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Tear Jerker / The Loud House

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Lynn: We're officially the worst siblings ever.
Leni: Poor Lily. She'll probably grow up super gloomy, dress in black, and listen to sad music all the time.
— "The Crying Dame"

Wait, you thought The Loud House is not too sad enough because it’s a slice of life show? Think again!

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    Season 1 

Left in the Dark

  • When Lincoln gets to the couch, thinking he's gotten all his sisters out of the way, he's startled by Lucy who's gotten there first. When he remarks that he always forgets about Lucy, her response is "Story of my life". If her siblings forget about her all the time, then maybe that's why she's always startling people. She's not sneaking up on them, they always forget she's there.
  • Lincoln missing his show at the end.

Heavy Meddle

  • Lincoln's passionate screed against his sisters after he gets a black eye because of their meddling—you can tell that his anger has probably been building up for a while.

Making the Case

  • Lincoln's sisters chewing him out for posting a video of their embarrassing moments.
    Lucy: I have no brother. (slams the door, then reopens it) I know I say that a lot, but this time, I MEAN IT! (slams the door again)

Driving Miss Hazy

  • Leni looks sad when she fails her driving test and thinks she will never learn to drive.

Changing the Baby

  • Lily being overwhelmed by her siblings surrounding her and wanting for her to come over to them.
  • Lily's older siblings being lonely because no one shares their interests. Luckily for Lincoln at least, he realises he has Clyde. Also, while it's not shown in the episode, Luna has Chunk, Luan has Giggles, Lynn has Margo, and Lucy has Haiku.

Overnight Success

  • Clyde admitting that sometimes he feels lonely being an only child.

Ties That Bind

  • Lincoln and his sisters believing that their parents don't want them around anymore and want to kick them out. Sure, the whole argument was actually about neckties, but their reactions are still genuinely painful.
    • Luna's reaction to her mother saying that "the musical one" makes her ears bleed.
    "Way harsh, Mom."
    • Lucy actually gasping when Dad considers getting rid of "the dark one".
    • Lily going into a Troubled Fetal Position when she hears Mom say that "the littlest one is just crying to be thrown out".
    • Lori also going into a fetal position and on the verge of tears when she overhears Mom saying "I didn't even like the first one".
    • Luan, while dressed as a mime, sheds a Single Tear when she hears her parents thinking of getting rid of "the funny one".
    • Lincoln's heartbroken expression when he hears his father saying he'll get rid of "the one with the white hair", and says "I'm not even sure if it's mine".
  • Lincoln deciding to give his prized possessions to his sisters, thinking he's the one that's going to be kicked out.
    Lincoln: Lily, this is Bun-Bun. He needs two hugs a day, and...try to keep his ears clean.

Butterfly Effect

  • Even though it didn't happen, you can't help but feel sorry for Lola when she becomes hideous and wants to run away to avoid being reminded of her old self.
    • In general, Lincoln's reaction to seeing his family fall apart as a result of his mistake.
      Lincoln: (to Luna) Don't you leave, too! THE FAMILY'S FALLING APART!
    • Also, the imaginary Lisa giving up science, Luan giving up comedy and believing the world is hopeless because of the news, and Luna being angry for some reason and messing up her hotel room.

The Green House

Along Came a Sister

For Bros About to Rock

  • Luna's heartbroken reaction when Lincoln tells her that she's embarrassing him and is gonna ruin his first concert.
    Lincoln: All you're doing is embarrassing me! Our sisters warned me about you.
    Luna: What are you talking about?
    Lincoln: They said you ruined all their first concerts, just like you're ruining mine now.
    Luna: (heartbroken) Ouch. Message received. If that's the way you feel...goodnight, Royal Woods Mall. Luna Loud has left the building... (sadly leaves)

Toads And Tiaras

  • Lana giving up and believing that something is wrong with her when her "tomboyish" habits slip out during the Prim And Proper beauty pageant.
    Lincoln: "Lana, what is the problem? We went over everything in Gil's book, and the companion DVD, and the podcast! How are you still not getting it?"
    Lana: "I'm sorry, Lincoln. No matter what I do, I can't be prim and perfect like these girls. Maybe there's something wrong with me."

House Music

  • Luna kicking her own father out of the family band, causing the poor guy to run off crying.
    • We also see the poor guy sobbing and feeling dejected at the Whirl-and-Twirl.
  • You can't help but also feel sorry for Luna herself during her Heroic BSoD when she gets a musical block.

Save the Date

  • Ronnie Anne crying when Lincoln insults her.
  • Lori throwing an emotional fit when Bobby breaks up with her, binging on the couch and wearing her favorite Bobby sweater with her mascara running below her eyes. Suffice to say, she did not take it well at all.
    • The second time this happens, causing Lori to burst out into tears in the restaurant. Thankfully, Lincoln is able to make things right.

Cereal Offender

  • After doing everything in his power to save enough money to buy Zombie Bran and keep his sisters in line, Lincoln is eventually unable to prevent them from getting kicked out of the supermarket. Which not only denies him his new cereal, but also gets him in trouble with his mom. The look on his face says it all.
    • So does the look on the face of his elder siblings (Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn) who all feel like they should've known better, especially Luna, whom usually gets along fine with Lincoln and yet was the first to physically try to take his hard-fought cereal away from him.

The Waiting Game

  • Lori being forced to work the night of the Romance Under the Sea dance where she and Bobby had been named queen and king of the evening, all to make up for all the free stuff Lincoln talked her into giving him. She doesn't even yell or scream, but merely leaves for work completely downtrodden, after having been so grateful to Lincoln for helping her get the job.
    • Further driving it home is the undersea gown hanging on her door, bought and paid for but not to be worn. Lincoln's surprise at seeing her in her work uniform not a minute later is nothing short of pure guilt.

A Fair to Remember

  • Lori finally breaking down in tears after Bobby has apparently dumped her for Lincoln, despite all her attempts to get him back. Yes, she tried to make him jealous by dating Clyde, but you still feel sorry for her at that moment.
  • It's a small thing, but Clyde doesn't even get to enjoy the fair because he's unconscious.

One of the Boys

  • Just how callous and uncaring the Loud boys were with Lincoln, being even less respectful of his belongings and emotions than any of the girls are even at their absolute worst prior to this episode. Luke even pulls off something that Lincoln should have only been afraid of happening at school by people who hate him not one of his siblings, and especially not the counterpart to Luna, and the rest of the boys find this bullying hilarious. Even baby Leon.
    • It's also stated that Luke flushed Lincoln's beloved stuffed rabbit Bun-Bun. Harsh.

One Flu Over the Loud House

  • The episode ends with all the Louds with the flu. All thirteen of them. Seventeen actually, because somehow four of the pets (Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt) got sick too. Leni was trying to help the sick people, but she got sick, and Lincoln was trying to help his healthy sisters escape, but not only did they end up getting sick, he got sick too.

Raw Deal

  • Lincoln's final line in the episode, "This turned out to be the best day ever" is also Grant Palmer's final line as Lincoln. For those who were aware of the impending change, it was a heartbreaking but touching sendoff from the kid whose performance had helped establish Lincoln as a fun and memorable protagonist.

    Season 2 

11 Louds A Leaping

  • Turns out there's a very good reason the Loud's neighbor Mr. Grouse is such a Grumpy Old Man. He has a huge family too (in comparable size to the Louds) there's just one major difference. He hasn't seen them in five years. When Lincoln breaks this news to his siblings even Lisa is distraught.

Baby Steps

  • Clyde seems to take the news that his dads just got another cat rather than another baby well, but still, you can't help but feel sorry for the guy. He was really looking forward to becoming a big brother.

Back in Black

  • Poor Lucy really deserves a hug in this one. It's bad enough her sisters were WAY too eager to mold her into what they consider "normal", but then they flat-out admit they'd been wanting to since she was born. As if the kid wasn't insecure enough, this adds a whole new level of depressing implications.
    • And then Lori says she's not normal, right to her face. Basically implying something is wrong with her and she'll never be like her sisters. Even though she follows if up with something like "you're perfect the way you are", it's still sad that all of her sisters find her weird, even the one who talks in jokes and puns and the one who forgets her own brother's name.note 

Friend or Faux

  • Lisa making Darcy cry when she makes the poor girl believe that she doesn't want to be friends anymore.

The Whole Picture

  • Lincoln's genuinely depressed reaction when he learns there is no cloud backup of his photos, and that they are thus truly gone.

No Such Luck

  • Sure, he brought it upon himself by deliberately feeding the rumor about his bad luck and he acts more annoyed and disbelieving that they actually believed it, but still, it’s not hard to feel sorry for Lincoln when his family bans him from the house itself and every activity they do. The Downer Ending doesn’t help either.

Pets Peeved

L is for Love

  • Minor, but there's Luna repeatedly feeling conflicted about letting her crush, Sam, know she has feelings for her, feeling like she wouldn't be interested in her, in large contrast to Luna's usual confidence. What makes matters slightly worse is the implied (in hindsight) Gayngst on display.
    • Of note is the scene on the bus, where Luna considers offering up her favorite guitar pick as a sign of her affections, only to put it away after she walks past.
    Luna: Dream on, Lunes. You're the owner of a lonely heart.

Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

  • Ronnie Anne and Bobby decided to stay with their relatives the Casagrandes after initially failing to convince their mother that they did not wish to stay.

Spell It Out

  • Lucy becoming so depressed after being ignored by everyone (and having her book where she writes her most inner thoughts destroyed by one of her siblings' carelessness). Is it any wonder she's the way she is?
    Lucy: Edwin, no matter what I do, my siblings walk all over me.

Garage Banned

  • Lana appears to suffer from chronic nightmares. Over the course of the episode, Lana seeks the comfort of an older sister three times, and it's implied that this is a frequent occurrence. While this could be considered heart warming due to Lana finding comfort with her older sisters, it's sad to see a 6-year-old little girl suffer from what could be a serious condition. note 
    Lana: Leni, I had a nightmare.

Future Tense

  • The synopsis tells us that Lynn Sr. and Rita start worrying about their kids' futures after meeting a seemingly more accomplished family and start pressuring them into joining clubs...which implies that they completely ignore what their kids already are capable of (such as Lana, who's only 6, having better handyman-skills than most grownups, including her parents, and Lisa, who's 4, having already finished school up through getting a PhD) and instead focus on "successful" career paths, meaning that they might try to force them to leave behind things they actually enjoy (in particular, Lynn's sports might be up for the chopping block since high school athletes managing to continue to be successful post-graduation is a slim chance at best).
    • Fortunately, in the episode proper, the Loud parents' motivations isn't so much "abandon your previous interests," as "become more well-rounded by getting good at areas you're weak in." But the kids don't like it, and, as is the norm for the family, the parents keep pushing the kids to do more to the point that they are entirely miserable, but keep going at it and ultimately stop having fun, and lose interest in things they had previously found fun; thankfully causing the parents to realize how overboard they've gone.

Lynner Take All

  • Luan's actually hurt-looking reaction to her siblings snapping at her after yet another repetition of her "...get it?" gag. It's quick, but it's the first time we've seen them actually get hostile over her unfunny gags, and her reacting in any way to their lack of appreciation. The look on her face just screams heartbreak.

No Laughing Matter

Read Aloud

  • Lola revealing that she doesn't want to read because it's too hard for her and as revealed in a later scene, she indeed does struggle a lot while reading.

Not A Loud

  • When Lincoln and Clyde test the theory that Lincoln was Switched at Birth and find a family with white hair, Clyde panics at the thought that Lincoln will have to move in with them and go to a different school. It's all Played for Laughs, but still, you can tell Clyde is terrified at the idea of losing his best friend.


  • Because her family went all out to give Lucy a scary Halloween, Lucy was ecstatic, although her face and demeanor never change. As a result, despite that face and demeanor never changing, Lucy's disappointment and sadness at no one coming to try her corn maze really comes through anyway and tugs the heartstrings.
    • In a similar vein, Lisa, who's normally very stoic, looks visibly sad and uses the word "ruined".
  • Seeing the damage Hank and Hawk caused, and how miserable the Loud sisters are because the bullies took all their candy.
    • Especially when the scene zooms in on a dejected-looking Lily.

The Crying Dame

  • Lily's sadness at losing Fenton the Feel Better Fox. She goes into a full Heroic BSoD, always having a sad look on her face and doing nothing at all. She doesn't even cry until she sees the baby picture of Lori with Fenton. It's clear that as annoying as everybody else thought Fenton was, Lily really loved Fenton.
    • What makes it worse is that it's unlikely Lily even knew her family found Fenton annoying. She's only 15 months old after all.


  • Lucy had three pet spiders, but Myrtle, not knowing they were Lucy's pets, killed them.
  • The reveal that the reason Myrtle is so smothering is because she never had a family but really wanted one and that she doesn't really have any friends.

    Season 3 

White Hare:

  • Sure, it was All Just a Dream, but seeing Warren making a complete fool out of himself when wanting to impress a new girl by following his sisters bad advice, and how miserable he's afterwards can still be quite sad.
  • While the issue may have been resolved in the end, the fact remains that, in matters concerning girls, Lincoln lost the ability to trust his sisters, his own family. It must have eaten the girls up inside to know they lost their brother's trust and had no one to blame but themselves.

Fool Me Twice:

  • Luan breaking down crying when she thinks she and her family are moving out from Royal Woods.

Head Poet's Anxiety:

  • Luan's misplaced, but understandable jealousy towards Lucy when the latter tells the former that she's been asked to perform at the Royal Woods Theater, an opportunity that Luan has been working years for, to be the youngest person to ever perform there.

Middle Men:

Really Loud Music

  • Michelle and Doug forcing Luna to abandon her rocker girl image in order to turn her into a pop star. She even gets a really sad song titled "What Have I Done?" about how this completely goes against who she is, even though she was so desperate to make it big. Nika Futterman makes the song sound positively heartbreaking.

Racing Hearts

  • The looks on both Luna and Sam's faces when they agree that they don't have anything in common and that they should just break up.

Everybody Loves Leni

Pasture Bedtime

  • Liam looks sad when the other boys admit they went to Girl Jordan's party. The others then look guilty and one of them wonders if they're still friends. Thankfully, he says yes.

Crimes of Fashion

  • Leni coming home in tears after she got fired from her clothing store job because her manager accused her of stealing. Anyone who got fired from a job that they loved, especially if it was for something they didn't do, can relate to poor Leni.

    Season 4 

Any Given Sundae

  • Lily crying when a bird knocks over her ice cream. Thankfully, she gets to have ice cream anyway.

A Grave Mistake

  • The Royal Woods Elementary School mascot, Ricky The Rooster is dead. And the entire school had to plan a funeral for his death. And Luna’s song “Ricky The Rooster” made it more emotional.
  • Unfortunately, Lincoln and Luna screw up the funeral, resulting in Ricky's body getting catapulted and everyone gets angry at them.


  • The whole subject of the episode is pretty heavy. It's about Lisa realising Pop-Pop won't live to see her when she's old and trying to prolong his life, but the only way she can do that is inconvenient for him, so she has to accept that he won't live as long as she wants.

A Mutt Above

  • Lana crying when Charles doesn't want to get dirty, even going so far as saying, "What have I done?!"

Community Disservice

Game Off

  • After being scolded by Lincoln for losing the progress in his game, Lana just slowly walks away, looking like she's on the verge of tears. She knows she screwed up, but she was hoping that Lincoln would not be so hard on her when he finds out. But he did and was, and she looks back at him with a mixture of heartbreak and remorse.

Do Not Fore-get About Me

  • Just the fact that Lori is moving away to Fairways University in the upcoming fall semester is this on a meta-level, likely meaning that Lori will not be appearing as frequently should she go forward with her application. Leni's sadness at the thought of not having her big sister nearby, one whom she has always looked up to and shared a bedroom with for many years is a completely understandable feeling that many have had to cope with as a part of life. While Lori assures Leni that she will always make time for her no matter what and call her frequently, it's still a huge change for both girls to have to cope with. And that's to say nothing of their nine other siblings who will soon have to come to terms with not having Lori around as often as they're accustomed to.

House Flip

  • When Lynn Sr. and Rita found out that their siblings had crash Vanzilla into the ladder and make Flip trip, they angrily ranting out at them for the incident and therefore banishing their driving privilages.

    Season 5 


  • Lori finally makes the move to college, only to find herself struggling to adapt to life at Fairway University. After moving from floor to floor trying to find a dorm where she is accepted, she begins to question her decision to leave home. The stress of the situation, even with Bobby's love and encouragement proves too much and she drives back home in tears, saying she's not ready to leave. Her parents are understandably caught off guard by this turn of events.

Strife of the Party

  • After Lana finds out that Lola sabotaged all of her efforts to plan their seventh birthday party for fear that she'd ruin it, Lana furiously chews her out for her dishonesty and is brought to tears that Lola didn't trust her to plan their own birthday. She then leaves the scene on the bicycle their Aunt Ruth had sent them both as a present, not wanting to be part of the festivities anymore. Lola is immediately hit with guilt and resolves to make things right.

Season's Cheatings

  • Lincoln spends so much time trying to convince one of his sisters to get him his Rip Hardcore backpack that he forgets to buy Lola a gift. Nothing goes right: the mall closes right when he arrives and Burpin Burger runs out of coupons for gifts. His guilt-ridden Imagine Spot of Lola's reaction is what sells it:
    Imagine Spot!Lola: "What do you mean, you didn't get me anything?" (cries)
  • When Chandler offers him two earrings for Lola, Lincoln makes the ultimate sacrifice by exchanging them with his Rip Hardcore backpack.

A Flipmas Carol

  • The Ghosts of Christmas Present show a pretty dismal series of events: Cheryl and Meryl's Christmas tree dies, the McBrides' inflatable yard decorations collapse making Howard cry, Mr. Grouse has trouble hanging his lights up, the Louds' Christmas dinner is gross, and Lynn is stewing about having to work on Christmas. To top it all off, this series of events is shown as a montage set to a slow "Silent Night".


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