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  • Steve as a pirate in "Steve the Fearless Pilot" standing up to Woody, rounding up the local rednecks (Bobby, BoDean, and Firecracker Jim) as his crew, and winning over Ethel.
  • Steve calling out his childhood hero, Flamey the Bear, for being a drunken asshole who used and abused them...then running him over after Flamey confessed that he had sex with Steve's mom on the day Steve met him as a child.
  • Malloy drowning Ethel's obnoxious sister and her husband for no other reason then she was upsetting Ethel, closest the shows ever come to a Heartwarming Moment.
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  • Even if it was one of the most disgusting episodes of one of the most disgusting shows on TV Woody Calling the Old Man Out then throwing his mother out of his house in "That Brothers My Father" deserves a mention.

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