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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The animated film

  • The escape from the train.
  • Anya and Dimitri vs. Rasputin.
    • Dimitri coming to Anya's rescue.
    Rasputin: Say your prayers, Anastasia! NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU!
    Dimitri: WANNA BET?! (punches Rasputin in the face)
    • The scene right before the above one, when Anya lunges at Rasputin, attempting to take his reliquary. When she approaches him, the look in her eyes tell the viewer that she is seriously pissed and could easily beat the living shit out of him.
      • Let's pause and linger a bit on this. While Anya has been somewhat a Distressed Damsel prior to this due to being at the mercy of Rasputin's magic, here she is totally in charge and has no fucks left to give, which only fits her overall Deadpan Snarker, take-charge nature throughout the rest of the movie. Then to further underscore the moment, she's Kicking Ass in All Her Finery (albeit rather tattered and damaged), and the iconic shot of the moment is a high-heeled shoe coming down on the reliquary. It's as if the whole moment is written to emphasize as much as possible how much Anastasia is a princess but also one who badassedly saves herself. Keep in mind this is years before modern animated heroines like Elsa/Anna, Moana, or (to a lesser degree) Rapunzel, and more in keeping with the earlier 90's heroines like Esmeralda and Pocahontas. In some ways ahead of its time, and something which arguably earns Anastasia a place among badass animated heroines.
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    • A sort of understated one for Bartok, but his refusal to participate in the final battle could be seen as one of these. He knows that the odds are in neither his nor his master's favor and his tone in which he says the following line is about as close to "defying" Rasputin as the little guy is gonna get.
    Bartok: You're on your own, sir. This can only end in tears!
  • Dimitri saving Anastasia and the Dowager at the beginning of the movie.
  • After much effort to return Anya to Marie purely so he can con her out of the reward money, Dmitri abandons this crusade when he realizes she's the real deal and instead turns down the money when Marie offers him the reward. Having fallen in love with Anya, it truly was a remarkable change of heart, and Marie confides to an embittered Anya of Dmitri's noble gesture.
  • Kelsey Grammer pulling off an entirely convincing performance as Vladimir, and is totally unrecognizable.
    • The same goes for Christopher Lloyd as Rasputin. He plays a brilliant villain, and you'll hardly tell it's him most of the time (except when he's shouting; that's when you can hear his hammier characters like Doc Brown and Kruge.)

The musical

  • Dmitry gets into a fight with some of his "friends". Anya joins in, and chases one of them off the stage.
    Anya: I didn't walk half-way across Russia without learning how to take care of myself.
  • Anya's entire unflinching Breaking Speech to Gleb. Regardless of whether she was suicidal (wanting to join her family in death) or bluffing with her life, it takes an impressive amount of courage to deliver that speech with a gun pointed at her face (which would probably have triggered her - literally - without the Character Development and the recovery of her memories.)


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