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Awesome / Breadwinners

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  • Swaysway and Buhduece fighting their robot doppelgangers in "Rocket Trouble".
  • Buhdeuce literally saves the day with his butt in "Thug Loaf", by Booty Kicking a lever to drop all the biker ducks (and a monster) in the Rocket Van.
  • Jelly leveling up and defeating PB and the rest of the Ponda Bears in "PB&J"
  • In the Wrath of the Pizza Lord; Swaysway, Buhdeuce, Zoona, and Roni all worked together to defeat the Pizza Lord by having him go through in trying ANY kind of pizza until he explodes. Also a heartwarming moment that despite Zoona not wanting any help from the boys even when the punishment is getting eaten, they did it to help them anyway and it paid off. Now the girls are free to deliver pizzas and be their own bosses.

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