dunno.
    • Slowly.
  • In "The School Fete", they have a facepainting booth where the kids get their faces painted up like tigers (because Miss Rabbit can only do tigers). In a world where all mammals (and only mammals) are sapient humanoids, isn't that like having a blackface booth? Especially considering one of the choices, which Peppa chooses, is an elephant and we KNOW elephants are sapient.
    • Not all mammals are sapient — note the hedgehog that Grandpa Pig finds in his garden. Later they introduce non-sentient guinea pigs (in a world with walking, talking hamsters), koalas, monkeys and platypuses. Plus a sentient crocodile.
  • Given that most of the animals are native to England (where I'll assume the show is set due to the accents), are we to assume Emily Elephant is supposed to be of African descent? Equally, Madame Gazelle could be said to be from a French speaking part of Africa.
    • Maybe.
    • Not necessarily. One might think the same about the Zebras, but Mummy Zebra sounds Irish.
    • So quickly one edges up against weird questions like "did Peppa's world have imperialism and colonialism"?
  • Mummy Rabbit's Bump has several. First, were the kids watching Mummy Rabbit give birth? It makes it seem like they did. Along with that, there's the fact that over nine months, Rebecca hasn't told Peppa about her mother's pregnancy somehow.
    • Rabbit pregnancies only last about 31 days. But that's still a long time for Rebecca not to have told Peppa.
    • And there's nothing that bad about a kid watching a woman give birth.
  • How did Peppa not recognize the Queen after seeing her on TV? Especially because the Queen is one of only TWO beings that look human, and The Queen certainly doesn't look anything like Father Christmas.
    • She's young, it's not too impossible believe that she just doesn't know about the Queen.
  • Why does the bunny girl blush when carrots are mentioned or seen? All the narrator is willing to tell us is that she likes carrots, but judging by that logic, everyone would have to blush when muddy puddles were mentioned or seen, which they don't, so....? Not to mention George and dinosaurs. Is the bunny embarrassed about her favourite food? She shouldn't be.
    • Rebecca Rabbit (and her mother) are mildly self-conscious about their carrot fixation (which goes beyond liking eating carrots — and they do seem to subsist solely on them — to owning toy carrots, dressing as carrots at Halloween and putting carrots in multiple time capsules). The narrator is employing his typical understatement: their whole lives basically revolve around carrots.
      • That doesn't explain why they're self conscious, though.
      • Is there a special explanation required? Is there no subject that you talk about too much? How do you react when somebody calls you on it?
      • Well, I'm a self-proclaimed nerd, so I don't get self-conscious about my interests and it takes me a while to realize other people do because it's kinda foreign to me.
      • I can think of at least 3 reasons:
      • 1) They're embarrassed about conforming to the stereotype that rabbits love carrots, and also about showing their love for carrots perhaps a bit too much (I'd be embarrassed too if I had such a massive fixation on such a thing).
      • 2) They may have both been bullied for it before.
      • 3) It's possible that both of them just got sick of carrots after a while.
  • How the heck are George's tears reaching zero gravity when he cries? Is it some sort of talent?
    • They're not reaching zero gravity, they're just kinda spurting out.
  • In "Delphine Donkey", M. Donkey mentions that Delphine brought things that are not available in the region Peppa and her family live in, such as cheese, bread, tomatoes and water. How could they not have basic food items (and especially water) over there? I don't get it. Even taking that out of the equation, I think the characters indeed have access to those particular items.
    • If what M. Donkey says is true, this would mean that all the characters live in a semi-Crapsaccharine World.
    • It's a joke on the French denigrating British cuisine.
  • Why are some mammals sapient and some are not? And why does Mrs. Crocodile exist if non-sapient crocodiles have been shown?
    • Simple: it's World Building. You see this in a lot of furry-based shows, movies and video-games like Animal Crossing.
  • Almost every time whenever the kids ask Madame Gazelle to sing the Bing Bong Song, she is unsure about that at first. Why, exactly?
    • It's a running gag; she's displaying mock reluctance. It's a mild teasing thing.
  • While Peppa and her friends were waiting for their shadows to go away until it hit night time, did they just... Stand there motionlessly until the sun set?
  • What's Dr. Brown Bear's first name?
    • To be fair, none of the first names of the parents are revealed. He could be called Bill Brown Bear for all we know.
    • It is interesting that he's called "Dr. Brown Bear" while his daughter is simply "Belinda Bear." Maybe he just likes to use the formal version or something.
  • Why doesn't George follow the alliterative pattern that the other characters do? He should be called Peter Pig or Patrick Pig or something to keep the theme going.
    • Not all characters follow this pattern, like Chloe Pig.

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