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The entire cast has a disease which causes them to fall over whenever they laugh for an extended period of time.

  • Yeah, it's called being a pothead. Everyone on the show is a pothead, which is why they laugh at everything.

The cast were Uplifted and live on a future planet Earth. Father Christmas is the Time Lord looking after them.
The characters are all anthropomorphic animals, but there are still worms, bugs, ducks and other birds. Their houses are Bigger on the Inside. The Pig family have been to Italy, so they are living on Earth of one sort or another. Conclusion: the cast's ancestors were Uplifted by scientists on a future (or replica) planet Earth. We've only seen one 'human' character - Father Christmas. He's a Time Lord hiding on the planet, supposed to be keeping a discreet eye on things, but can't help getting involved. (There are also a selection of talking potato TV stars. Probably genetically engineered celebrity vegetables.)
  • Another 'human' character is The Queen. She is either a Time Lord, really the Queen, or a shapeshifting lizard.
The show is set in a post-apocalyptic future where only animals could survive after an epidemic disease.
The only ones who actually survived were the animals and those who managed to genetically merge with them, thus making them hybrids capables of surviving the diseases of the future.

Of course, in the end only a few species managed to overcome this situation, so the survivors grew closer and trusted each other, so they made a small town together where small children can play outside without worrying of strangers.

Meanwhile, Santa Claus is a magical being, so he did not need to get across this procedure, and the Queen had just enough wealth to keep herself alive without having to alter her own genetics.

Peppa was born some time between August 23 and September 22.
Making her born under the Virgo star sign. I personally think her bossy personality is an indicator of this, as it's said to be a trait of those born under this sign.

Daddy Pig is going to snap and murder his family
Daddy Pig is constantly bullied and treated with little to no respect by his family, with his own daughter fat-shaming him and his constant attempts at impressing others failing. Daddy Pig may one day mentally snap from the stress and murder his family in a fit of rage.

There are several indications that Madame Gazelle is a vampire, but consider...
Plot Twist for the sake of Plot Twist: She's a werewolf.

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