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"In the Loud House! In the Loud House!"

    Bathroom Break 
  • Lincoln getting Lori out of the bathroom by threatening her with Lily's dirty diaper. While that may seem silly and gross, it demonstrates how resourceful Lincoln is.

    Season 1 

101a - Left in the Dark

  • Lincoln's plan to get the TV to himself so he can watch the season finale to ARRGH!, of which primarily revolves around coming up with distractions for his sisters. Highlights include making a light show for Luna and filling Lynn's football with helium.
  • Later, outrunning all of them to get the remote.

102a - Heavy Meddle

  • The girls, from Lori to Lisa, going into instant protective sister modes when they find out someone's bullying Lincoln (although they initially assume that the bully is a boy).
  • Lincoln giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to his sisters for always meddling into his life.

102b — Making the Case

  • What does Lincoln to show his deepest regret over taping his sisters' embarrassing moments and posting them online? Make an equally embarrassing video of himself.

103a - Driving Miss Hazy

  • While Leni taking it literally when Lori asks her to make her bed is just Leni being Leni, she builds an impressive fancy bed.

103b - No Guts, No Glori

  • Lisa invents something that can clean rooms in seconds flat.

104a - The Sweet Spot

  • Lisa figures out why the Sweet Spot is the best seat in a few seconds, whereas it took Lincoln months.

105a — Project Loud House

  • Lincoln using his knowledge he has over his sisters' to make them get to to the car quicker. While his original diorama may have been destroyed, his innate knowledge over them is impressive.
  • Lincoln's sisters managing to pretend to be a life-sized diorama. None of them move a muscle. Not even Lily!

107a - Picture Perfect

  • Lincoln presenting his parents with the original picture taken of himself and his sisters as an anniversary present, after having taken a second picture out of dissatisfaction with the old one due to his sisters' antics during the shot. He comes around and realizes just how much he loves them for who they are, and their parents choose to hang it over the mantle.

107b - Undie Pressure

  • Lily successfully manages to win a bet for her sisters against Lincoln by not crying. Apparently she's less of a crybaby than Lincoln thought.
    • Not to sell the others short. Lola, Luna, Lincoln, and Lisa showed impressive impulse control, in particular compared to their other siblings. Without the outside stimuli of a British Accent contest and a unique stool sample they could have held out for quite a while longer. Lincoln was able to adapt through his weaknesses and Lola was able to resist looking at herself until she and Lincoln started getting into a pressure contest. Heck the fact that Lincoln only lost because Lily was too quiet and everyone forgot about her is worth noting.
  • Lola going out of her own way to order Lincoln his victory undies; even more impressive as she's a six-year old who knows how to file a mail order.

108a - Linc or Swim

  • Lincoln kicks his sisters out of the pool he bought for himself when he becomes angry that their fun is not allowing him to enjoy it. His sisters elect to buy their own pool and what do they do when Lincoln comes out front? They invite him to join them; in a rare instance, the sisters are not bitter with their brother, as all of them would rather that they're all having fun together.
  • How does Lincoln return the favor? He invites everybody back into his pool when theirs is accidentally destroyed.

109a - Overnight Success

  • Nickelodeon's first ever appearance of same-sex parents, Clyde's parents to be precise. Nickelodeon as a program has gone a long way.
    • Another awesomeness point? The show refuses to make a big deal about this, at The Reveal or after. The Reveal has Lincoln greeting the McBrides the way any kid would greet their friend's parents and every time they appear, they act as the parents of their child with no special attention drawn to the fact they're both men. And the only time this becomes remotely relevant involves the Surprisingly Realistic Outcome that two men can't produce biological kids by themselves and have to adopt.

109b - Ties That Bind

  • Mistakenly believing that their parents intend to kick Lincoln out of the house, the Loud sisters again rush to their brother's defense, staunchly refusing to let him get kicked out. Especially noteworthy as Lincoln had confessed to fantasizing about being an only child when under the impression that it was his sisters who were to be kicked out. Although they didn't appreciate this, they nonetheless continued to stand up for him, showing just how much they mean to each other for all their bickering.

111b - The Green House

  • Among all the eco-friendly suggestions, it's surprising that Lisa reneged on his suggestion to her (using Lily's soiled diapers as biofuel), which even the Child Prodigy herself stated is genius.
  • After Lincoln has his Heel Realization, he peddles hard and long enough to power THE ENTIRE HOUSE FOR THE EVENING by himself. This is especially notable since the Loud House has such a massive eco footprint that he needs a ladder to show off the entire chart.

112a - Along Came a Sister

  • All of Lincoln's sisters (minus Leni) going out of their way to help Lincoln protect his class' pet tarantula Frank from the exterminator when their Dad calls him in to kill it. The fact that he doesn't even have to ask them for this favor and that they insist on it shows just how much they care.
  • When Leni, who is terrified of spiders saves Frank from the exterminator and actually convinces him to back off, all to keep Lincoln from losing the trust of his classmates.

112b — Chore and Peace

  • When Lisa's trash creation, Trashy, transforms into a giant, it easily takes a hold of both Lori and Lincoln. But after the kids decide to call off the strike, Lincoln (who is often seen as the weakest) manages to throw the much bigger Trashy, one that earlier manhandled him, to the street where the rest of the garbage is.

113b - It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House

  • When the siblings finally find the hidden case with the money, Lincoln sees that it's locked. Leni of all people manages to unlock it with her hairpiece. The siblings are amazed, to say the least.
    • Before that, Lana digs up the box using only her bare hands.
    • And after that, Lola checks to see how much money there is. She just holds it up to her ear, flips the top, and accurately guesses that there is $500.
  • Mr. Loud actually giving his kids his $500 bonus from work as their reward for finally learning how to share the money they earn.

114a - Toads and Tiaras

  • Lincoln's innate knowledge on beauty pageants, thanks to coaching Lola.
  • Lana trying, and eventually succeeding, at imitating Lola as she takes her place in the pageant. She actually remarks that she, the lover of all things dirty and gross, actually likes how she looks and feels in a dress!
  • Lana carrying her handyman tools inside her dress.
  • Also, Lana in a dress!
  • Lola's Slasher Smile when Lana fears what she'll do to her for impersonating her.
  • Lana finally deciding to be herself, capping off her performance with a noisemaking dance.

115a - Cover Girls

  • Like in other episodes, all the kids show great teamwork during times when they work together. For here, both when all of the sisters sneak Lincoln back inside before the parents find out he missed curfew, and later when Lincoln's able to (mostly) cover for all of them by himself the next day. It only becomes impossible to handle when a outside problem, a call with Pop-Pop, crops up, and even then Lincoln manages to handle it for a time.

116b - Out on a Limo

  • Lincoln and his sisters pelting Tetherby with mustard.

117b - A Novel Idea

  • The dangers Lincoln braves through to recover the book his mom has been working on, including sitting on a girder above a construction site.
  • Lynn Sr.'s workplace has a doughnut machine and a zip line.

118a - April Fools Rules

  • Lincoln enduring every single prank in the house to keep Ronnie Anne from suffering them. Ronnie Anne even flashes a cute, grateful smile for the effort even though she was involved in Luan's plot to draw him out.
    • In turn, Luan reveals Lincoln Taking the Bullet for Ronnie Anne was the successful result of her epic Batman Gambit prank: Call Ronnie Anne, tell her how much Lincoln "loves" April Fool's Day, which brings Ronnie Anne over, forcing Lincoln to come out of his barricaded room to trigger all the pranks that Ronnie Anne would've endured, and cap it off with a pie in Lincoln's face from Ronnie Anne herself except that Ronnie Anne turns the pie back on Luan as thanks to Lincoln for taking all those pranks for her.
  • The fact that, despite all of Lincoln's efforts, Luan still ends up managing to prank her entire family in the end (Leni having fallen for the kitchen signs and all the rest with the paint bomb in the van.)

118b - Cereal Offender

  • Lincoln not only diffused his sisters' grocery store antics (at least initially), but uses frozen peas, a corncob pipe and "floating lobsters" to take down the bratty Expy who tried to make off with Lincoln's hard-earned box of Zombie Bran and gets the kid kicked out of the store to boot, claiming the box for himself. Do not get between Lincoln and his cereal.

120a — Roughin' It

120b - The Waiting Game

  • Lori showing nothing but absolute kindness to Lincoln for helping her get the job at the pizza arcade.
  • Also, Lincoln being the once to convince the manager to hire Lori.
  • Lincoln convincing the manager to let him fill in for Lori to make up for all the free stuff he forced out of her so that she would not miss her big dance, abandoning his chances to attend a popular kid's party in the process.
  • Lori showing up in full dress to thank Lincoln for saving her evening, capped off with the two hugging.

123a - One Of The Boys

125b - One Flu Over the Loud House

  • Lincoln really takes charge of the flu-free siblings, which is serious Character Development from his time in "No Guts, No Glori." He uses his zombie flick Genre Savvy to great effect; he has a contingency plan with Clyde in case of the flu bug popping up, pulls a Pretend We're Dead gambit to ward off the infected for a while, has a number of escape routes from the house thought out, barricades his infected parents so they can't escape, uses a tissue box as a proverbial flare to lure the infected Louds away, and even Taking the Bullet for Leni despite their disagreements about how to handle the flu pandemic...even though that last bit is downplayed due to Lincoln infecting Leni anyway.
    • Kudos to Lisa as well for being Crazy-Prepared enough to have specialized chicken-soup water guns handy to repel the infected Louds in order to make their escape.

    Season 2 

202A: Intern For the Worst

  • Clyde managing to pin down Lincoln during their brief scuffle. Especially considering that Lincoln does frequently brawl with his sisters while Clyde has no experience in comparison.
  • Lincoln and Clyde teaming up against Mr. Flip for taking advantage of them and for his cheap tactics in the store, especially getting him to do the dirty work he had them do for him.

202: The Old and the Restless

  • Pop-Pop proves that not all old people are frail by doing things such as rock climbing, bull riding, and skydiving!
  • The other old people (Scoots, Seymour, and Bernie) have some awesome too. Even though they're not as hale and hearty as Pop-Pop (Scoots has a mobility scooter, Seymour and Bernie walk with canes, and they end up throwing their backs out), they're just as spirited: they hook their canes together to hoist Lincoln and Pop-Pop up and when Pop-Pop is caught, they insist that if he's kicked out, Sue should kick them out too.

204b: Making the Grade

  • Lisa saving her kindergarten class (including Liam's sister) with her strep cure.

208b: Kick the Bucket List

  • Sure it ends up badly, but Lincoln and Clyde still manage to cram their holiday activities into one day, and it doesn't even make them tired.
  • Lincoln and Clyde making it home in time by riding Scoots's scooter, some sheep, a pushcart, and trashcans.

211b: Pulp Friction

  • Lincoln and Clyde's own Ace Savvy comic, which includes superhero versions of all the Loud Sisters.
  • All 10 sisters collectively helping Lincoln and Clyde to get their comic to the post office in time.
  • Special mention goes to Leni for her means of getting to the post office even after Vanzilla breaks down, earning her praise from her siblings, notably Lucy, for her good thinking!

212b: L is for Love

  • The reveal that Luna is bisexual on the account she did have an interest for Hugh and having a crush on Sam, who happens to be a girl, is another progressive move for Nick.
    • There's even more to it than that: the staff have stated that, outside of her being neither heterosexual nor homosexual, Luna will not be canonically labeled so she can represent all the orientations that would cover liking both males and females, which is a much needed thing in children's media. Plus there's the fact that Sam will be returning, meaning we will likely get some kind of conclusion about Luna's Love Confession.

213: The Loudest Mission

  • In a meta sense, one of Ronnie-Anne's cousins, CJ, is confirmed to have Down's syndrome. And the show handled his character with grace. This tumble post can better sum it up:
    He has to be one of the cutest characters in the series. I admit it, I was worried about the entire Character with Syndrome Down, thinking that “Oh, they are gonna make a big deal out of this” but no! He was treated just a normal kid with a different form of talking, just like the McBrides were treated as a normal couple of the same gender.
  • The fact that Lori/Bobby and Lincoln/Ronnie are still together (albeit keeping up long-distance relationships). Lots of kids shows would have couples break-up when a moving episode shakes things up. Not here; in fact, Chris Savino himself has gone on record as saying he's in full support of these two couples sticking it out.

218a: Change of Heart

  • Clyde manages to build a rather impressive snow sculpture of Lori as an angel. True, Lori finds his crush on him annoying, but that's an amazing feat.

219a: Lynn-er Takes All

  • In the Louds' first attempt to beat Lynn at a board game, Lola chooses to go one-on-one with her with a game that's pageant themed, and she manages to push Lynn into a corner a few moments later. That's when Lynn decides to read the rule book and finds out that if she rolls three tens at once, she'll automatically win the game. You can guess what happens next.
    Lynn: Did it! (cue Lola Fainting while her siblings gasp in shock).

219b: Yes Man

  • The Loud sisters manage to convince SMOOCH to come over to the Loud house to sing.

222b: Mall Of Duty

224: Tricked!

  • Three words: You Got Tricked!
    • To put it into perspective, two bullies had just trashed the neighborhood that Lisa, Lana and Lola were trick or treating in AND had stolen all of their candy in the process. Lincoln then decides to use Lucy's haunted cornfield and tricks the bullies into it. What follows is the two tough guys being scared out of their minds and running off saying they'll never come to that neighborhood again. You do not mess with the Louds!

226a: Snow Way Down

  • Lincoln and Clyde braving a dangerous ski ramp, especially since the latter is revealed to be acrophobic in "Dance, Dance Resolution".

    Season 3 

301: Tripped!

  • The Louds manage to repair and fly an old plane.

305b: Fool Me Twice

  • The ending of the episode may bring rejoice from those with mixed (or even negative) opinions on "April Fools Rules" and "Fool's Paradise". Luan's latest prank (to use the stunt doubles that the family was going to use to avoid her pranks to ruin their reputation) has the rest of the family to decide to move away to avoid embarrasement. Once she sees how serious they are note , she actually breaks down crying, even stating that she will never prank again if they change their minds! Then,... "APRIL FOOLS!" Oh, look it was just a prank! And then this happened...
    Luan: I really got to hand it to you guys, you are really starting to get the hang of it! But you might want to stop that truck. (as the truck drives away)
    Lincoln: Actually most of those boxes were empty, except for the ones with YOUR stuff! So you might want to stop that truck.

309a: The Mad Scientist

  • Lisa cracked time travel. And because she used it at the end to go to the previous day, before she explained it to the other scientists, she's now the only one who knows how it works.

310a: Deal Me Out

  • The moral that you're never too old for what you love, complete with the reveal that some of Lori and Leni's friends are also Aceheads.

314b: Scales of Justice

  • Lana, a six-year-old, is able to create a monster suit that's so convincing she's mistaken for a real monster.

316a: Sitting Bull

  • Lynn doing what none of her older sisters managed to accomplish and taming the ruthless Fox Quintuplets. None of her older siblings had Lynn's fearlessness or bravery to stand to them, but Lynn does!

316b: The Spies Who Loved Me

  • Ronnie Anne proves that she can hold her own in the city, throwing off the pigeons and rats with food and avoiding crashing into stuff.

317: Really Loud Music

  • The episode is filled to the brim with Awesome Music!
  • Luna choosing to remain true to herself, even if it means being disqualified and losing her record deal.
    • Lynn and Lana stopping Michelle and Doug from pulling the plug on Luna's performance.

    Season 4 

43a: Roll Model with the Casagrandes

  • Ronnie Anne saving Nelson from having a beehive land on him.
  • A man saving an old woman from having cans fall on her.
  • While it got in the way of her plan, it was still cool to see Ronnie Anne accidentally put out a fire by landing in the fountain.

46a: Washed Up

  • When the Louds are marooned on an island, they're able to find adequate food and water and build a shelter in about six hours. Especially telling how Lola, who's only six, is implied to have built her relatively fancy bed on her own.
  • When the parents are crying and think they have no hope of getting off the island, the kids are determined that they will find their way off the island in less than eight months.

413-:Any Given Sundae

  • Lily, a baby, demonstrates a lot of scheming talent for her age (maybe she takes after Lincoln).
    • Although she fails to communicate with them, she seems to get the general idea that when one of the Loud kids has something important to say, they lead their siblings into Lori and Leni's room and talk and write about it.
    • She has enough cognitive skill to understand that the parents might trip and say, "No ice cream", so she moves the toys that are on the floor, then mops the kitchen floor with her butt.
    • She gets Charles to catch Lynn's ball, Walt to distract Luan (although she does end up accidentally being knocked unconscious), and changes the channel to one the twins were both satisfied with.
    • She can read numbers, as demonstrated by her hearing that the shop closes at five and seeing that it's 4:31.
    • She reads the map and finds a shortcut to the ice cream shop, then uses an alphabet block and her blanket to push the police bike down the hill.
    • She knows from memory that Flip's serves ice cream, and intentionally soils her diaper so that the family will take her there to be changed, then she jumps out of Lynn Sr.'s arms onto the freezer.

415a: Rocket Men

  • Lincoln and Clyde manage to do well on the flight simulator, even though it was talked up as nauseating and they did badly on the other rides.

419: Kings of the Con

  • The scene of the girls saving the boys from the Kitty.

418A - Singled Out

  • While Lynn isn't confirmed to be ace or aro, the fact that the whole episode centers on "don't force yourself to date just because your friends are" is very impressive as it's not a lesson used often enough.
    • Also one of Lynn's teammates is dating a girl and this is given no more fanfare than any of the other couples, being treated as something completely normal.

House Flip

  • While it fails in the end, the Loud children do manage to keep Flip a secret for six straight days.

On Thin Ice

  • Lynn manages to do so well when she involuntarily joins in on the hockey game, she impresses everyone, including a famous hockey player.
  • Lynn's favourite team seemed to be almost doomed to fail, yet they managed to win anyway.

Wheel and Deal

  • Lincoln and Lana manage to turn a bathtub into a working (if a little slow) go-kart.
  • Even though Lana didn't like it when Lincoln and his friends cheated, the way they do so is impressive:
    • First Rusty steps in and makes a detour.
    • Then, Zach and Liam set pigs free that trample mud all over the track.
    • Finally, Stella uses drones to push Lana's go-kart.
  • Lana getting her ride with Bobbie Fletcher even though she didn't win the race.

A Dark and Story Night

  • The story's protagonists manage to barter with Luna's character, who is a god.
  • Lucy's character managing to beat Lynn's character, who is a very buff and probably very competent athlete, at basketball.

How Double Dare You

  • Lincoln and Leni winning Double Dare, while seeming like the two worst family members to play.

    Season 5 


  • Lincoln using a zip line to get into the bathroom.
  • While it was wrong of Lily to trick everyone into believing she isn't potty trained, it shows that she's quite intelligent for her age.

Family Bonding

  • Lincoln ends up being right in his outlandish-seeming belief that the neighbors are spies. He even managed to guess what "S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E" stood for and what their evil plan was. And special mention goes to him quickly thwarting the Millers' plan just after his family figured it out.
  • The Millers seemed to be able to invent a way to teleport at the end.

Band Together

  • Luna and her band manage to impress Katie, even though she said she wasn't interested in hearing any more teen bands.

Blinded by Science

  • Flip, as it turns out, has one super-strong leg, can hold his breath for five minutes, and has a high tolerance for the cold.
  • Lisa, Lincoln, and Clyde successfully sneaking into the laboratory.
  • The boys manage to fight off the guards with frozen Flippee-balls.
  • Lisa manages to crack the password in seconds flat. Bonus points in that, far from being always "swordfish", it was the legitimately hard password of "incognito" in Latin, backwards.
  • Lisa chewing Dr. Linnaeus out for viewing Flip as a mere test subject and putting his life in danger.
    Lisa: "His name is Flip!"
  • Flip tripping Dr. Linnaeus and the security guards with a spilled Flippee, leading to them being launched into space.

Season's Cheatings

  • The backpack Lincoln wanted makes you able to fly. No wonder he was so keen to get it!

Cow Pie Kid

  • Liam having an amazing throwing arm and catching onto baseball very quickly.

No Bus No Fuss

  • Upon deciding to go back on the bus after their attempts at going to school through other means fail, Lincoln and his gang discover that since they left, the bullies they encountered (who had previously picked on and pummelled them for accidentally spilling their stuff onto them and stepping in "their line") are starting to pick on the other kids on the bus. What does Lincoln do? He rounds up everyone, and we mean everyone on the bus to put all three jerks in their place. And to prove he's not messing around, he steps in their line to spite them.

School of Shock

  • Miss Allegra taming a live dinosaur.

  • This artwork of the Loud siblings in anime style.
  • The sole fact that this show has beaten SpongeBob SquarePants, Nickelodeon's longest-running and seemingly undefeatable show, in viewership counts as this in and of itself. Both The Loud House and Harvey Beaks are considered to have won back the crowd for the channel as a whole (however, the latter fell to typical Screwed by the Network behavior, while The Loud House is being held in the same regard as Spongebob).
  • Two words: The Loud House Movie! Paramount has plans for a Loud House Movie, set for release in February 2020. This is a big deal for more than just this show is getting a movie. This announcement came out less than a year after the show's premier, making this the fastest announcement of a feature film adaptation in the history of Nickelodeon, if not all of western animation!note 
    • The movie is slated to come out in 2020, which is four years after the show premiered, and one year sooner than frickin' SpongeBob got relative to when his show premiered (that being in 1999, and his first movie came out five years later in 2004). Really, the only show to get a movie sooner in their lifetimes is South Park, whose movie came out two years after it premiered.
  • The movie won't be coming to theaters, but to Netflix! [1] Despite being put on hold, Nick came through and will still air the movie in digital form! Even better is that Nick said it would help promote the show along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is also getting a movie on Netflix.
  • And now the show has its own PODCAST—Listen Out Loud. Hosted by the Loud siblings, no less! This makes the show one of, if not the ONLY, animated TV show to have its own devoted podcast to itself.
  • You want to know how quickly popular the show became? Two words: spinoff series. Yup, Ronnie Anne and Bobby are getting their own series with their own family! This alone is awesome for three important reasons: 1) the Loud House Universe is about to get a little bit bigger, 2) the show is about to become a franchise, and 3) despite Chris Savino's firing, the Loud House is still going strong!
  • Lincoln, Lucy, and Clyde appear going to appear in Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2. And not only that, Lincoln is the one who's front-and-center on the box art rather than SpongeBob. For reference, the last time SpongeBob didn't mug the cover of a Nicktoons crossover game was the original Nicktoons Racing, 20 years ago!note  Really shows just how popular the show is when Nick is willing to let it be the center of attention rather than their usual and more iconic cash cow.


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