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Nightmare Fuel / Care Bears

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Yes, even a normally lighthearted show like Care Bears has frightening moments.

  • The Spirit in the Movie is a spirit of implied demonic origin, being sealed away in a book. She "befriends" Nicholas, a lonely boy who wants friends, and convinces him to turn her magic on the town and eventually the entire world, removing everyone's feelings and making them violent and hateful. By the end of the movie Nicholas has gone completely crazy and power-mad, and she comes within two people in the entire world of destroying Care-A-Lot forever. Many modern-day reviews have expressed amazement at the Magic Is Evil plot, with special attention paid to the scene where Nicholas chases Kim and Jason through the funhouse with intent to kill/seriously injure them.
  • In the second movie:
    • Dark Heart can turn into anything, and at the beginning he attacks a ship in his sea serpent form.
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    • The scene when he captures the Care Bears is terrible. Their prison is in crystals. To make it worse, the Bears and Cousins are fully conscious in there and they are visibly frightened. Thankfully, Dark Heart reforms at the end of the movie.
  • In The Care Bears: Adventure in Wonderland, there is one scene when the wizard makes an incredibly horrifying face, as seen above. It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but when the wizard gets hit by lightning his face is huge, bugged out, blank-white eyes and a gaping maw full of fangs. It makes quite a sight, especially when it's a Jump Scare.
  • Professor Coldheart's first appearance had him luring runaway children and then mutating them into pathetic, voiceless creatures he kept as his slaves. His second appearance had him using a device to have every child in town frozen solid (and he took some time away from that plot to kidnap the Care Bear cubs, encase them in ice, and then kick them while singing about his plot). Later appearances had him keep it up - draining abducted children of energy to power a weapon, torturing a little girl by freezing her arm...
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  • In Care Bears Family, No Heart is just an evil, horrifying wizard who is obsessed with making the world lacking of caring. His appearance is creepy, and his motives aren't any better.
  • In one episode of Care Bears Family, No Heart teams up with Dr. Fright (who looks, sounds and acts like a vampire and enjoys putting people into death traps to scare them) to get rid of the Care Bears. Throughout the episode, No Heart intimidates Dr. Fright, particularly when he promises furiously to show the doctor "what the word fright really means!" should he fail. Naturally, the Care Bears escape... which is when No Heart, now in the shape of a writhing tornado of blackness with his glowing red eyes shining out of it, envelops a shrieking Dr. Fright and carries him away into the sky.
  • In Welcome to Care A Lot, the scene in the first episode when Beastly thinks he saw a monster in a storm is terrifying.
  • Plus, in the episode when Wonderheart gets impatient for her powers to work, when she is blasted away to another place, her belly badge is now grey.
  • In the episode when all the Care Bears have nightmares is... Just kind of disturbing. Grumpy's dream is funny, it has him being bothered by singing flowers and cute animals. But Wonderheart's dream is just Adult Fear. She dreams she is shrunken to a small size, and birds swoop above her. It finally reaches its peak when a humongous Floppy Bunny appears onscreen, smiling frighteningly cheerfully. Funshine's dream is even worse, as he is being chased by his motorcycle, and it is moving by itself. Sweet dreams.
  • The Care Bears don't just use their Care Bears Stares on villains. They sometimes use it on other people when desperate, but some people think of it as Mind Rape. Now, in the earlier incarnations the Stare was generally treated as a last resort (in one comic Professor Coldheart taunts and dares them to use the stare on him, and they use a few panels to rationalize that "well, he did ask for it, and it's never hurt anyone..."), but in later incarnations they became far more lax about it.
  • The first episode of "Care Bears and Cousins" has the Care Bears plus the Cousins almost disappearing from existence due to the Share Cloud not getting any Care Hearts.
  • Also from the second movie, this moment between the bears and Dark Heart:
    Tenderheart: We're terribly sorry.
    Share: Can we give you a hand?
    Harmony: Let's give him a big hug!
  • Hugs Bear shedding a solitary tear after being stuck in an ice block in "Battle The Freeze Machine". Doubles as a huge tearjerker as well.
  • It's all Played for Laughs, but the death traps (yes, death traps) in Grams' story in the Nelvana episode "The Perils of the Pyramid" are creepy in their own right. They include being shot by a giant arrow, falling into a pit and getting buried in sand, crushed by a falling ceiling and winding up trapped in a pit with a giant cobra. Fortunately. The Professor in the story (Brave Heart Lion) manages to evade all of the traps due to the two young helpers (Hugs and Tugs) and through dumb luck (with Beastly being on the receiving end of the traps, but even he wasn't seriously hurt.)


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