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Awesome / Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

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  • Darkseid caving in to Batman's threat.
    Darkseid: "Well played. Had the Kryptonian or the Amazon taken that gamble, they would have lost. They do not have the strength of character to destroy an entire planet to achieve success. But you? A human? You kill your own kind to win battles; an admirable quality."
    • Made even more awesome by the fact that Darkseid is pummeling the hell out of him as he makes the threat, and Batman doesn't cave as he delivers his ultimatum.
    • Triply awesome due to the fact that, as anyone who has ever seen any Batman story will know, he was bluffing. He bluffed Darkseid.
  • Superman and Kara delivering a beatdown to Darkseid.
    • And Darkseid delivering a beatdown to them. It's pretty obvious that if he had only been fighting one of them, that one would have been killed. In fact, even against the both of them, Darkseid is still clearly the strongest of the lot, as only the fortunate appearance of his Boom Tube thanks to Kara provided enough distraction to save superman's life
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    • Special mention to Superman pummeling the crap out of Darkseid while simultaneously surrounding him in a hurricane and blasting him with heat vision. We know superman has all these powers but it's immensely rare to see them put to use simultaneously.
  • Then there's the moment when Kara does a heat-seeking missile gambit with Darkseid's Omega Beams, leads them around towards him, flies straight at him, suplexes him, and thereby causes him to get blasted with every single goddamned one of them.
  • Barda & Wonder Woman vs. The Furies.
    • Special mention goes to Barda killing Stompa.
    • Also, the combo Wonder Woman pulls at the 0.39 mark here.

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