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Heartwarming / The Casagrandes

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The Casagrandes just really brings a smile to your face.

  • "Going Overboard": The dynamic that Ronnie Anne has with Carlos is quite sweet. She looks up to him as essentially her idol, and he wants to make sure she's happy. They also both confess so that no one takes all the blame.
  • "New Haunts" gets particularly sweet near the end. Ronnie Anne and Sid didn't have the best Halloween in the city. As such, Bobby lets them take part in the haunted mercado.
  • "Croaked" is quite the heart warmer with the dedication Ronnie Anne and Sid have towards making Adelaide happy even with the death of her frog. The ending seals this as Rosa tells her about how the memories of those we love is still there.
  • "Vacation Daze" is particularly great because of the dynamic Ronnie Anne has with her mother Maria. All they want is to spend time with each other simply because her job makes things harder, and they want to cherish the time they have. The ending particularly shows this as Ronnie Anne feels like a jerk for making Maria more tired than normal, and just lets her rest. She then accompanies her to her job.
  • "Operation Dad" stands out in this regard due to the bond that Ronnie Anne and Arturo share. Ronnie Anne really wants Arturo to stay Great Lakes City even though he has a job back in Peru. She goes to extremes to get him to stay, even going as far as to adopt a punk rebel persona. Ronnie Anne realizes she was being selfish when she sees all the letters that Arturo received from kids thanking him for his services. They then hug and make up.
    • In one of their conversations, Arturo eagerly asks if Ronnie Anne is interested in a boy or a girl at her school. It's a rarity to see a cartoon parent be so openly accepting of their child having an alternate sexual orientation.
  • In "Cursed," when the Casagrandes move in with the Louds, Lynn Sr. and Rita are a bit unsure of having two big families in one house. That is until Carlitos hands Rita a drawing he made of the two families inside a giant heart, which moves Rita to happy tears and convinces her to let them stay.
  • "Never Friending Story": While encouraging Bobby to find a friend, Ronnie Anne admits life in the city got much better for her after meeting Sid. The girl in question, having arrived to hang out with RA, immediately coos and pulls her into a hug giving this statement:
    Sid: "I came here for sugar, but found something sweeter."
  • In "Achy Breaky Art," after Frida learns of what her children and sobrinosnote  were doing (after seeing a bad review by a Caustic Critic, the kids were worried that Frida would give up being an artist), she appreciates their concern and admits that while the review did hurt, she loves being an artist being too much to give it up, arguing (to paraphrase), "As long as you genuinely love what you do, who cares what others think?" When CJ points out that he and the others saw her crying after reading the review, Frida explains that she was simply channeling her emotions into a new series of artwork: paintings infused with her tears (which everyone at the art auction loves and immediately starts bidding on). Artemio Alcarez (said Caustic Critic who gave Frida's previous artwork a bad review), once again critiques Frida's artwork, but no one else is listening to him and Sergio flings him (and his Segway) into a nearby trashcan.
  • In "Tee'd Off," Bobby gets worried that Lori (his girlfriend) is falling in love with Ewan, a fellow classmate/golfer at Fairway University (Lori's school) and might leave him for Ewan. But after discovering that Ewan's already in a relationship with someone else (and thus was never romantically interested in Lori in the first place), Bobby confesses to cheating in the golf duel he had challenged Ewan to so he wouldn't have to leave Fairway. After learning of all this, Lori assures Bobby that she loves him and would never leave him for Ewan (or anyone else for that matter).
  • In "Date with Destiny" we get to see more of Maria and Arturo's relationship. They may have been married but it's clear that their bond is more than just romantic, it's a beautiful friendship where they have mutual trust in one another. They share details about what their kids are doing, checking each other's schedules to see who can take care of whom one what day. When the kids reveal their plans to get the two back together, they recognize and understand the desire but assure them that they still love each other just in a different way and will always love their kids.
  • In "Let's Get Ready to Rumba," Hector goes to Ivan to apologize for his antics (he pretended to be a health inspector and shut down Ivan's dance studio) and claims that if Rosa loves dancing in Ivan's class that much, he vows to be way more supportive. Ivan accepts Hector's apology and proves to be very understanding of how Hector was feeling, claiming that it's happened to him quite a few times before—Ivan also notes that the best way for Hector make things right with Rosa is to start with her in Ivan's place. Ivan teaches Hector enough of his dance moves that Hector performs with Rosa in the recital that Ivan's dance class was preparing for—Rosa appreciates Hector's gesture and Hector acknowledges that it was actually more fun than he thought it would be.
  • Becky and Malo's relationship in "Perro Malo"note  is ultimately very sweet. Despite how aggressive they both can be (or rather, because of how aggressive they both can be), Becky's the perfect owner for Malo and Malo's the perfect dog for Becky.
    • Lalo's relationship with the Casagrande-familia is very sweet—in the end, after the Casagrandes and Becky realize the mix-up that happened between their dogs (as Lalo and Malo look identical but, personality-wise, are polar-opposites), the Casagrandes apologize to Lalo for how they've been treating him lately.
    • Hector's flashback to the day he had adopted Lalo (when the latter was just a puppy) is very sweet—after deciding against adopting Malo (because of how aggressive he was, and also because he had stolen the sandwich that Hector was eating at the time), puppy!Lalo came up to the patriarch and immediately started showering him with tons of love, which ultimately made Hector decide that Lalo was the dog for him and his family.