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The original series

  • Zebedee coming to Dougal and Florence's rescue in "Magic Pot" when the titular object has turned them into an apple and a banana, then a flower and a elephant respectively. He makes the magic pot disappear and reverts Dougal and Florence back to their normal selves.

Dougal and the Blue Cat

  • Dougal, under the identity of Blue Peter upon dying himself blue, managing the resist sugar and thus earning Buxton's trust and gaining the title of Prime Minister in order to defeat him and rescue Florence and his friends from the dungeons.
  • The final battle between Dougal and Buxton on the moon as they make their way into the rocket and continue their battle from there. Before Buxton and the rocket crash into the factory, Dougal is thrown out of the rocket and lands safely to Earth with a parachute.
    • Afterwards, Dougal heads straight to the dungeon and frees Florence and everyone from their chains.

The 2005 film
Dylan doesn't believe in violence, but only in self-defence with martial arts.
  • After the opera concert was suddenly turned into a rock concert, Dylan singing his cover of "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks was pretty splendid. He even dances alongside Ermintrude since their share the same passion for music.
  • Mr. Rusty has his moment of awesome in the beginning when he tries to rescue Florence and the children who are on the Magic Roundabout, which was spinning rapidly out of control after Dougal accidentally crashed the sugar cart into it. He doesn't hesitate to jump onto the roundabout and tries to shut it down in the main controls.
    • Although he may have failed to stop the roundabout and getting trapped with Florence and the children when the roundabout freezes over, it was still awesome enough for Mr. Rusty, even for his age, to instantly come to the rescue as he cares more for the children's safety than the roundabout.
  • Brian immediately coming to Ermintrude's rescue when Zeebad pulls her by the tail to try and stop her from rescuing Dougal. He leaps in Zeebad's lair and bites Zeebad on the arm to make him let go. Though he faces Zeebad's fury by being grabbed by the scarf, he was instantly rescued by Dylan by pulling him to safety.
  • The battle between Zebedee and Zeebad, and even casting their respective beams of magic towards each other, until Zeebad defeats Zebedee and has him trapped in ice.
    • The moment when Dougal spots Zebedee trapped in ice, he and the gang don't hesitate to turn around and try and rescue him from Zeebad.
  • Brian standing up to Zeebad and defending Dylan when he demands Dylan to give him the map. Brian doesn't back down from Zeebad's wrath until Ermintrude steps in to defend Brian before giving the map to Zeebad just to get him out of the gang's hair.
  • Upon encountering the booby traps in the temple's entrance, Brian decides to go in first, unknowingly setting off all the booby traps. Despite this, he gets through unscathed. That is, when a large rock falls, seemingly crushing him, to everyone's shock. But it turns out that the rock landed in front of him as he came out from behind unharmed. Ermintrude's response about Brian going through the booby traps completely unharmed?
    Ermintrude: I never thought I'd say it, but... what a snail!
  • Dylan going into full badass mode with different forms of martial arts to take down the gang of ferocious skeletons who burst into the temple (due to Dougal accidentally tripping the laser beams with his gobstopper), and even succeed without breaking a sweat.
    Ermintrude: I don't suppose anyone knows anything about martial arts.
    Dylan: Just the basics of, like, kung fu, karate, judo, kendo, tae kwon do, anything-you-can-do and... tai chi.
    Dougal: Ooh, do they come with egg-fried rice?
    Brian: Dylan, can you beat them up?
    Dylan: Sorry, I don't believe in violence. (He grabs a skeleton who tries to attack from behind and hurls him to a column, shattering him into pieces upon impact) Except in self-defence.
    • Ermintrude herself also helps Dylan out by tapping on one skeleton's shoulder where he was going to attack Dylan from behind and whacks her hoof into the skeleton's skull, sending him flying and shattering into pieces.
    Ermintrude: I'm not just another pretty face!
  • Dougal managing to defeat the combined skeleton in the temple by pressing a button on the throne which activates the trapdoor below the skeleton, causing him to fall through into the mines.
    • He activates the trapdoor again under Ermintrude's command to get rid of Zeebad and Solider Sam when they are advancing on the gang after Zeebad took the second diamond and demanding the whereabouts of the third diamond.
  • The usually laidback Dylan snapping (or as Media Hunter puts it, "breaking out of hippie mode") long enough to throw a snowball at Zeebad, which then leads into the final battle.
    Dylan: This guy... is SERIOUSLY... MESSING... with my... KARMA!! Eat THIS, you jumped-up jack-in-the-box! (UK dub) / This guy... is seriously... messing with... the wrong... BUNNY!! Eat this, you twisted jack-in-the-box FREAK! (US dub)
  • Bill Nighy voicing Dylan in the UK dub is awesome in general, as he really makes him one of the best characters in the movie.
  • Soldier Sam turning against Zeebad for leaving him for dead, and attempting to attack him. He fails, but kudos for trying.
  • Ermintrude using her singing at a high note to shatter most of the ice on the frozen roundabout under Dougal and Brian's request after the former discovered the way to free the children upon seeing a crack forming in the ice as a result of Ermintrude screaming loudly when Zeebad zaps her tail.
  • The final battle where the gang outsmart Zeebad by stealing back the two diamonds and place them in their respective slots.
    • Dougal charging his way to go after the third diamond as it flies in the air whilst dodging Zeebad's attacks. He then leaps in the air and uses his head to knock the third diamond into its slot. This activates the magic from the roundabout as they melt all the ice around the roundabout, the village and the rest of the world along with the sun. Then, the magic grabs Zeebad, who's trying to escape and suck him back into the roundabout before restoring it back to normal.

The CGI series

  • Florence, upon taking Zebedee's advice on to capture the stubborn and smelly Dougal, sets up a plan to lure Dougal in "Dougal's Bad Smell Day". She shows her plan to everyone where she will be leaving the trifle as bait for him and when he comes, the cage will drop on him. Everyone agrees to the idea (with Ermintrude calling her a genius) and they all work with her plan. It almost works, but they failed to capture Dougal (due to Dylan, who's holding the rope for the cage, drifting off to sleep).
    • Although Brian states that he knew the plan would end in failure, Florence responds by saying "I'm not sure about that, Brian." which implies that Florence knows what is going to happen to Dougal afterwards. And it turns out that eating the trifle had made Dougal really sleepy and when he falls asleep, Florence and everyone else quietly take Dougal away and give him a bath when he wakes up.
  • In "The Thingy", Dougal managing to find the titular object (that he buried after he foolishly took it from the roundabout) despite getting himself stuck in the hole. Florence can see that Dougal is in trouble and uses a vacuuming device to try and rescue him. Although Brian may have accidentally blasted him and the object all the way to Australia, Dougal manages to return to the gardens with the thingy just as Florence rescues him.
  • In "Parcel Force", Dougal defends Ermintrude from the enchanted hair curling tongs (which was sent to Sam from his uncle) by placing it in a dustbin. Ermintrude shows her gratitude to Dougal and calls him a hero when Sam and Florence arrive.
  • Near the end of "The Cow In The Hat", the Plucky Girl Florence manages to get a beautiful brimmed hat from Mr. Grimsdale and approaches the bossy Ermintrude in order to persuade her to swap the bossy hat she's wearing (which made her really bossy and overbearing) after seeing that Ermintrude is going too far with her bossy attitude when she tries to clamp the Magic Roundabout. Whilst trying to persuade Ermintrude to swap hats, Florence isn't really afraid of Ermintrude's overbearing behaviour where she never backs down as she is clearly confident and successfully convinces Ermintrude to take off the bossy hat and wears the beautiful brimmed hat, thus reverting her back to her original self.
  • In "Read All About It!", Dougal immediately coming to Florence's rescue on Train after her planned dramatic situation goes horribly wrong note . He leaps onto Mr. Grimsdale's cart and they catch up to Train where Dougal jumps onto Train and applies the brakes. This what earns him a interesting story in the Enchanted Gardens' Newspaper.
  • In "School's In, Out and Roundabout", Florence taking her role as a schoolteacher seriously is just awesome as she knows a lot of things when she helps Mr. Rusty solve his crossword paper earlier. While she teaches the lesson to her students and award them gold stars for their excellence, Florence does have to discipline Dougal for his behaviour and never hesitates to threaten him to keep him behind after school if he doesn't apologise to Brian for his insults.
    • Florence even made good on the threat later when she instantly caught Dougal red-handed after she noticed his crude drawing of her (along with his signature) on the chalkboard at the start of the last lesson before the day of school ends. To drive home the Laser-Guided Karma for Dougal, she had earlier taken away the school bell that Dougal placed underneath his desk and secretly rings it just to get the lessons to abruptly end. After Dougal tries to unsuccessfully ring the bell with his switch, Florence reveals the disabled school bell to him before everyone laughs at him in amusement.
  • In "Emergency Measures", Dougal, Dylan, Brian and Train responding straight into an emergency when the Magic Roundabout is spinning out of control. They tie a rope at the end of Train's carriage to try and slow the roundabout down, but they fail and end up spinning with the roundabout. Very fortunately, Florence calls for Zebedee and he uses his magic to slow the roundabout down to a complete stop, as well as rescuing Dougal and his friends.
  • Mr. Rusty placing in the magic gasket with enough confidence given by everyone and without his need for his lucky teddy, Mr. Pickles in "Mr. Rusty's Luck", he manages to get the Magic Roundabout working again.
  • Fly pestering Mr. Grimsdale to give Dougal's Ming bowl to him in "It's a Ming Thing" by threatening to eat some of his food from the boxes in front of his shop if Mr. Grimsdale doesn't give Dougal's Ming bowl to him. Although Mr. Grimsdale tries to persuade Fly with something else, but eventually gives in and lets Fly take the Ming bowl.
  • In "Dougal the Helpful Helper", Dougal responds straight to Florence's screams for help as she was being pestered by the enchanted vacuum, duster and mop (which was actually Zebedee's doing as he and Florence staged this because they felt sorry for him after they heard Dougal accidentally messing things up for everyone when trying to help them) and immediately comes to Florence's defence by fending off the enchanted aforementioned things just as everyone, who Dougal tried helping earlier and having heard Florence's screams for help, came rushing to the scene.
  • Florence immediately responding to Mr. Grimsdale's crash in "Emergency!" after he crashed into the Magic Roundabout's scenic panels whilst swerving to avoid Brian due to Mr. Grimsdale getting distracted by talking to Dougal. The first thing she does is to turn off the engine on Mr. Grimsdale's motorbike before she helps a shaken Mr. Grimsdale back on his feet. Afterwards, everyone, including Soldier Sam, praises her for knowing what to do in an emergency.
  • In "Train Gets Lost", when Train is running out of control (due to being overheating as a result of his faulty heating system), Mr. Grimsdale bravely leaps onto Train and he gets into the cab with Zebedee's help where he closes down the water valve.