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  • A small moment in "Meets The Rot Squad." The class all pitch ideas of what to build in the vacant lot near Wanda's house, such as a restaurant or an amusement park. As soon as Phoebe reminds them how much litter those kinds of places make, the class all give a thoughtful "Hm." It's a small sign that their hearts are in the right place.
  • In the episode "Going Batty" the students believe that Ms. Frizzle is a vampire and is going to turn them and their parents into vampires. As they try to get to their parents they discover that they're "too late" and their parents are hanging upside down with bat wings wrapped around them. Phoebe's response: "I love you anyway, Daddy. I'll love you forever."
  • In "The Holiday Special", Wanda and the class forego her annual trip to see The Nutcracker to accompany Arnold and his dad on what would have been a lonely train ride on the first night of Hanukkah, to see Arnold's sick grandmother.
    • What makes it more heartwarming? Arnold had accidentally gotten Wanda's toy soldier recycled. It gets turned into more toy soldiers made out of other recycled materials as well and donated to kids in need, and Wanda decided to join the class on the train instead of going to the ballet, which is what she'd been excited about for the whole episode and was the reason she was donating her original toy soldier. She was also happy that another kid would be able to play with the soldier.
    • Arnold before the accidental recycling gets a private moment where Wanda sees a rock in his backpack and says that it's beautiful, "for a rock". He claims that the rock is for his mom, but when she charges to the bus, leaving him alone in the classroom, Arnold squees that she likes it and wraps it up in nice paper with a note for Wanda.
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  • In the book "Explores the Senses," Mrs. Frizzle expresses her pride at her daughter's teaching abilities, which have led both her (Valerie, not her mother) and the class to receive multiple awards. Also, this is one of several times in the books that we get to see how close Valerie really is to her various family members. She very pointedly makes time for her mother and even buys her a new outfit as a gift before meeting her for lunch.
  • Janet's reaction to Arnold taking off his helmet on Pluto. Even before he actually does it, Janet knows immediately what he's about to do and begs him not to. As mean as she is to him, she really does love him.
    • Also, the fact that Arnold was willing to risk death by hypothermia/suffocation to convince her to come home.
    • Earlier, in the episode, Arnold has been standing up for Janet, who has been driving the entire class crazy and calmly putting up with her rambling about how her everything is better... until she starts insulting Miss Frizzle. Arnold's response?
    (eyes narrowing, very angry tone) Nobody is better than Miss Frizzle...
  • The unbelievably tactful depiction of diversity. You have a main cast full of kids from visibly different cultural backgrounds (and even among the white kids, there's the explicitly Jewish Arnold and Italo-American Ralphie), as well as a few recurring characters with physical handicaps, such as Carlos's paraplegic brother and Phoebe's blind father, and yet while their differences from one another are acknowledged visually, it's never what defines them as characters and nobody is treated as anything less than a completely normal person. It's one of the best pushes for equality in all of children's media.
    • It also sends the message that, no matter who you are or what you look like, everyone deserves a great education.
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    • Also, while the kids are clearly not above messing with one another, getting mad at each other or having tiffs like any normal kid would, it's never with hurtful intent and any hurt caused is always apologized for or worked through. Plus, while some of them are closer friends with each other than others, they're all quite dedicated to each other.
    • Not to mention that not all of the kids come from the standard two-parent households. Ralphie mentions his dad, implying that Mr. Tennelli is still alive, but he is never shown in the series. In addition, Phoebe's mom and Wanda's dad are never even mentioned, implying that Mr. Terese and Mrs. Li are single parents, and, in the original series at least, Keesha has no parents at all, being raised by her grandmother instead. As with the cultural diversities, these upbringings are normalized.
  • Ms. Frizzle coddling Wanda's baby brother in "Under Construction". You thought she was only good with elementary school-aged children?
  • When the class throws a surprise birthday party for Ms. Frizzle, she's so touched by how much they care about her she almost starts crying.
  • From "Gets Cold Feet", the whole class pitches in to find Liz. Even when Ralphie suggests that she might've moved to another classroom, Keesha immediately corrects him about how close Liz was to their class, so she'd never leave. Really showing that despite being a pet, Liz is just as much a part of their class as the humans are.
  • In "Goes to Seed", Mr. Seedplot is revealed to have a sweet little crush on Ms. Frizzle. Also, given that she calls him "Archibald" rather than "Mr. Seedplot", the sentiment might be mutual.
    • Mr. Seedplot then continues to act Adorkable in the Q&A segment, sneaking into the producer's office to secretly drop off a bouquet of flowers by Ms. Frizzle's photo, writing a note for her (apparently romantic, if Liz's reaction to it is any indication) – and getting flustered when asked if Ms. Frizzle has a boyfriend. Cue Liz dressing as a delivery girl to bring the gifts to her owner.
      • And then Ms. Frizzle surprises him by saying hi through the TV screen.
    • Adding to all this – their Polish VAs were married at the time the dub was made; and even though they divorced about two years later, they still are on friendly terms.
    • There's a double whammy at the end, while Phoebe is scared of letting the bus grow back to regular size around her old teacher, for fear of him thinking both her and her new teacher are weird. The more obvious one is when Phoebe realizes that, odd or not, Ms. Frizzle was still gracious enough to help her get and grow a plant for her garden from her old school within a very short amount of time, and decides that if her old teacher doesn't like her, that's his problem. The more subtle one is that, while Phoebe is panicking, Ms. Frizzle is at the front of the bus (well within earshot), just playing checkers with Liz. She's not hurt, she's not offended, she just seems to know Phoebe's only nervous and is letting her work it out. She knows her students.