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  • Awesome Music: Musical quality varies between incarnations, with some of it being downright awful, but most fans agree that the second movie had a lovely soundtrack. Forever Young is probably the best example.
    • Also, the music of Care-a-Lot from the first movie is very nice and peaceful.
    • And if you like country music, "Has Anybody Seen This Girl" from the third movie is right up your alley.
  • In the DIC episode "The Night the Stars Went Out," Grumpy Bear helps defeat the evil musician Strato Nefarious by playing baseball with lightning bolts, using an umbrella for a bat.
  • Baby Hugs and Tugs of all people got a moment of awesome on the very first Nelvana episode "Care-a-lot's Birthday". To clarify; when they and the rest of the Care Bear family got cornered by No Heart, who at that point was wearing a magic amulet that protects him from the Care Bear Stare. So what do Hugs and Tugs do? they use their 'tumbling act' (basically a performance using acrobatics and gymnastics) to out-maneuver No Heart, steal the amulet from him, and throw the amulet into a bottomless pit, leaving No Heart vulnerable to the Care Bear Stare! Yep, just the first episode in that series and Hugs and Tugs get to be Badass Adorable, though what is essentially Le Parkour.
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  • Just about any time the Care-Bear Stare is used.

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