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  • The Crossover episodes with The Legend of Zelda. At least one of the major NES stars made it into the show.
    • Link actually got to stab and slash enemies with his sword.
    • In "The Quest For The Potion Of Power", when a moblin tries to use a child as a hostage to get the heroes to surrender, Kevin throws a sheet over the villain's head. As the child gets clear, Link slays the moblin.
  • "Mega Trouble for Megaland" is full of it.
    • Especially the "Dangerzone" montage. Regardless how stupid it is if you're a Megaman fan, you just can't go wrong with a montage.
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  • Wombatman is the first to call out Kid Icarus on his little speech "impediment-icus". This was probably supposed to be a huge Kick the Dog moment but it does the opposite.
  • Levi Stubbs voices Mother Brain!
  • Pit, Mega Man, and Simon Belmont in an ongoing crossover! This wouldn't happen again until Super Smash Bros Ultimate!
  • In one episode, Duke is lost in the world of Bayou Billy but, despite being alone and scared, manages to win a fight against a snake that threatens and attacks him.


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