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Awesome / The Fool and the Flying Ship

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  • The fact that the Fool remains calm throughout the whole ordeal with the Tsar giving him impossible tasks to do and yet the Fool always has a smile on his face and calmly tells the Tsar that the tasks will be done.

  • How each of the Fool's companions managed to complete each impossible task set by the Tsar.
    • Seeing the Eater eat up all the 1,000 loaves of bread in one bite and comments that it felt like he only ate 900 loaves of bread instead of 1,000 loaves.
    • The fact that the Runner ran across the world to retrieve the equator in the middle of Africa.
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    • The Sharpshooter getting a perfect shot at the flea that is asleep on the Runner's head in order to wake up the Runner.
    • The Puffer puffing up into a stronger version of himself and proceeding to tear the land apart in order to get the North Pole to the Tsar's palace to obtain the penguins.