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Drinking Game / The Magic School Bus

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Take a shot when

  • Someone makes an Incredibly Lame Pun
    • Two if it isn't Carlos for once
      • Three if the joke gets laughter.
  • Someone gets called out for doing so
    • Two if it isn't Carlos for once.
      • Three if it's Ms. Frizzle getting called out.
  • Phoebe says, "At my old school..."
  • Ms. Frizzle says, "Seatbelts, everyone!"
  • The bus transforms
    • Two if the bus transforms in a way that's surreal even for this show!
      • Down your whole wine cellar if the bus DOESN'T transform for the whole episode.note 
  • Two if the students transform alongside it.
    • Take yet another if their heads don’t transform.
  • Liz does something in the background
  • Ms. Frizzle has a new outfit
  • Her earrings glow
  • Arnold says, "I knew I should have stayed home today!"
  • Ms. Frizzle tells her class to "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"
  • They visit Pluto, and acknowledge its (now former) planet status
  • The field trip of the day is a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot
  • The bus shrinks
  • The bus grows
  • The bus blinks or something like that
  • Take a shot if a character sneezes, especially in a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot.
  • Ms. Frizzle quotes some friend or relative
  • D.A. says something along the lines of, "According to my research..."
  • Ralphie says, "Is it just me, or...?"
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  • Keesha says, "Oh bad! Oh bad bad bad bad bad!" when shit goes down.
  • Keesha says "Let's get the facts. [Insert situation that doesn't happen on normal field trips]"
    • Take two if the second part is only one sentence.
  • Wanda says "Come on, you weaselly wimps!"
  • Wanda says "What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?" when something goes wrong.
    • Two if someone else asks the same question.
  • When Janet appears, take a shot if she says "Prove it!"
    • Take two if she tries to sabotage one or more of the Frizz kids (just Arnold doesn't count).
  • Arnold is being a Horrible Judge of Character where Janet is concerned.
  • Any time there's ship tease between one of the boys and one of the girls.
    • Take two if the boy isn't Arnold or the girl isn't in Miss Frizzle's class.
  • Someone says "We've been Frizzled!"
  • Take a big gulp whenever Arnold saves the day, plus an extra shot for any ensuing Ship Tease moments.
  • Finish your drink if Arnold actually enjoys the field trip.