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Awesome / Batman: Under the Red Hood

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • Batman and Nightwing teaming up to kick Amazo's ass.
  • Joker killing one of Black Mask's goons with a broken glass and using that goon's gun to kill the others in seconds while still being incarcerated is both cool and scary at the same time.
    • The viciousness and psychosis he shows in that scene proves beyond reasonable doubt he could take a run at Heath Ledger.
  • Bruce laying the smack down on Jason. Then later dodging a bullet with his back turned and precisely throwing a miniature batarang into the barrel of Jason's gun before he lets out the next bullet therefore making the gun explode. Even the Joker was in amazement over it.
  • Batman leaping through a car being thrown at him by the bigger Fearsome Hand member, landing on the guy, and dropping a miniature device that sends him flying a few blocks away.
  • Some well-delivered catharticism: Jason delivering the same beatdown on the Joker that the Joker had done to him. The fear in the Joker's eyes when he sees the crowbar come out is pretty sweet.
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  • How about when we see Jason in a flashback stealing the tires off of the Batmobile? Doubles as a funny moment.
  • Red Hood pulling a gambit his mentor would be proud of, using Black Mask to get the Joker out of Arkham by making Mask desperate to get rid of him. It worked perfectly.
  • Red Hood and Batman teaming up to take on the Fearsome Hand of Four, becomes a heartwarming moment when Hood takes a bullet for Batman.
    • Kudos to the last member of the Fearsome For standing for being an Elite Mook (ablate partially due to the advantage of having a laser) and being on top of the fight for a while.
  • Seeing the flashback Jason take on the Riddler's gang as a playful, Lightning Bruiser back when he was Robin.
  • Meta: Even for fans who already knew Red Hood's true identity from the comics, the movie producers still managed to make the Big Reveal just as shocking.
  • Also Meta: this is a an adaption of a comic that the writer prefers over the take he wrote. For how this is so awesome, note 'Alan Moore' and his reaction to adaptations of his work.

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