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Heartwarming / The Casagrandes

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This show just really brings a smile to your face.

  • Going Overboard:
    • The dynamic that Ronnie Anne has with Carlos is quite sweet. She looks up to him as essentially her idol, and he wants to make sure she's happy. They also both confess so that no one takes all the blame.
  • "New Haunts" gets particularly sweet near the end. Ronnie Anne and Sid didn't have the best Halloween in the city. As such, Bobby lets them take part in the haunted mercado.
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  • "Croaked" is quite the heart warmer with the dedication Ronnie Anne and Sid have towards making Adelaide happy even with the death of her frog. The ending seals this as Rosa tells her about how the memories of those we love is still there.
  • "Vacation Daze" is particularly great because of the dynamic Ronnie Anne has with her mother Maria. All they want is to spend time with each other simply because her job makes things harder, and they want to cherish the time they have. The ending particularly shows this as Ronnie Anne feels like a jerk for making Maria more tired than normal, and just lets her rest. She then accompanies her to her job.
  • "Operation Dad" stands out in this regard due to the bond that Ronnie Anne and Arturo share. Ronnie Anne really wants Arturo to stay Great Lakes City even though he has a job back in Peru. She goes to extremes to get him to stay, even going as far as to adopt a punk rebel persona. Ronnie Anne realizes she was being selfish when she sees all the letters that Arturo received from kids thanking him for his services. They then hug and make up.
    • In one of their conversations, Arturo eagerly asks if Ronnie Anne is interested in a boy or a girl at her school. It's a rarity to see a cartoon parent be so openly accepting of their child having an alternate sexual orientation.

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