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One boy and ten girls? Wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Lola: Lincoln, you bonehead! You gave them the wrong picture!
Lori: Yep! I knew you'd blow this, too.
Lincoln: No, I gave them the right one. The one that shows the real you. The perfect you.
Sisters: (hugs Lincoln) Aww! Thank you, Lincoln!
— "Picture Perfect"

Even a show about a family of 10 girls and 1 brother can warm our heart with a few moments every couple of episodes.

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  • Just the relationship between the Loud kids is really sweet—even if they, like pretty much all siblings, do argue a lot and get on each other's nerves, it's obvious that they really do care about each other and have very strong caring and protective instincts towards each other.
  • Out of the nine oldest Loud children, rockstar-Luna seems to spend the most time with baby-Lily—she's usually the one holding Lily when they and the rest of their siblings are on the move and is often seen playing with Lily. It's probably safe to assume that, after the Loud kids' parents, Luna is Lily's primary caregiver.
    • This is highly debatable, as Lily is actually, by numbers, most often seen with Leni, and Lincoln has explicitly mentioned that Lori and Leni are the ones usually assigned the role of babysitter when the parents are away. Which is heartwarming all on it's own, as despite her clumsiness and lack of intelligence, Leni is perfectly capable of seeing to her baby sister's needs.
  • Any time Lana and Lola show that they really do love each other. The major instances, such as the events of "Patching Things Up", are listed below. However, sometimes, it's in episodes or scenes in which they are not the focus, but they can be seen playing together, generally as part of a group shot. For instance, they dance together during the party in "Party Down" and can be seen playing together in a corner at the beginning of "Potty Mouth". In "Lock 'N' Loud", they are playing with modelling clay with Lily. In "Yes Man", they act together to convince their parents to give them some money, so Lana can fix Lola's car and make it more performing.

    Season 1 

101a — Left in the Dark

  • Lily falling asleep in Lincoln's arms, then Lincoln gently putting her in a basket of clothes and kissing her on the head.
  • Lincoln hugging the twins when they believe a ghost in the basement, then vowing to protect his sisters on their journey down to the basement.
  • When the girls are running around screaming over what they think is a ghost in the basement, Lincoln yells out "I'll save you, sisters!" and attacks the "ghost". Just the way he says it is adorable.
  • At the end, when Lincoln wallows in the fact that he just missed his show, his sisters cheer him up by reminding him of the real adventure he just had with them, and they gather on the touch to watch his recorded footage on the TV.
    Lincoln: (to the camera) You know, I may have missed my show, but sometimes, it's not about being there first. Sometimes, it's about being there together — all of us.
    • And Lori gives him some popcorn to enjoy the video with. Despite ragging on her brother all the time, she does care about him.

101b — Get the Message

  • After Lori accidentally broke Lincoln's VR game, she went out of her way to drive to the store and buy him a new one.
  • When Lincoln is crawling through the air ducts and falls through the bathroom vent, Lucy catches him before he hits the floor.

102a — Heavy Meddle

  • The girls sticking up for Lincoln when they learn he's being bullied.
  • The girls, including Lucy and Lisa, squealing in delight when they believe the girl bullying Lincoln has a crush on him.
    Lisa: Normally I don't care for inane human emotions but...(starts cheerfully squealing in delight).
  • Everyone cheering Lincoln on as he goes to kiss Ronnie Anne outside.....Then immediately apologizing when she socks him in the eye.
  • Ronnie Anne giving Lincoln a note with an apology and her number and then a steak for his eye, proving that his sisters were right all along.
  • Lincoln not wanting to stoop down to the level of the bully and use reason instead of violence.

102b — Making the Case

  • Lincoln creating an embarrassing video of himself to post online as an apology to his sisters for humiliating them.
  • The girls showing forgiveness to Lincoln by awarding him a small trophy for him to put on display, with a few hugs included.
  • Lucy referring to Lincoln as "brother" again after having disavowed him over his earlier video.

103a — Driving Miss Hazy

  • When the other girls find out Lincoln is teaching Leni how to drive properly, they practically beg him to let them help and give her visual aids for a makeshift car and cheer for her when she succeeds with a lawn mower.
  • When Lincoln points out that by sabotaging Leni's driving test, she could get hurt, Lori realizes what a terrible thing she did.

103b — No Guts, No Glori

  • Lincoln and Lori playing video games together after cleaning up the house before their parents arrive.

104b — A Tale of Two Tables

  • After realizing the grown-up table isn't for him after all, Lincoln happily returns to the kiddie table. Not only that, but he inspires his older sisters to do the same, as it turns out all along that none of them were happy at the grown-up table either. Meanwhile, the parents finally get to enjoy some peace and quiet, making it a win-win for everyone.

105a — Project Loud House

  • When Lincoln's project gets broken, his sisters help him pass the assignment by going to his school and posing still to create a life-sized version of the project!
    Lincoln: Really? You'll help?
    Lola and Lana: It's what families do.
  • Even though his herding of his sisters to get going was primarily for his own purposes, it still showed just how much he knows and cares about each of them.

105b — In Tents Debate

  • Lincoln and all ten sisters debating their vacation plans in Lori and Leni's room, which is usually off-limits to the other siblings.
  • Lynn and Lily playing together during their meeting with the rest of their siblings.
  • Lincoln manages to make all ten sisters happy by taking the brunt of the bad aspects of the campground so they can enjoy the good ones.

106b — Space Invader

  • Lynn wanting to bunk with Lincoln after fighting with Lucy, and Lincoln agreeing to it even though he knows what's coming.
  • Lucy and Lynn making up with a food fight, then sleeping with Lincoln once again after trashing their bedroom.

107a — Picture Perfect

  • Lincoln going about the house observing his sisters' true selves and realizing that he likes them better that way.
    • Lily walking into Luan's arms while Luan entertains her by wearing her Groucho glasses.
    • Lori and Leni happily taking selfies together, especially since they hadn't been seen getting along up to this point.
  • Lincoln ends up giving the old photo to Mom and Dad... and they love it so much, they hang it on the mantle for all to see!
  • The second time we see Lana trying to mess with Lola by being 'the Mud Monster' coming to get her dirty, Lola is smiling and both of them treat it as a game rather than picking on each other.

107b — Undie Pressure

  • Lola buying Lincoln the "victory undies" even though he lost, saying that it's unfair for him to not be allowed to live his habits while the others can.
  • Lori and Leni gushing over the former's six-week anniversary with Bobby, during which Lori lets Leni do her nails.

108a — Linc or Swim

  • All of the sisters playing and having fun in Lincoln's pool and later in their deluxe pool.
  • Lincoln regretting having kicked all of his sisters out of his pool when he realizes just how much more fun sharing it was.
  • All of the sisters immediately inviting Lincoln to join them in their pool despite him having kicked them out earlier; as Lynn states, it's more fun with all of them in it together.
  • After accidentally busting his sisters' pool, Lincoln invites all of them (and Bobby) back into his.

108b — Changing the Baby

  • Even though none of his sisters were interested in taking part in whatever activity Lincoln suggested, it's still sweet that Lincoln wanted to spend some time with his sisters.
  • The montage of Lincoln spending the day with Lily.
  • After reading Lily an Ace Savvy bedtime story and kissing her goodnight, Lincoln thanks the baby for the best day ever, believing it was the start of a beautiful friendship.
  • When Lincoln and Lori hear Leni's screams, they immediately go to her. And even though they're amusingly baffled at how she couldn't get out of Lily's crib by herself, they help her anyway.
  • At the end of the episode, Lily befriends Clyde when he unwittingly ends up returning her blanket to her, which Lincoln had previously discarded since he figured that Lily no longer needed it.
  • When Lily's siblings try to see who she crawls to and therefore likes best, she seems like she can't decide who she likes best.
  • Lincoln deciding he already has someone who shares his interests, namely Clyde.

109a — Overnight Success

  • Nickelodeon may have Korrasami as the first LGBT couple in Nick's history, but this episode features the first same-sex parents in Nick's history! Even better is that both of Clyde's fathers are treated like normal dads and without making a huge deal about it.
  • Cylde spending time with the Loud sisters.
    • Particularly Luan. Normally when she cracks a joke, everyone in the vicinity groans. Clyde however genuinely likes her brand of humor and clearly enjoys her act, something she genuinely appreciates.
  • Lincoln realizing he's been horribly selfish and trying to apologize to Clyde at his house, doing it properly when he finds Clyde never left The Loud House and deciding to let Clyde decide what he wants them to do instead of holding them to a schedule, ripping it to pieces.
    • How he finds him at his house is also heartwarming: he hears laughing when he gets back and finds Clyde, in his sleeping bag happily laughing with the Loud Sisters.
  • The Ending: Lincoln and Clyde finally watch King of The Rings like Lincoln wanted.. but with the Loud Sisters joining them and Clyde happily spending time with them, ending with the whole group toasting to "The Best Sleepover Ever." It's incredibly sweet.
  • Lori checking up on Clyde when he faints at their house. While he kept passing out due to it, it's still nice to see that despite being understandably annoyed by his crush on her, she still cares about him.

109b — Ties That Bind

  • All the kids working together to convince their parents not to "kick them out" of the house.
  • Luan cheering up a sad Lily with her mime act.
  • The sisters comforting Luna when she mistakenly believes Mom doesn't like her or her music.
  • All of the sisters vowing not to let Lincoln get kicked out of the house, and confronting their parents not to do so even after he had fantasized about being an "only child". Lana chimes in that he's their only brother, even after he confessed to this fantasy.

110a — Hand-Me-Downer

  • A flashback of Luna riding her tricked-out bike with Charles happily riding in the sidecar.
    • Said flashbacks showing how the bike changed hands from Leni all the way to Lynn, with Lori stepping in to say that they've all learned to make the best of hand-me-downs.
  • After Lynn lets him keep her bike, Lincoln, feeling he had his turn with it, hands it down to Lana.

110b — Sleuth or Consequences

  • Lana helping her father fix the toilet.
  • Lincoln taking the blame for clogging the toilet, meaning that he would be grounded and not allowed to go to the comic book convention, just so Lucy wouldn't endure ridicule for reading the Princess Pony book.
    • And later that night, she thanks him by giving him a comic book she drew herself.

112a — Along Came a Sister

  • Lola calling Frank adorable. Maybe this spider's not too disgusting for her tastes.
  • The girls (minus Leni) attending Frank's funeral when they thought he was dead. Even Lori was present to mourn the arachnid's supposed death!
  • Leni saving Frank from the exterminator in spite of her fears.

112b — Chore and Peace

  • As soon as it looks like Lily's been consumed by the mess caused by the chore feud, the rest of the kids immediately call off their strikes to clean things up and save her.

113a — For Bros About to Rock

  • Luna telling the story of her first concert and how it made her into who she is today.
  • The mall cop captain taking pity on the kids and letting them out, even giving Luna his spare ticket.
  • The other girls tell Lincoln about the times Luna ruined their concerts and want to spare him the same fate. Doubles as a funny moment as their method is Lisa revealing an emergency slide she installed in Lincoln's room.
  • Luna comes back for Lincoln and Clyde even after Lincoln lost his temper with her.
  • Even though Lincoln was annoyed by Luna, it was still sweet of her that she wanted to make his first concert unforgettable.

113b — It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House

  • While the kids are trashing the house looking for the money, they try to keep their destruction quiet to avoid waking a sleeping Lily.
  • It turns out that Mr. Loud made up the whole thing to get his kids to work together and share, and the reward was his $500 bonus.
  • Lincoln made his sisters realize that their selfish greedy attitudes of finding money is getting them nowhere with finding the treasure and they all agree to share money for now on even if it is just a quarter.

114a — Toads and Tiaras

  • Lincoln and Lana gushing madly over the tickets to Dairy Land.
  • Dad buying the Princess Channel so Lola can watch the pageant, and hiding his pitiful blubbering over not being able to get the Sports Channel from her.
  • Lincoln eventually realizing he was wrong to make Lana something she's not for his own needs, and encouraging her to be herself; she promptly wins the contest with an improvised noisemaker routine!
  • Lola witnessing Lana's victory and rewarding her not only the tiara, but the tickets to Dairy Land she promised to Lincoln earlier. Selfish and prone to anger as she may be, she finds it in herself to forgive her brother and twin sister for going behind her back and manages to be a good sport about the entire thing.
    • In that same scene, Lana and Lola hugging.

114b — Two Boys and a Baby

115a — Cover Girls

  • All of the girls pitching in to get Lincoln into the house before their parents bust him for staying out past curfew; this includes tending to him when he slams into the house short of his bedroom window.
  • Lincoln agreeing to cover for all of his sisters on Spring Cleaning Day, and all of them immediately rushing home when this becomes too much for him to handle without complaint.
  • All of the siblings pretending to be each other just for their Pop-Pop who's calling on video chat, to the point where they seem to be having fun with it!
  • Lori taking Lily on a picnic with Bobby to see how he handles babies, gushing about the future as she explains this.

115b — Save the Date

  • After accidentally hurting Ronnie Anne's feelings again, Lincoln decides to give a speech to her in front of everyone, and then, because actions speak louder than words, proceeds to kiss her on a pedestal to show Ronnie how much he likes her.
  • The next day, Ronnie Anne "breaks up" with Lincoln and slapped him in the face, but then lets him know with a note stuck on an ice bag, that she did it to stop the teasing Lincoln is getting. Said note even had a heart.

116a — Attention Deficit

  • Lincoln experiencing what it's like to have undivided attention while with Clyde's dads.
  • The fact the McBrides treat Lincoln, and later the other Louds, like they do their own son, even as dealing with all 11 Louds wears on them.
  • Lincoln agreeing to let both Lynn and Luna experience this for themselves when he tells of his time with the McBrides.
  • As much of a handful as they may all be, all of the Loud sisters finally getting some attention to themselves in their time with the McBrides is quite sweet, as most of them have probably never had this luxury and the older sisters in particular not for many years. Lincoln realizes that he can't be mad about this as he realizes they all just want the same thing he does, and actually goes back home so that they can enjoy it.
  • Mr. And Mrs. Loud finally helping Lincoln with his volcano project, and offering a heartfelt apology that he had to wait so long for it.

116b — Out On a Limo

  • Lori actually asking the rest of the sisters to let Lincoln have the limo all to himself for a while, with Lincoln agreeing to let them all have their turn when he's finished and promising to take them all to Burpin' Burger.
  • Lincoln apologizing to his sisters for breaking his promise when he let the fame get to his head, and negotiating a second day with the limo so that he can make it up to them. They all finally get their Burpin' Burger meal.
  • Lincoln buying a meal for Kirby, who had grown used to driving snobs around until meeting Lincoln.
  • Kirby allowing Lincoln and his sisters another chance to ride in the limo after Lincoln apologized, despite Lincoln's time having run out, meaning Kirby was no longer legally obligated to drive them around.

117a — House Music

  • Lincoln and the girls welcoming Luna back to the band even after how rotten she acted toward them.
    • And Luna apologizing for being a bonehead.
  • It turns out the bearded stranger Luna met was actually Mick Swagger himself (What a shock.), and he commends Luna and Dad for their playing.
    • Mick's philosophy on rock n' roll. Its not about being the best, its about having fun.
  • When Dad talks about being in a band in his younger days and getting kicked out, he's sitting on the floor sobbing while the kids surround him and comfortingly pat him and Luna letting him in their band.

117b — A Novel Idea

  • Rita taking Lincoln to her office so that he does not have to feel left out for not being able to go to Dad's office with his sisters.
  • The sisters having the time of their lives playing in Dad's office.
  • Lincoln going to absurd lengths to save his mother's novel from being destroyed when he accidentally loses it.
  • Rita not only accepting Lincoln's apology for the loss of her book, but declaring that she will write a new one based on his many misadventures!
  • Rita and Lincoln skating through the neighborhood with each other on their way home.

118a — April Fools Rules

  • Ronnie Anne pieing Luan after finding out Lincoln took all of Luan's PUNishment all day just to put her out of harm's way even if she was never in any danger to begin with.
    • Then immediately after Ronnie Anne pies Luan in the face instead of Lincoln, like Luan planned, Luan isn't even mad, especially when Ronnie Anne explains why she did it. The end of which puts a new spin on Luan's Prank-pocalyse. Aside from getting Lincoln with every prank she'd set up in the house, it implies that the entire thing was set up as a Secret Test of Character for Ronnie Anne. And clearly she passed.
      Luan: That girl's a keeper.

118b — Cereal Offender

  • The girls' group Heel Realization that their hi-jinks and fighting not only cost Lincoln his favorite cereal, but got them kicked out of the store and also got Lincoln in trouble with Mrs. Loud. They get together, buy Lincoln the cereal and even act like the kids in the "Zombie Bran" commercial to cheer him up, all leading to a joyful Zombie Bran-fueled Food Fight among the siblings.
    • The smile Lori gives Lincoln when handing him his cereal. It really paints a Cool Big Sis picture for her.
  • Lily pushing a baby grocery cart is just heart-melting, if the siblings' reactions weren't enough. Even her "bonking" of Lincoln with her baby purse when she can't go shopping with him is adorable!

120a — Roughin' It

  • Lincoln realizing that the things he learned spending time with his sisters actually helped him and Clyde survive, and happily joining them to watch TV at the end of the episode.

120b — The Waiting Game

  • Lincoln giving up his chance to go to Chandler's party, and convincing the manager of the arcade to let him cover for Lori so she can still go the dance. The most heartwarming moment is no doubt when Lori drops by the arcade to thank him.
  • And Clyde in turn also giving up his chance to go to Chandler's party since he doesn’t consider it fair for Lincoln.
  • Also Lori's unconditional kindness towards Lincoln all throughout the episode, thanking him for getting her the job and allowing him in on her privileges earned at work. Even after he began to exploit this, she ultimately couldn't say no to him despite the risk involved. Such selflessness from Lori towards her younger brother is a rare sight to see, and Lincoln as noted above comes around to return the favor.

121a — The Loudest Yard

  • After Lynn's identity is revealed; rather than be bothered by the fact that she's a girl, the football coach tells Lynn to take care of her sprained ankle so she can be on the team next year.

122a — Dance Dance Resolution

  • Sure, it wasn’t necessary and they gave Lincoln a lot of trouble by not telling each other about it, but it was very sweet from Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lucy to try and get their brother a date.
  • Clyde helping Lincoln through his four dates from a walkway above the dance floor, despite being terrified of heights. It just shows how good a friend he is.
    • Lincoln acknowledges it too:
    Lincoln: You're a true pal, Clyde.
  • Lincoln setting Clyde and the other 3 dateless boys up with his own dates so they too can enjoy the dance.
  • Clyde and Haiku bonding over the fact that they both have crushes on people who they can't be with. Clyde with Lori, who is dating Bobby, and Haiku on a 200 year old (most likely fictional) vampire.
  • After setting up his friends with his four dates, Lincoln joins Ronnie Anne at the arcade.

122b — A Fair to Remember

  • Just seeing Lincoln and Bobby having fun together. You can tell Lincoln is having the time of his life with Bobby as a substitute big brother.
  • After Lincoln convinces Bobby to go back to Lori, she and Lincoln reconcile and she even calls him a great bro.
  • Lori thanks Clyde (indirectly, of course) for the "date" with the souvenir photos she took of them at the fair, a sweet Pet the Dog moment for Clyde...even if it does make him nosebleed and collapse again.

123a — One Of The Boys

123b — A Tattler's Tale

  • Lola taking the blame for all the things her siblings did, since, as it turns out, all she really wanted was to spend time with them and had initially assumed that blackmailing them was the way to do it.
    • And then Lola is finally let into the secret club. She even finds a way around her chronic tattling by, after the club meeting is over, telling all the secrets to her stuffed animals, noting "it's not like they can tell anyone else!"
  • It's pretty minor, but Mr. Grouse mocking Lincoln for wearing a tiara, sarcastically asking if he's entering a pageant, and then genuinely wishing him luck when he thinks he really is.

124a — Funny Business

  • At Maggie's party, one of her friends hits a pinata. After he hits it, his lip quivers and he hugs the pinata. The kid was about to cry. He was sorry for hitting the pinata.
  • The ending. Luan, even after what happened, asks Lincoln if he still wants to be her assistant, and he agrees. Afterwards, Lincoln and Luan both share a laugh and enjoy the moment while falling over whoopee cushions.

125a — The Price of Admission

  • While it is meant to be funny, there is something nice about Lori staying up when Lincoln asks for "girl advice." Compared to the other sisters mostly being irritated or tired through their scenes, Lori goes from initially dismissive to looking genuinely happy to talk with Lincoln about it (at least long enough to answer over 60 questions and still smile) before Bobby calls.

125b — One Flu Over the Loud House

  • We really see Leni's Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold qualities shine here, showing nothing but concern and remembering(!) that the infected are still her siblings and just need warmth and care while they're sick, even having cough drops, tissues and germ masks handy so she could help nurse them all back to health.
    • She also shows legitimate beef with Lincoln's reckless attitude towards his infected siblings, wondering if he has a heart and cares about their siblings being sick as much as she does.
    • After spending the entire episode avoiding trying to avoid the flu, Lincoln willingly jumps in front of Luna's snot and catches the flu so Leni wouldn't catch it. He even admits his good-hearted sister deserves to "survive" more than he does... only to immediately infect her as well.
  • And at the end of the episode, Clyde decides to take care of the entire family since even though they are infected, they are still human (although he takes an extra precaution by wearing a hazmat suit).

126b — Homespun

  • The Loud siblings realizing how many good memories they have about the house, and when it seems the tornado has arrived, hugging each other as they expect the worst when the storm suddenly stops, the house surviving with barely any damage.
  • Lily's flashback (translated by Luan) going back to when the siblings repainted the house for their parents' anniversary. While the first time...didn't fare so well...the second time ended up looking great, especially when Lily leads the kids in leaving their hand-prints on the side of the house (even done in there signature colors as a Call-Back to the intro). leading Lynn Loud, Sr. to declare:
    Mr. Loud: (tear-stricken) Best... anniversary gift... EVER!!!

    Season 2 

201 — Eleven Louds A Leapin'

  • The entire Loud family + Clyde and his dads teaming up to bring Mr. Grouse his first happy Christmas in years; They sing a carol specifically written for him, and give him a bus ticket so he can finally go see his family. Mr. Grouse gets his own Heartwarming moment in return when he invites them all over to his house to celebrate Christmas.
    • To make that moment even more heartwarming, Mr. Grouse gives all the stuff he took from the Louds back as his Christmas present.
    • "Cooled" slightly when you realize that the bus ticket is ONE WAY.
  • He gets another one in the end when he dresses up as Santa and brings the Louds more presents. One of those presents is his old sled, which he gives to Lincoln to replace the broken one. Lincoln follows that up by stating that this Christmas, he got the best present of them all: Him and Mr. Grouse now being friends. And then Lincoln wipes out again, accidentally launching his new sled into Mr. Grouse's window.
  • Lori giving Clyde a kiss when she points out that he's unknowingly standing under the mistletoe in Mr. Grouse's house.

202a — Intern for the Worse

  • Lincoln and Clyde emphasise that they're a team and even when they argue, they never stop being friends and they resolve the argument relatively quickly.

202b — The Old and the Restless

  • Lincoln and his maternal grandfather, "Pop Pop," having a great day together. You can tell Lincoln really loves his grandfather and vice-versa.
  • All the inhabitants of the retirement home first helping Pop Pop back in after curfew, and then sticking up for him against the Battle Axe Nurse that runs the place.

203a — Baby Steps

  • Lincoln playing with/helping all his younger sisters. Especially the twins and Lily.
    • Lincoln making a PB&J sandwich for Lisa. Lisa mentions that she likes the way he prepares it for her.
  • Yes, he did resort to trickery to make it happen, but it was nice for Lincoln to try and give Clyde more confidence.
  • Clyde receiving a pet kitten when he comes home, and telling his dads that he's ready should they ever seek to adopt another child.
  • Clyde finally deciding he's confident enough to be a big brother after getting Lana and Bitey (who are both afraid of heights) down from a tree.

203b — Brawl in the Family

  • The non-fighting sisters being dedicated to stop the fights that are happening.
  • Clyde helping Lincoln pull through the day with his therapy and than letting him stay the night.
  • After spending the entire episode being useless and cowardly, Lynn.Sr lets his terrified son hide with him when the sisters are at it again.

204a — Suite and Sour

  • After ruining their parents' one chance at a relaxing time to themselves, the kids decide to make it up to them by turning the house into an impromptu hotel, and then leave their parents alone while they willingly spend the weekend at Aunt Ruth's house (a place they consider worse than Hell!) so they can get the rest and relaxation they deserve.

204b — Back In Black

  • Lucy developing a crush on Rusty's little brother Rocky.
  • .....When the sisters catch her in the act of trying to make herself normal, they immediately join forces to make her over in the hopes of helping her win Rocky over. Lucy actually approves of the new look they fashion for her!
    • Doubly touching is the fact that her more tomboyish siblings Lana and Lynn, and the less fashion-inclined Lisa all unhesitatingly join in.
  • Lori taking Lucy to play minigolf on a double date with Bobby and Rocky.
  • After all of Lucy's advances fail, the girls offer a heartfelt apology for the pressure they put on her; especially touching is when Lori confesses that Lucy is perfect being herself, and says that they all love her for who she is.
  • Lucy finally winning Rocky's affections, during which he explains he simply felt out of her league and didn't know how to talk to her. They both go off to enjoy Lucy's collection of the macabre, during which she shoots Lincoln a warm smile and a thumbs up.
  • Out of all of the siblings, Lincoln is the only one who doesn't call Lucy "weird" to her face and isn't ecstatic at the idea of her becoming more "normal", in fact he even seems a little disturbed at the thought of her forcibly undergoing the change. Out of all their siblings, he's the only one who shows her unconditional love throughout the whole episode.

206a — Patching Things Up

  • Lola and Lana actively supporting each other to get their patches and become Bluebell Scouts, and even going so far as to mess up their last test so the other doesn’t have to feel bad about not being let into the Bluebell Scouts. They may be polar opposites personality wise, but when they have a common goal they make a great team.

206b — Cheater By The Dozen

  • Lincoln and Clyde going to every length to determine if Bobby is being unfaithful to Lori.
  • Clyde's reaction to the idea of Bobby cheating on Lori. Instead of seeing this as an opportunity to become the rebound guy, he decides to work out in order to get some revenge. While that part is Played for Laughs, considering that it turns out to be pointless in the end, it shows just how much Clyde cares for Lori's feelings.
  • All of the sisters pitching in to help the boys find any evidence of Bobby's disloyalty is really quite touching; Lori is often bossy and condescending towards them in her worst moments, but they are so horrified at the thought of Bobby betraying her trust that they all step in to protect their oldest sister.
  • Lori actually forgiving all of her siblings and Clyde for their actions when the misunderstanding is explained at their date, moved by the fact that they were simply looking out for her.
  • As strange as his actions were, the great lengths Bobby went to just to make sure the evening was perfect for Lori is made of all kinds of heartwarming, and shows that his devotion to her hasn't wavered.

207a — Lock 'N' Loud

  • When Rita and the kids (understandably) get mad at Lynn Sr. for lying them about their being other burglars and getting Mr. Grouse to pretend to be robbed, essentially making all their efforts to secure the house for nothing, Lynn Sr. admits that, in addition to reminding the kids to lock the door at night, he was doing it ultimately try and protect what he himself valued most: his family.
    • This is enough to get Rita and the kids to forgive him for what he did.
  • In a strange way, Mr. Coconuts striking up a friendship with Edwin.

207b — The Whole Picture

  • When Lincoln discovers that he never put in any film in the camera he was using to recreate his childhood memories and ultimately decides to quit trying to get them back, the sisters cheer him up by reminding him of those lost memories. What tops it off is the final scene of the episodes, of all the Loud Siblings happily laughing together.
    • A small example during that moment; Lori is holding Lana on her lap.
  • The photos themselves are all about heartwarming moments between a younger Lincoln and his sisters.
  • Clyde deserves a mention here too, for being such a good friend. When Lincoln tries to recreate those moments, Clyde happily agrees to play the role of the sisters. And even if some of the reenactments are exhausting, or even painful and dangerous, he never once tries to stop helping Lincoln.

208a — No Such Luck

  • While it may not amount to much and while Rita’s line about Linc’s furniture doesn’t help (especially with the infamous squirrel suit moment), the apology from Lynn to Lincoln certainly counts. She really does sound genuinely bad that she was so unfair and hurtful to her brother. The rest of the family follows afterwards. They really do seem happy and relieved Lincoln can be near them again.

208b — Frog Wild

  • The video about Lana and Hops. It's sufficient enough to make Lincoln, Ms Johnson and Principal Huggins cry.

209a — Kick the Bucket List

  • During the montage of Lincoln and Clyde writing their bucket list, when Lincoln falls asleep on the porch, Rita comes out to cover him with a blanket.

209b — Party Down

  • After her own party bombs, her younger siblings invite Lori and her guests to their party, where they all end up having a great time. Made more heartwarming when the parents come home, and rather than being mad at her, they actually encourage Lori to continue the party.
  • Doubly awesome is that it's Leni's picture of her siblings having fun that convinces all of Lori's friends to come back when they see it online.

210b — Shell Shocked

  • After breaking the egg that they were assigned to, Lincoln makes it up to Ronnie Anne by telling Mrs. Johnson about the whole ordeal and convinces her to give him and Ronnie Anne a second chance.
    • Ronnie Anne then offers Lincoln waffles as a thanks when Lincoln ends up losing the waffle breakfast prize as a result of the above mentioned egg breaking.

211a — Pets Peeved

  • The Loud Kids group playing with their pets at the beginning of the episode and hugging them near the end of the episode.
  • In a strange way, while the Loud pets tricked Watterson into being caught and brought to the Green Mile Sanctuary, they also thought that it would be a place where he would be happy and treated well. When they find how bad the place is in reality, they decide to go save him.

211b — Pulp Friction

  • All the Loud Sisters helping Lincoln and Clyde to get out of detention and post their Ace Savvy comic in time. It's a nice change after previous episodes showed them making fun of Lincoln because of his love for comics.
  • Lincoln and Clyde helping Principal Huggins by combining their comics together so they both win.
  • Lincoln using his sisters as models to create the characters of his Ace Savvy comic is also nice. So is the fact that he makes each of them into a badass superheroine.
    Rusty: "Where did you get the idea for all those butt-kicking superladies?"
    Lincoln: "From my sisters. They've always got my back."

212b — L is for Love

  • How supportive of each other's love lives the siblings are is heartwarming enough, they all even know the name of their siblings' crushes, but special mention goes to everyone cheering on Luna who isn't as confident about her crush as the others. Becomes doubly so when it turns out that Luna's crush is on a girl, and going by how everyone, even the parents, refer to Sam, her being a girl is only a secret to the audience.
    • When it's revealed that Lily's crush is her teddy bear. She later draws a picture for it.
    • The idea of making Luna bisexual is another progressive LGBT move for Nick.
    • This episode also shows that despite the fact that Leni is obsessed with her own looks, she is not shallow at all. She has a crush on Chaz, an overweight, geeky boy and it's obvious that the only thing that matters to her is that he is a Nice Guy with similar interests.

213 — The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

  • Bobby/Lori and Lincoln/Ronnie-Anne parting ways when the Santiago siblings and their mother go to visit their relatives.
  • C.J. excitedly saying Bobby's name when he, Ronnie-Anne, and their mom arrive. The young boy then proceeds to leap into his older cousin's arms.
  • Lincoln getting along great with the Casagrandes when they first meet.
  • Meta example - one of Ronnie Anne's cousins, C.J, has Down Syndrome. He is portrayed as kind of slow, but mostly normal, sweet kid and nobody makes a big deal out of it. It helps that he is actually voiced by an actor who also has Down Syndrome, Jared Kozak.

214a — Out of the Picture

  • Lincoln choosing to upload Lola's new photo into the yearbook when forced to choose between her photo and his own due to the slow computer.
  • Lola expressing her gratitude to Lincoln for fixing her bad photo, calling him the best brother ever. It's a big improvement over her usual bratty behavior.
  • Lola giving hugs throughout the episode, from baby Lily to Lincoln and Clyde.

214b — Room with a Feud

  • Lincoln being willing to stay Lily’s roommate so his other sisters can keep their new roommates too, since they are all happier that way.
    • And then the sisters all switch back to their old roommates for Lincoln's sake.

215a — Back Out There

  • Sure, they were wrong about Lincoln being hung up on Ronnie Anne, but still, it was nice of Liam, Zach, and Rusty to try and help him get over her.
  • The very end of the episode when Lincoln admits to the audience he is in love with Ronnie Anne after all:
    Lincoln: I guess the guys were right...I really do miss her. (Looks over with a loving smile on his face)

215b _ Spell it Out

  • Lincoln seems to feel bad about getting Rusty Spokes's character killed in the video game.
  • The parents cheering up the sad Lori, Lincoln, and Lynn, with Rita even joining in with Lynn and the punching bag when she tells her story and asking Lori if she wants to join her book club (even though Lori's not interested).
    Rita: "They literally kicked you off the team? That's not fair!"
  • Lucy's siblings apologising for "walking all over" her, and Lucy apologising for trying to hex them. They then watch Lucy's show together, which Lucy describes as "magical".

217b — Garage Banned

  • The siblings harbor no hard feelings towards Lori after she decides to leave them to live on her own in the garage. In fact, they actively help her to stay by fixing the problems she has in her new home. note 
  • Instead of mocking her for wanting to move back in with them, Lori’s siblings happily greet her back into the house and give her a group hug.
  • The relationship between Lori and Lana is adorable in this episode. It's revealed that whenever Lana suffers a nightmare, she seeks the comfort and safety of her big sister Lori by sleeping with her. This happens three times in this episode and it's implied that Lana sleeping with Lori is a frequent occurrence.
    Lana: I wish Lori was here. She would make us feel safe.
  • Leni reminding Lana that she wants to respect Lori's wishes to be alone despite also missing her big sister.
  • Lori's routine of brushing Lola's hair whenever it gets too tangled. Lola is at a complete loss of what to do without Lori to help her, and things quickly go awry when Lisa gets involved. When Lori does move back in, she realizes how much she missed that time spent with Lola.

218a — Change of Heart

  • Leni's eagerness to help Clyde act more normal around Lori, from her warm, encouraging smile as he nervously explains himself to literally leaping off the couch to get started. It all reminds you why she's not just "the dumb one" but also "the kind one."
    • Speaking of Leni being kind, most of the time when Clyde passes out, it's seen as an annoying Character Tic by other characters. Leni, however, seems legitimately concerned.
      Leni: "Oh no! Poor Clyde..."
  • Upon hitting on the idea of recruiting Leni to help, Lincoln doesn't exhibit any reservations or uncertainty, even though he would be quite justified. He has every confidence in his sister, even though likely no one else would.
  • The reason Lori wants to win Clyde back is because he thinks she was too mean and moved on to Leni. She feels guilty and then realises she has to apologise.

218b — Job Insecurity

  • Feeling like they got their Dad fired, all of the siblings band together to get him a new job and intend to surprise him with it after they get him hired. Although it turns out there was a big misunderstanding, seeing all their efforts towards helping their Dad out of a bad situation is really touching in showing how much they care about him, and how far they're willing to go to make up for a mistake they've made.
  • Lynn Sr. returns the favor, telling his children that contrary to their beliefs, they make his life better every day and that they're more important to him than any job, as they are irreplaceable. His boss is so moved by this that he immediately gives Lynn Sr. his job back.
    • It's also worth noting that Lynn expresses no anger or frustration when he realizes the kids have found a new job for him or even later when they quit his new job on his behalf, as he knows they all meant well.
  • Lola feeling for her father when she sees he now washes dishes for a living, clearly feeling he deserves better. Later she is ecstatic when she finds out this is merely the first step in her father becoming a professional chef at his new job.
  • Mr. Grouse masquerading as Mr. Loud is also worthy of note, as he is normally unwilling to help the siblings with their schemes. Downplayed a little as they did have to bribe him with food, but he made a lot more of an effort to help than he normally does when he's bribed to help the Loud family.

219b — Future Tense

  • While they were misguided, Mr. and Ms. Loud didn't force their kids to do activities they didn't like to show off the Yates. They did it because they were afraid they were failing their kids and wanted them to be able to face off the "competitive world" when they grow up.
    • Related to this, after they tell the kids to just be themselves, the Yates family comes by, and is curious about what's happening. While Rita does gloat a bit about more lenient parenting, it's playful rather than condescending. Plus, the Louds immediately offer the Yates a chance to hang out with them, which they accept.

220a — Friend or Faux?

  • Throughout the majority of the episode, Lisa saw no point in having friends, and even after hanging out with Darcy and accidentally hurting her feelings, she confesses to Ms. Shrinivas that she still doesn't understand it, which causes her to be put in time out. During this, Darcy comes around to give her a cookie since she looked so sad, causing Lisa to be confused and asks Darcy on why she would act so concerned for her. Darcy just gives her a simple response of "That's what friends do for each other", which makes Lisa finally understand the point of friendship. She then proceeds to split the cookie in half and offers Darcy the second piece, prompting her to join Lisa in time out while Ms. S both watches in approval and changes Lisa's F in Social Skills to an A.
    • Despite Lisa genuinely upsetting her, Darcy still wanted to be Lisa's friend and help cheer her up.

220b — Yes-Man

  • While they did guilt-trip Lincoln into helping them convince their parents to give them money, Lincoln's sisters are also very grateful for his help and genuinely praise and acknowledge him as the master of convincing.
  • When it looks like Lincoln's unable to convince his parents to give him money, Luna agrees to help by lending him her guitar so he can try another approach to convince them. And given the fact that he uses Mr. Coconuts right after, then Lucy's gravestone, we can guess that Luan and Lucy tried to help him too.
  • The Loud Sisters organizing their own concert for Lincoln after he misses out in a VIP concert of SMOOCH because, as due to the sisters using Lincolns tactics to ask their parents for money, Lincoln was unable to get the money he needed for the concert. They even managed to convince SMOOCH to drop by at the house for him.
    • They acknowledge him as their VIB. Very Important Brother.
    • The lyrics of the aformentioned concert consist of saying how much they think that Lincoln is the best brother ever.
    • The concert ends with all the sisters giving him a group hug.
  • When Lincoln finally caves in and tells Luna about how to be convincing, her eyes light up.

221b — No Spoilers

  • Simply all the efforts deployed by the kids to throw a surprise party to their mother. Sure, they weren't very good at it without Leni's advices. But they were committed.
  • And of course the actual surprise party organized by Leni, which features Pop Pop and Aunt Ruth among the guests. Also, Rita's joyful reaction when she sees it.
  • And after all the chaos in trying to keep Leni from spilling the beans, the siblings realize that Leni truly is the best equipped at planning a surprise party, and let her have the honor of doing all their parties from now on.

222b — Mall of Duty

  • Lincoln doesn't even hesitate to give away his precious signed book to bribe Scoots to help him rescue Lily. At the end of the episode, he acknowledges to his younger sisters that they are way more important than the autograph he was looking for and apologizes to them for dragging them into the mall for his own selfish reasons. Lucy, Lola, Lana and Lisa forgive him. They later stop him from revealing to their parents that he didn't do his job as a babysitter responsibly and make up a story to cover for him... In exchange he has to let them keep the baby ducklings Lana helped hatched during their time in the mall.

223a — Read Aloud

  • By the time Lola successfully reads a book, the pizza contest is over and the rest of the family takes it out on Lincoln. Lincoln doesn't even try to defend himself this time, only for Lola to confess. The episode ends with Lola using her newfound reading ability to make her own pizza for the family.
  • Lincoln helping Lola read in general. He is just so patient with her, as well as genuinely happy that Lola is finally reading something, even if it takes so long that they miss the competition.

223b — Not A Loud

  • The fact that Lori said hi to Clyde was heartwarming in and of itself, signifying her becoming kinder to him overall.

224 — Tricked!

  • Lincoln and Clyde giving all their Halloween candy to the kids in their neighborhood to replace the candies the two jocks stole from them earlier.
  • Both Lincoln and Rita were able to tell, even through her lack of emoting, that Lucy was really happy with the corn maze set up and how well it ended up going.
    • It's also worth noting that the whole family eagerly helped her build and decorate her corn maze, and that the oldest sisters actually agreed to spend the night in it to scare the people entering the maze.

226a — Snow Way Down

  • Clyde and his dads making amends after the whole ordeal on the Ramp of Insanity, and even dragging Lincoln into the group hug.

226b — Snow Way Out

  • Lana giving up her winning wrapper so Flip will get the Louds home. Her siblings greatly appreciate her sacrifice, and Lana eventually still gets to meet her idol.


    Season 3 

301a — Roadie to Nowhere

  • Luna and Chunk rocking together during the concert at the end of the episode.

303a — White Hare

  • Lincoln accepts his sisters' advice, and it works. And despite the fact that he made a fool of himself by missing the school bus, the new girl doesn't mock him for it like the other kids on the bus do.
  • The You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech his sisters give him.
    Leni: Lincoln, you're perfect just the way you are!
    Lori: You're kind!
    Leni: You're fashionable!
    Luna: You're rockin'!
    Luan: You're funny!
    Lynn: You're tough!
    Lucy: You're deep!
    Lana & Lola: (while hugging him) You're friendly!
    Lisa: You're smart!
    Lily: You Yincoln Youd! (which obviously means, "You're Lincoln Loud!")
    Lori: Now just give me that jacket and go out there and just be you!
    • There's also one that's a Call-Back to "Back in Black"; this time around, when one of the Loud kids tries to change to impress a crush, the others take Lincoln's approach in the aforementioned episode: saying there's no need to change. The girls are even worried over Lincoln's total makeover.

303B — Insta-Gran

  • After a rough start, the Loud kids accept Myrtle as their new grandmother and even start calling her Gran-Gran, like she wanted.
  • The fact that you can see in the trophy case in the background, and Lincoln's space now has more in it than just the trophy the girls made, including his contest winning comic.

304b — No Place Like Homeschool

  • At the end of the episode, after Lola gets up to get ready to go back to regular school (after failing her weekly homeschool-test after helping her siblings getting ready for theirs), she's surprised to see the rest of her siblings (minus Lily) up as well, and Lincoln explains that he and the rest of their sisters are getting ready to go back to regular school. When Lola expresses confusion at this, her siblings go into greater detail:
    • Realizing that Lola has a much greater need to be homeschooled, Lincoln and the rest of the sisters explained the real reason why Lola failed her test to their parents, and Mr. and Mrs. Loud agreed to give Lola another chance so that she can continue being homeschooled during the main competition season for beauty pageants.
      • Lola's very touched by this and instigates a group hug with her siblings as part of thanking them for their sacrifice.

305a — City Slickers

  • Bobby comforting Lori after her disastrous first outing in the city.

307a — Fandom Pains

  • Lucy admitting that she liked Lori and Leni watching the show with her, and asks them to continue doing so even though their favorite character Tristan was killed off. In turn, Lori and Leni confess that even though Tristan was what got them interested in the show, they kept watching it afterwards because they enjoyed Lucy’s company.

307B — Rita Her Rights

  • Feeling overwhelmed by her rambunctious family, Rita starts committing a series of small crimes to get sentenced to community service by cleaning up the park, which she uses as an excuse to get away from the house. After her latest crime nets her some jail time, the family goes to visit her in lock up, where Rita's arresting officer tells her to meet her at a predetermined spot for some more peace and quiet. The episode ends with her waking up late, and finding a note from Lynn Sr., saying that he would take the kids for the day so that she can have the house all to herself.

309b — Head Poet's Anxiety

  • The episode is just full of these for Lucy and Luan. Highlights include:
    • Luan comforting Lucy after the latter gets a rejection letter by explaining that it's a natural part of life in the arts, showing off all of her own rejection letters to prove it.
    • Luan actually making Lucy laugh with a couple of poetry puns after agreeing to tutor her.
    • After learning that Luan's dream is to be the youngest person to perform at the Royal Woods Theatre, Lucy is actually willing to pass up her own big chance in order to not destroy Luan's dream.
    • After finding out Lucy is willing to pass up her big chance in order to not destroy Luan's dream, Luan swallows up her jealousy and encourages her to do it, causing Lucy to actually hug her.
    • Lucy's poem at the end about how about how grateful she is to Luan and how much she looks up to her.
    Dreams burnt to ash
    Hope tangled like laces
    Till love swept in
    With puns and funny faces
    Where my path will lead
    I can't be sure
    But if ever I'm lost
    I'll look up to her
  • When the other siblings are pretending to heckle Lucy to give her a "thicker skin", Leni doesn't want to.

312a — Gown and Out

  • Lori doting on Lola when she believes Lola really is sick and thus unable to participate in the pageant.
  • And then Lori and Lincoln teaming up to make Lola realize that pageants are about more than just winning, and encouraging her to continue.

315a — House of Lies

  • As misplaced as it was, Lisa's push to remove lying in the Loud House was because she genuinely thought lying was damaging the household. And when it's made painfully to her clear that the inability to lie is making things worse, she has her family assist her in destroying her lie detection equipment.

315b — Game Boys

  • In an odd sense, there's how the conflict of the episode kicks off: Clyde is afraid of letting Lincoln borrow his Snap for a day (primarily because of his sisters), but Clyde had already (reluctantly) let Lincoln borrow it. Because he's afraid of ruining his friendship with Lincoln by making Lincoln give it back, Clyde opts to hang out at the Loud House to keep an eye on it.
    • At the end of the episode, when Clyde is forced to admit the truth to Lincoln (after the Louds discover him hiding under the dining room table), Lincoln admits that while he would've been hurt initially by Clyde changing his mind, he wouldn't have minded giving it back anyway.
  • Right as Clyde is about to leave with his Snap, Mr. Loud trips over Geo and accidentally throws a pizza at Clyde... only for Lincoln to take the blast for Clyde. And although a small bit of sauce got on the Snap, Clyde made a point to wait until he left to start worrying about it, for Lincoln's sake.

316a — Sitting Bull

  • Although it is quickly subverted due to receiving complaints from their clients after the fact, It is still touching when Lynn thanks her older sisters for her first babysitting job.
    • It is played much more straight later when the older four sisters come to a compromise with Lynn, realizing that her aggressive tactics work when it comes to controlling rowdier children like the Fox quintuplets.
  • To make things up to her sisters, Lynn begs their former clients to re-hire them as their babysitters after having tried to steal them for herself earlier. After much persuasion, she succeeded.
  • Thanks to Lynn's disciplinary tactics, the Fox parents are finally able to go out more often without fear of their kids getting out of control.
  • The sisters feel genuinely guilty about setting Lynn up with the five most difficult children among their clients, and storm the house in makeshift armor ready to defend her if the situation calls for it. Luckily, Lynn had already figured out how to control their behavior by the time they showed up.

316b — The Mad Scientist

  • The flashbacks of Lori reading Lisa and Lily a bedtime story and Leni helping Lisa put her pyjamas on.

318 — Deal Me Out

317 — Really Loud Music

  • Lincoln and Clyde sing a song about their friendship; it's rather adorable.
  • Leni and Chaz are an Official Couple; she even sings a love song for him!
  • The family is less than pleased with Luna's Girliness Upgrade since they're fully aware this isn't the real her.
  • When Luna ditches her new look and decides to be herself, Michelle and Doug try to pull the plug on her performance but Lynn and Lana are not having it at all and put the kibosh on the duo's attempted kibosh.

319a — Everybody Loves Leni

  • Leni does her darnedest to make time for all of her friends even as they become increasingly jealous of each other. It unfortunately leads to a lot of fighting between the two sides when they refuse to be civil with each other, but Leni's heart as always remains in the right place as she works to bring the two sides together.
  • Leni deciding not to attend her favorite sale to avoid causing anymore fighting among her four friends. Although Leni's plans for the afternoon had been ruined by the constant fighting, it finally shocks her four friends back into reality and they all agree that their bickering is not worth losing a friend like Leni. They all come to her in person to apologize and promise to treat each other with respect, finally becoming genuine friends.
  • Lori and Lincoln also deserve a mention, as they both do their best to support Leni as the fighting among her friends continues to boil over. When their constant arguing forces Leni to abandon her plans for the day and she instead stays home moping, Lori and Lincoln both tell her that she did nothing wrong and she should stand up for herself if they refused to respect her time. Luckily, Leni's friends come to their senses before this becomes necessary.
  • Miguel and Leni both supporting Fiona during her date with Burger Guy at the mall. They both do their best to help Fiona through the date and encourage her to ignore any lingering feelings for her previous boyfriend, who had tried to interfere with her evening.
  • Leni's friends finally putting aside their jealousy and getting along together at Leni's house, eating the best friends cake she baked for them the night before. Although Leni may have missed the sale, finally seeing her four best friends get along as they watch TV together more than makes up for it.

319b — Middle Men

  • While Lynn's advice to Lincoln and Clyde ended up making their first day of middle school harder, she clearly wanted to be a Cool Big Sis giving helpful advice and is also clearly devastated when the exact opposite occurs.
    • She is also genuinely happy for them both when her classmates come around and give the duo another chance, quickly making friends with the two of them. After fretting over their well-being for the entire day, Lynn realizes that Lincoln and Clyde are going to be just fine in their new school after all.

320a — Jeers for Fears

  • Chandler appearing to make a Heel–Face Turn at the end of the episode. Unlike his only other appearance, this time he actually appreciates what Lincoln and Clyde do for him and even invites the two to hang out with him and his friends after apologizing for his past behavior.

321 — The Loudest Thanksgiving

  • After the Louds and Casagrandes get into a food fight to determine whose meal was better, Lori and Bobby run off to Flip's, the only place open on Thanksgiving. When they track them down, Lori and Bobby explain that if their families are going to fight over whom they will spend the holiday with, then they will spend the holiday by themselves. Flip, normally a cheap and conniving Con Man, has a Pet the Dog moment by saying they should alternate, and with that compromise, both families make peace, and spend the rest of the holiday in the gas station and it even brings Flip to tears.

322 — Driving Ambition

  • After Lori tells her parents that her future is ruined now, they tell her that's not the case: there will be plenty of options and college options for her, she's bound to find something for her.

324- Racing Hearts

  • Lori and Leni being completely supportive of Luna's relationship with Sam. Lori even gives her some helpful advice when she starts to worry about how little she and Sam have in common.
  • The ending of Luna and Sam's date. After the two of them fail to find anything they have in common, they have a genuinely good time baking, ending with a Relationship Upgrade.
    Luna: I know we don't have a lot in common... But, maybe we can discover new things we both like. You know, like... Together.
    Sam: I'd... really like that.

325a — Stage Plight

  • Luan and Benny sharing their first kiss at the end and completing the play as Romeo and Juliet is full-on adorable.
    • The moment leading up to the kiss qualifies as well. After Benny initially quits the play, believing that Luan wasn't comfortable around him, Luan tries to explain that she was just nervous about kissing him and that she really likes him, but is only able to do so through Mr. Coconuts. Benny's response? Bring out his own puppet, Mrs. Appleblossom, and have her reveal that his feelings were completely mutual.
  • Mr. Coconuts and Mrs. Appleblossom seem to develop a relationship of their own.

    Season 4 

46a — Washed Up

  • After Lana and Lola are rescued from sinking in quicksand, Lana tells Lola to be more careful and says that she can "build another princess bed, but can't build another twin." The two then share a heartwarming hug.

47b — Any Given Sundae

  • The ending where Lily finally gets to have her first ice cream.

414a — Good Sports

  • Lynn forming an Intergenerational Friendship with Mr. Grouse over sports, especially when he gives her the autographed ball from his first game with his late wife.

414b — Geriantics

  • Lisa seems sincerely concerned that Pop-Pop won't be alive in seventy years.
  • Lisa giving Pop-Pop "Lisa-hugs" and Pop-Pop reading to Lisa.

417b — Purrfect Gig

  • Luna and Sam writing a lullaby and singing it for the McBride cats so they can fall asleep. Howard says that he’s never seen either of them sleeping so soundly.
  • Sam giving Luna her half of the cat-sitting money so she can buy the VIP pass to Mick Swagger's concert (since Sam had already purchased her own VIP pass), to which Luna gives her a kiss on the cheek and a hug as thanks.

Brave the Last Dance

  • Even though Emma rejected Clyde, she still wanted to be his friend.
  • Clyde getting a happy ending and spending the dance with Chloe.

420a — Don't You Fore-get About Me

  • As wrong as it was for her to try and sabotage Lori's scholarship to Fairway University, the fact that Leni did it purely because she did not want to lose touch with her big sister speaks volumes about how much they mean to each other. She just as quickly turns around to save Lori's scholarship once Lori explains that no matter how far apart they are, she'll always be there for Leni.

424b — House Flip

  • Flip spent the entire episode taking advantage of the the Loud kids' generosity by blackmailing them with the threat of tattling to their parents about the accident. Even though they find out in the end anyway, Flip, in one of the rare instances of selfless acts, manages to convince their parents to go easy on them with their punishment, saying that they've taken good care of him. He also offers them free Flippies when they get the van back.

A Star is Scorned

  • Lily drawing a picture of herself and Lola surrounded by hearts and saying, "Lily. Lola. Love."
  • Lola going into rage mode just to protect Lily's dignity.

Senior Moment

  • Rita cheering Lori up and saying that the "high school rites of passage" aren't important.
  • Lori deciding that the best thing is to hang out with her friends.

Wheel and Deal

  • Lincoln thinking up an elaborate plan, just to prevent Lana from being humiliated.

A Dark and Story Night

  • Lincoln's character, Triton, taking pity on Lynn's character, Tricksy, and giving her his anti-gravity shoelaces.

Game Off

  • After messing up Lincoln's game, Lana pulls out all the stops to make sure all his progress is restored so that he will not be upset at her. It's clear how much she knows she messed up and how afraid she is of endangering her relationship with her big brother.
  • All of the sisters pitch in to help Lana keep Lincoln distracted until she can restore to the point where Lincoln left off. Especially touching is that Lana specifically enlists Lisa and Lynn to not only help her through the game's most difficult points, but also to keep her energized. Both girls do everything in their power to keep Lana alert and encouraged.
  • Even though it was purely a lure to keep Lincoln at bay, Lucy taking Lincoln all the way to the mall so he can play Zombie Escape is a very generous gesture on her part. It's clear that Lincoln had a great time, even if he finished much sooner than Lucy was counting on.
  • After being scorned by Lincoln for having messed up his game, Lana gives him time to cool off, eventually trying to get back in his good graces by doing his chores and fixing him a snack. Seeing that she's genuinely sorry for her mistake, Lincoln forgives her and invites her to help him win his game, promising to let her play the game too once he's done.

How Double Dare You!

  • Lincoln and Leni teaming up in the gameshow on its own is adorable, and the two siblings prove an effective team in competing against Lisa and her robot assistant.
  • Even better, when Lincoln and Leni win, they give their prize to Lisa, showing that there's no hard feelings between the two sides before the entire family comes on stage to celebrate a well-played game.

Snoop's On

  • Lincoln, Leni and Luan pulling all the stops to prevent Luna from ruining her life through her acts of hooliganism she wrote about in her diary, with Leni even calling her friend "Roxy" a bad influence on Luna. Although it all proves to be an elaborate prank put on by Luna and her girlfriend Sam to teach the three a lesson about invading her privacy, it's still touching that the siblings went out of their way to protect their sister from landing herself in jail through the criminal acts they believed she was committing.
  • Additionally, Luna holds no grudges against the three of them for their dishonest act, and just wanted to make a point by psyching them out. She is quick to laugh off the entire thing once she comes clean.
  • Heck, just Sam helping Luna out by posing as "Roxy" is touching in and of itself, showing just how strong their trust in each other is.

    Season 5 


  • Bobby, on his way back to the Mercado, hears Lori is sad on the phone and immediately turns back around to Fairway to support her.
  • At the beginning, Lincoln reassuring his friends (in song) that they'll be fine in middle school. He also cheers Stella up with spaghetti when she's sad about missing Pizza Day.

The Boss Maybe

Strife of the Party

  • Lola instantly feeling bad when she realises that her sabotaging the party made Lana sad, and getting everything back to the way Lana planned it. She even eats mud for the sake of her twin.

Season's Cheatings

  • Lily, noticing Lincoln sacrifice his Rip Hardcore backpack just to get Lola a gift, ends up making him a finger painting of herself giving him another. It's enough to move him to tears.
    Lincoln: Amazing... Thanks, Lily. I love it.
    Lily: Merry Christmas, Lincoln.
    (Both hug)

Cow Pie Kid

  • Lynn sacrificing a win for her team so that Liam's arm can heal.

Saved by the Spell

  • While Lincoln's friends were in the wrong for trying to sabotage Lincoln's plans, they only did it because they didn't want him to be embarrassed.
  • Lincoln's friends feel too guilty to dance and apologise on stage. Then, Lincoln shows up and they all do a magic show combined with a dance together.

Resident Upheaval

  • Myrtle and Nana Gayle getting sweaters that spell out "Roomies!" when it's revealed that they'll be living together.


  • Rita getting mad at Vic for satirising Leni.
  • Leni generally has a policy against playing dirty, and only does so when Davis starts dissing her family.

Flying Solo

  • Lincoln almost instantly forgives Clyde when the latter comes clean about sabotaging Lincoln's chance to sing the solo. And when Lincolns voice doesn't heal fast enough for the performance, he and Clyde sing the solo together.

  • This video is full of touching (and Funny) interaction between Lincoln and his sisters.
  • The End Credits Theme. It summarizes the Loud Family's relationships in nutshell, with a rock beat to boot!
  • While the situation with Chris Savino was pretty bad all around, some decided to take it out on the rest of the production staff, despite most of them having nothing to do with it. Many fans came to their defense, feeling regardless of Savino's actions, the rest of the production team were just doing their jobs, and that they shouldn't be dragged through the mud over something that's not their fault.
  • Fridge Heartwarming. In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lucy is insecure about the fact that she likes Princess Pony and Lincoln talks about how she has low self-esteem. However, in the Licensed Game "Clean-o-Clock", she reads the Princess Pony comic in front of her siblings and doesn't seem bothered, meaning her self-esteem might have improved. Also, her sisters don't laugh at her for it.
  • The licensed game "Summer School" awards you for being nice. Some things you win awards for are sending a frog home, cleaning the park, returning Leni's phone, Luan's fake spider, and Lana's darts, feeding a cat, giving dimes to Luan, and giving Mrs. Johnson an apple.
  • From the podcasts:
    • In Leni's episode, she points out stores where she buys presents for Lori and the twins. She also apologises to Lincoln for embarrassing him (by having her friend give him a makeover) and takes him to the fro-yo place and the arcade. She also expresses an interest in adopting a puppy and even though she likely didn't follow through, it's still nice of her.
    • Lori's episode reveals that Lynn Jr. and Luan set Lori up with Bobby because they thought they'd make a nice couple, that on their first date they didn't take their eyes off each other (even if that did make Lori bump into a waiter), and that Lynn and Luan were at the restaurant with Lori and Bobby on their first date to make sure Bobby was good enough for Lori.
    • In Lincoln's episode, he forgives Mr. Grouse for taking his hammock and lets him use it whenever he wants. He also promises to give his sisters the benefit of the doubt if something else gets lost or stolen.
    • In Lana's episode, she feels Machine Empathy towards Vanzilla and worries that she's a hypocrite for telling her parents, Lori, and Leni to take better care of it when she accidentally breaks it (and Lori and Lynn Sr. tell her not to feel bad at that point). She also buys her parents, Lori, and Leni ice cream and gives them all double scoops.
    • In Lisa's episode, her family cheers her up by apologising for getting in the way and ask her to name a mystery organism which is actually her, that they describe as "awesome", "single-handedly supporting an entire ecosystem", and "super intelligent". They also hug, even if it does knock over her potassium sulphate.


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