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Drinking Game / The Loud House

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Take a shot whenever:

  • Luna quotes song lyrics.
  • Lori says the word "literally". Two if she actually uses it correctly.
  • Lucy creeps up on someone.
  • Leni uses the word "like".
  • Luan makes a pun. Take an additional shot if she doesn't say, "Get it?" afterwards.
  • Lily goes without her diaper.
  • Leni takes something too literally.
  • Lola loses her temper.
    • Lori is angry.
  • Lincoln gets annoyed with his sisters' antics.
  • Luna calls someone "dude" or calls Lincoln "bro".
  • Luna says, "bogus" whenever something goes wrong.
  • Mr. Loud starts blubbering.
  • Anybody says, "Dang it." (Note: Do NOT try this during "Homespun.")
  • There's a Flashback.
  • Someone breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the audience. Two shots if it's not Lincoln.
  • The episode ends with one or more of the Loud children apologizing for their behavior.
    • Two shots if a different character apologizes at the end of an episode.
  • Down two shots whenever Mr. & Mrs. Loud don't intervene when you'd think they should.
    • Just down the damn bottle if they don't even notice what their kids are up to.
  • Clyde falls for Lori.
    • Take a shot for Clyde acting wired while Lori’s around.
      • Two shots if he sees Lori and doesn't act wired.
  • Lily says, "Poo-poo."

Take a drink whenever:

  • Any of Lisa's experiments go haywire.
  • Lincoln says, "In a family as big as mine" or a similar expression.
  • Lynn turns anything mundane into a sport.
  • Luna speaks with a British accent or makes a musical reference (which isn't a direct quote, as that's covered above). Take two if she does both at the same time.
    • Take two if it's Lynn Sr. who's speaking in a British accent.
  • Lily poops in her diaper.
  • Luan pulls a prank (WARNING: Don't watch any of the April Fools Day episodes if you value your health!)
  • The Louds do something that gets them all grounded.
  • Lola says, "I'm telling mom/dad!" (Mild warning for "Sleuth or Consequences", which has multiple in less than a minute!)
  • Lisa claims she doesn't normally express human emotions, but follows it with a squeal or tears.
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  • Lucy talks about Edwin or vampires. (Though beware of the episode "Fandom Pains" if you use this rule...)
  • Lana pulls something out of Hammerspace.
  • Lori calls or talks in person to Bobby.
  • One of their pets is acting unlike their species.
  • Lisa's poop study is mentioned.
  • Luan says, "But seriously."
  • Clyde or his dads act neurotic.
  • Lincoln is in his underpants.
  • There's a fart or burp joke.
  • Lana does something for the animals at the expense of everyone (Avoid episodes like "Frog Wild" and "Scales Of Justice".)
  • Lori paints her toenails.
  • Ronnie Anne pranks Lincoln.
  • Someone does lucha libre.
  • Lynn does a crazy good luck ritual.
  • Someone says the Episode Tagline (eg "No musica!" in "Save the Date" or "Five minutes" in "Attention Deficit").


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